Schulich Leaders Dinner

Hey everyone! How was your week? So glad it’s finally Friday 🙂

I had a fantastic Friday which started with buying an approved faculty calculator for chemistry, then hiking across campus for a Pilates class. After my first Pilates class, which I really enjoyed, I had lunch followed by two classes: chemistry and sociology. I made a couple new friends in chemistry (five, actually!) and we’re planning to be the Front Row Gang from now on. After Soc 101, I headed all the way across campus again for a Cirque Yoga class. Normally, there are 25-30 people MAXIMUM for yoga classes – today, there were FIFTY people lined up to participate. The teacher had to do some improvisation, and we ended up doing partner yoga. I did some pretty embarrassing things with my new friend before hurrying off to today’s special event: The Schulich Leaders Meet-Up! It was pretty awesome… you’ll see in a bit.


Do you have any plans for the weekend?

I have a couple ideas for the weekend, myself. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to cram them all into just two days, but there are definitely some things that I want to do:

  • YogaFit Sweat class at Goodlife: hot yoga is a TON of fun (and hard work!), and it’s actually 10 degrees hotter in Waterloo than Coquitlam. Interesting!
  • Heated vinyasa class
  • Visit The Shops in Uptown Waterloo
  • Go to the Uptown Market
  • Princess Cafe again?
  • Try Power Yoga at the Columbia Ice Fields Fitness Centre by campus
  • Visit the St. Jacobs Farmers Market
  • Cook something with peanut sauce (coconut milk is ready to use in the fridge!)
  • Make a gourmet grilled cheese with multigrain bread, brie cheese, sliced apple, leftover rotisserie chicken

Anyways, we had dinner at East Side Mario’s, an Italian chain restaurant close to campus. It was about a ten-minute walk for me. East Side Mario’s is located in a big plaza with many other restaurants and cafes, including another Williams Fresh Cafe.


The place is decorated with all sorts of paintings and lots of different chandeliers. It reminded me of a dark Olive Garden, or a modern Old Spaghetti Factory. What do you think?


Soup, salad, and garlic bread are all-you-can-eat. The two salad options are Caesar and Garden, but I opted for soup. Today, there were three soup options: Minestrone, Roasted Garlic and Tomato, and Italian Wedding. I chose the tomato soup. It was creamy and had an excellent tomato flavour, but was not acidic or sour at all. The presentation could’ve been prettier, but the waiters were obviously busy. Some freshly-grated parmesan cheese would’ve been a nice touch. I finished all my soup and want to recreate it!


When our food came, we took a group shot! You can meet all of this year’s Schulich Leaders by clicking on THIS LINK. It was great to meet all my new friends: Lucas, Emily, Nicole Pitre, Chloe, Nicole Shum, Madeline, and Aaron. We had an awesome time talking about Hamlet, astronomy, air miles, fencing, curling, buying used video games, and sketchy places to avoid in Waterloo.


Onto the eats! I enjoyed a “shockingly massive” bowl of cheese cappelletti. I was originally thinking about the goat cheese pasta with bell peppers and pesto, but this one is an East Side Mario’s favourite, and one of their most popular choices. I had to give it a try!

I was expecting something like this incredibly rich, cheesy, and buttery ravioli gratin from Le Bosquet in Paris, where I spent most of August. This was a little different, however, with a rose sauce, less cream, no breadcrumbs, and “thicker”, chewier pasta. I had about half of this and wish there were some veggies involved. Maybe I’ll get the salad next time. 🙂

DSC05314 DSC05317

Exciting news! My article, “5 Tips for a Smooth Senior Year from a National Scholar“, was posted on Young Scholar, an organization dedicated to helping high-schoolers apply to university. Feel free click on THIS LINK to see it, and if you’re a high-school student in Ontario, APPLY FOR IT! 🙂

That’s it for today! Have an awesome weekend, and stay tuned for a big Breakfasts post, as well as some things I’ve learned by living alone and starting university!

11 thoughts on “Schulich Leaders Dinner

  1. […] at the very left, next to Sarah. Maddy (who we met at the high speed photography workshop and the Schulich Leaders dinner) is across from her, and I’m the one with the scarf between Maddy and Cai (who has the best […]


  2. Great weekend plans–and what a fabulous dinner you had! I think it’s a great idea to visit all of those places in Ontario! I’ve been considering college in Vancouver and really need a good destination list if I go!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh awesome! That’s a wonderful idea. Vancouver is such a livable city in terms of accessibility, convenience, and great people and places. Plus pretty awesome weather half the time! I think you would love it. And it’s such a foodie city!


  3. What a fun time with your classmates! It’s hard to go wrong with marinara and cheese, but some extra veggies always make things better!
    It sounds like your school offers some really cool group fitness classes. Cirque yoga!? :O

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Absolutely! Creamy rose sauce is usually one of my favourite sauces, but with this large portion, cheese + pasta were getting a little repetitive and veggies would’ve totally added a flavourful punch. 🙂
      Yes! I am so lucky. It’s even better because it’s FREE for the first two weeks – yay!


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