I Want To…

Hi everyone! This is just a quickie list that I came up with (on the bus, actually!) for aspirations that I have for the upcoming year. It’s more of a personal checklist and I wanted to make guidelines for how my school year goes.

Do you make “new school-year resolutions”? How do you keep track of progress?


2015-2016 School Year Goals


  1. buy seasonal farmers market vegetables and incorporate them into meals
  2. prepare nutritious lunches and plan meals every Sunday
  3. have more plant-based meals
  4. have smaller meals but bring snacks!

st-jacobs-farmers-market p1110511


  1. purchase a shoe tag and attend at least 3-4 different classes a week, including pilates and cirque yoga
  2. use up my 10-class hot yoga pass
  3. try something different with friends: ballet or martial arts?
  4. walk when weather permits!
  5. do 5-10 minutes of morning stretches a day

National-Ballet-of-Canada-In-Studio stretching-part-i


  1. stay on top of assignments by colour-coordinating deadlines and to-do in agenda
  2. get to know my professors by introducing myself
  3. ask questions during or after class
  4. make friends in each of my classes
  5. join an SLC (student learning club) to review certain topics and meet other students

waterloo_sign campus-aerial-east-side


  1. volunteer regularly at hospital and ask for a leadership position
  2. join photography club and Mission Nutrition
  3. volunteer with student council?

hi-grand-river-hospital-852 pediatrician


  1. facetime Mom and family every weekend
  2. find a close group of kinesiology friends to study and hang out with
  3. arrange a fun lunch date with fellow bloggers
  4. have dinner with all past and present uWaterloo Schulich Leaders



  1. post once or twice a week
  2. share more recipes, thoughts, tips, etc. rather than just foodie adventures
  3. experiment more with plant-based recipes
  4. write detailed reviews for restaurants
  5. write a FAQs page

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