Recently + Room Tour {new camera!}

Good morning! How has your week been so far? I’m going to show you what’s been happening over the past two days (Monday and Tuesday), as well as some photos of my finished room!

Peanut butter and banana sandwiches are a classic… so simple, quick, filling, and delicious. They’re my new go-to breakfast… you’ll see!


Since I went to an Orientation event, I had lunch with my friends on the BMH Green, a big field, after watching an informative and funny play. Single and Sexy, a hilarious but thought-provoking, high-energy play by upper-year students, covered every university “problem” from plagiarism to sexual assault to homesickness and suicide. Somehow, they managed to make it entertaining – much better than a lecture! 🙂

Anyways, lunch was half a turkey wrap and a half a vegetable sandwich. I forgot water and had orange juice because I was so thirsty. I picked out my pickles and red onions 😛 I wish there was less mayo in both of these!

12007016_1197842696908933_1224974206_n 11995426_1197842910242245_284715279_n

Mom and I made baked maple-soy salmon. We shared a big filet! I sautéed some leftover couscous with broccoli, zucchini, corn, mushrooms, and spinach for a veggie-loaded base. We devoured this meal!

11994412_1197842830242253_1163570779_n 11999932_1197843096908893_1642522871_n

I enjoyed some yogurt with blackberries, Speculoos butter, and coconut chips for dessert. Greek yogurt is super satisfying, and paired with fresh blackberries, crunchy and sweet coconut chips, nutty flax and creamy cookie butter, this dessert was so memorable!


Another peanut butter and banana sandwich this morning! I “grilled” it on the pan, like yesterday, so the outsides would get toasty and the peanut butter inside would become melty. Maranatha’s organic natural crunchy peanut butter is my true love! So is coconut oil, which gives whole wheat bread the perfect crisp with neutral flavour. Plus, coconut oil doesn’t burn, sputter, or brown like butter!

11992483_1197843073575562_654825862_n 11994356_1197843146908888_1234432091_n

After lots of grocery shopping and errands, I had some cucumbers with sweet potato hummus for a snack.


Lunch was a heavenly plate of sautéed vegetables and couscous topped with a runny fried egg, black pepper, and goat cheese. Mmmm… some of my favourite ingredients on a plate here! PS: try cooking your couscous, or any other grain for that matter, in chicken broth. It adds so much flavour!

11992204_1197843290242207_2051581730_n 11992592_1197843306908872_224308203_n

For dessert, Mom and I shared a Turtle Cheesecake from Healthy Foods and More, a health-food shop just outside the Bridgeport Plaza in Waterloo. This vegan dessert was made with almonds, cashews, lemon juice, dates, pecans, maple syrup, and other natural ingredients. It wasn’t cheesecake-like to me (less stiff and more like a mousse) but delicious nonetheless. I was a little disappointed, however, that it was made on Friday – five days ago. 😦

11998461_1197843310242205_14489167_n 11997870_1197843443575525_1747639310_n

After lunch, Mom and I visited the hospital so I could get a sense of the bus route and how to walk from the bus stop to the hospital. I was even lucky enough to speak to the volunteer coordinator about my placement. Then, we went to Best Buy, where I picked up my new camera! YAY! YAY! YAY! x100

… goodbye iPhone photos. 🙂

This is the street where I live: it’s a long road called Columbia Street. This one leads right to the University of Waterloo and is covered with university residences and off-campus housing for students and graduates who are working in the area.

DSC04652 DSC04656

I live on the fourth floor in this apartment.


Yup… the fourth floor. Who needs the StairMaster when you can walk up and down three flights of stairs multiple times every day?

DSC04657 DSC04659

Welcome to my room!


I’ve never been in a dorm room before, but I think my off-campus room is very spacious compared to the residences. I am so lucky 🙂 I also love all the sunshine that comes in here!


My collage is my favourite part of the room without a doubt! Actually, Mom would be my favourite part of the room, but she is on the plane right now heading back to BC.


This over-the-door hook is a lifesaver! I use it for my purse, bag, keys, umbrella, ID card, everything.


My computer table is great too! Mom helped me organize the books, boxes, shelves, and containers. I bought a big dry-erase calendar from the University of Waterloo bookstore, and this is going to help me stay organized throughout the semester in terms of exam dates, studying, and lab days.

DSC04644 DSC04645

My desk is ready to go!


By my bed, I have a nice night table that holds band-aids, hand warmers, lotion, and more. You can also see my journal and yoga mat here. I can’t live without those! Hopefully I will have some time to do hot yoga this week before school starts. I bought a 10-class pass recently.

DSC04674 DSC04666

My closet and cleaning supplies are on the other edge of the room.


Our kitchen and dining area are looking clean and tidy, too. Thank you Mom, for helping me out with this! My mom, the “Kijiji Ninja” according to my awesome roommate Madhulika, bought this table and all four chairs for $140 – including moving the furniture up three flights of stairs and tips. Whoa!

DSC04702 DSC04703

I made dinner by myself today! Brown rice topped with a tofu, broccoli, zucchini, and mushroom stir-fry. I made a simple sauce with soy sauce, garlic, maple syrup, and sesame oil. I wish I had a pinch of cornstarch to thicken the sauce a bit, or some sesame seeds to add some pop. The green onions added great flavour, though. My sauce was a bit thin and bland, probably because I used low-sodium soy sauce and didn’t add salt.

DSC04682 DSC04676

Unfortunately, the rice was a little undercooked at first (too mushy), so I simmered and covered the pot for a couple minutes. Then, it stuck to the bottom and became too hard! I saved what I could, though. This wasn’t a bad first meal! I sort of miss having Mom give me tips and pointers, and then washing and drying dishes with her.

DSC04688 DSC04681

Dessert saves the day, as usual! The same as last time: honey Greek yogurt, flax, coconut chips, blackberries, and a tiny scoop of Speculoos. The photos look so different on my camera! I’m still experimenting with different settings. This is the food setting, and I love how it focuses.

DSC04692 DSC04694

The sunset on Columbia Street West. 🙂

DSC04699 DSC04698

Good night everyone!

17 thoughts on “Recently + Room Tour {new camera!}

  1. […] Before I show you the world’s most labour-intensive dessert known to mankind, let me introduce my house-mate and her boyfriend! I originally typed roommate, but some people get the wrong idea with that. We don’t share a room but live in the same “unit” where we share a nice kitchen and bathroom. But we both have our own rooms 🙂 You can take a peek into our unit by clicking here! […]


    1. Thank you! 😀 Now I just need a couple potted plants, bamboo mats, big white cushions, and a mini waterfall. I wish!
      This time we just combined soy sauce and maple syrup until it “looked right” (our measuring cups and spoons were still in the suitcase!), but usually I follow this recipe that we modified from an old family recipe. 🙂

      Marinate salmon filets in 3 tablespoons maple syrup + 1/4 cup soy sauce. Bake at 400 degrees for 10-12 minutes, depending on the thickness and desired doneness of the filets.

      You should try it out! So yummy and makes an incredible sauce that tastes awesome on quinoa, rice, and veggies. Thanks Jacklyn! Your comments are always so kind.


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