Welcome to Geese Town!

Hi guys! As you may know, I will be studying Honours Kinesiology (with Co-Op) at the University of Waterloo, as part of the faculty of Applied Health Sciences. I’m currently in the midst of moving and adjusting to my new life in this quiet, student-oriented city in Ontario.

My blog was mentioned on this page posted by the University of Waterloo last week. I feel so lucky! Check it out: https://uwaterloo.ca/stories/waterloo-welcomes-top-students-across-canada

Anyways, here is what I’ve been doing for the past couple of days – goodbye Coquitlam, BC and hello Waterloo, Ontario!


Mom and I arrived in Toronto at around 7:30 on Saturday morning. Our mover, Wayne, picked us up from the airport and drove us to George’s house, where we bought lots of furniture. George sold us a bed with a mattress, a desk, a night table, a dresser with a mirror, and a rolling desk chair.

11995544_1196808490345687_974339882_n 11997339_1196808457012357_1960835428_n

My room was so bare initially! It wasn’t until 10:00 when I nibbled on this peanut butter and chocolate Larabar for “breakfast”. I really like my room! It’s very spacious, clean, and has a big window that lets in the sunshine. I also have a rack to hang clothes from. The only con is that it is on the fourth floor, meaning we have to walk up three long flights of stairs every time.


After having some cookies, Mom and I walked to Dollarama. It was a 15-minute walk (like everything in Waterloo!). Mom’s favourite store is Dollarama and I can definitely see why – so many great deals, and lots of household objects are of excellent quality. I think we spent nearly $100 here on essentials like towel racks, spatulas, broomsticks, a laundry basket, trash cans, sandwich bags, and more. Luckily we also bought a foldable rolling backpack-type thing to carry all of this. The walk back home was hot and exhausting.

11998219_1196808577012345_1101180230_n 11998719_1196808727012330_932057517_n

Lunch was at William’s Fresh Cafe in the University Plaza. We ordered a pizzetta with goat cheese, pesto, arugula, and caramelized onions. Crispy and flavourful, this was super yummy. I want to recreate this – maybe on a sandwich?

12000136_1196808583679011_1089614494_n 11992179_1196808723678997_1358381131_n

And a salmon rice bowl with brown rice, baked brown sugar-Dijon salmon, tomatoes, corn, black beans, feta cheese, and avocado. There was also a creamy garlic yogurt sauce that we liked.

11994376_1196808757012327_1724906321_n 11998731_1196808747012328_1991700873_n

Lots more unpacking/organizing/cleaning later, we had a late dinner. I made a reservation at Wildcraft Grill Bar for 7:20. The service here was very impressive! Our waiter was friendly and thoughtful. We started with complimentary bread and dip: French loaf, parmesan flatbread, and a walnut sourdough with black bean olive oil dip.


Then our entrees arrived! My favourite was the vegetable tart: peppers, zucchini, mushrooms and tomatoes layered with goat cheese inside a crispy, flaky phyllo pastry. This was served with a herb sauce and topped with toasted walnuts. There was also some roasted asparagus and a watercress salad.


This was a flatbread topped with rapini, goat cheese, chopped almonds, and white truffle oil. Huge! We also shared a mushroom salad, the house special. This was topped with all sorts of mushoroms and multigrain croutons.

11997833_1196808897012313_143384992_n 11908115_1196808790345657_606025957_n

For dessert, our waiter recommended this white chocolate cheesecake. It was such a unique dessert. The cheesecake was hot and double-baked inside a layer of warm and flaky phyllo pastry. This was plopped on top of a mango-passionfruit compote, blackberries and blackberry coulis, as well as lightly-sweetened whipped cream. The creamy, sweet white chocolate was heavenly with whipped cream and fruity compotes.

11950795_1196809127012290_1031285085_n 11995722_1196808987012304_626448015_n

I apologize for the awful photos 😥 Like I mentioned earlier, I’m still waiting for Best Buy to contact me about picking up my new camera. These were all taken in the dark restaurant with my iPhone 4. I know it doesn’t look super appetizing, but this creamy and chocolatey cheesecake was so special.


Then we walked back home for more unpacking!


Look at the view from our kitchen window! You can see the bus stop in the photo on the right – it’s on the very right. Just across the street from my apartment. 🙂

11997339_1196811177012085_642641796_n 11997229_1196811293678740_455508199_n

Completely against my wishes, Mom bought this table. It was covered in scratches and notches, and the sides coated with a layer of MOLD. I was so freaked out about using this as my desk, until Mom managed to scrub it all off with a steel sponge. Whew!


We did some shopping at Canadian Tire and Sobey’s (AKA Wal-Mart of Waterloo) and purchased some groceries. A “home-cooked” meal at last! This lunch was super simple. I had toast topped with sweet potato hummus, avocado, goat cheese, and cinnamon-honey pecans. My first slice was so good that I craved a second, which I topped with almond butter, sliced banana, and some cinnamon.

12000069_1196809173678952_1035160466_n 11992511_1196809160345620_1109546658_n

When I was making the toast, two eventful things happened…

1) I cut my finger, really deep, with the brand-new knife that Grandma gave me. I was slicing an avocado on the counter without a cutting board, and the sharp knife went right through the avocado skin… and into my skin… ew.

2) When sprinkling pepper on my toast, the lid fell off and I accidentally dumped a MOUND of black pepper onto my hummus-goat cheese-avocado toast. I literally started crying! I think I was just overwhelmed with everything that happened, but I absolutely hate wasting food. Mom ended up eating most of the pepper-toast (she LOVES black pepper and willingly puts tons on her food) while I made another, which is pictured above.

11995722_1196809410345595_1143625111_n 12000026_1196809177012285_1467666875_n

We ended up moving the study desk in my room out into the kitchen to use as a storage place for dry/canned food and appliances. I love the new oatmeal container that we bought from HomeSense. 🙂 I’ve always wanted one like this!

11999904_1196809547012248_1765741921_n 11998593_1196809403678929_1055310992_n

The kitchen is my favourite part of the house.

11998110_1196810290345507_1920302597_n 11992078_1196810287012174_199080707_n

The cabinets are all organized…

11992457_1196809397012263_675259319_n 11997003_1196809440345592_145185097_n

And so are the drawers in the wooden desk.

11994458_1196809580345578_612928761_n 11995575_1196809563678913_265915525_n

After going to Best Buy for speakers, a monitor, and a printer, we assembled all of my techno-goodies (with LOTS of FaceTime help from Dad!). I cooked a simple dinner for the two of us: whole wheat couscous, sauteed zucchini and mushrooms topped with goat cheese and truffle salt, and a spinach-feta salmon burger with sliced avocado. We both loved this dinner but not the fact that we had to eat sitting on the table (we only have one chair at the moment). 😛

11950929_1196810517012151_572079597_n 11995564_1196810470345489_441376134_n

Then we took out the garbage and called it a night! Yup, we had THIS much garbage from only one afternoon of shopping/unpacking. Whoa.



Monday morning began with special oatmeal, starring cinnamon, Speculoos butter (ground-up cinnamon cookies, no kidding) and my new pure Madagascan vanilla extract. I topped my bowl with blackberries and coconut chips, as well as a big scoop of cinnamon-cookie butter – and enjoyed it sitting on the table with a mug of Earl Grey. 🙂

11997882_1196811303678739_684061975_n 11996988_1196811313678738_758264482_n

Did a little organizing in the morning. Every time I see cute containers like this one, I want to buy it! Both containers are from Dollarama and they help a ton in ensuring that my little things (tape rolls, thumbtacks, paper pins) are neat and tidy.

11992460_1196811413678728_181293778_n 11995433_1196811370345399_600032494_n

Do you like my wall collage? I made it with 47 photographs of family, friends, and our doggie Arnold that I printed back in Coquitlam. I had to stick every photo onto the wall with blue sticky tack because Mom’s worried that tape will ruin the paint job and destroy the wall.


I’m so glad my printer and computer are now set up! The only thing missing is a MOUSE. Can you believe that we forgot to pack it? It was left on the bed, with all the other “must-pack” things, but for some reason, it was left out of the suitcase! We’ll have to buy one next time we go to Best Buy to pick up my camera.

11994409_1196811497012053_276608958_n 11997057_1196811523678717_990616718_n

I love my room! I can’t wait to show you a room/apartment tour later on. 🙂


For lunch I made a delicious frittata with my new pan and oven. We both had some toast as well, topped with pepper and sweet potato hummus.


This frittata was made with 3 eggs, zucchini, mushrooms, spinach, some leftover couscous, and parmesan cheese. Topped with lots of goat cheese, this frittata was one of my best yet! We devoured every bite.


After lunch, we took the bus to school and I picked up my WAT card. I was in line for an hour before realizing that I didn’t have government-issued photo ID. When Seline wasn’t able to send a photo, Mom had to take the bus back home to grab my passport. Oh no! 😦 I had to wait in line all over again. Thank goodness I finally have this. And thank goodness my eyes are open! I end up half-blinking for about 70% of my passport, ID, and school photos…. anyways, I also bought a great dry-erase calendar for the wall and four textbooks.


Spinach and cheese ravioli made a wonderful 10-minute dinner before I took the bus to Playfair, an orientation event. I plopped all of these ravioli on a bed of half-wilted spinach and sprinkled it all with parmesan cheese. I can’t wait to have this dinner again. Do you like my new plate from HomeSense?

11994444_1196811643678705_1630629181_n 11992202_1196811720345364_257699382_n

My first glimpse of campus!


The University of Waterloo is notorious for flocks (?) of geese. Aggressive geese, to be exact. This was my first time seeing geese outside of Como Lake, in Coquitlam. I also caught a photo of this weird thing that I thought looked like a land beaver (I know, I’m stupid with animals), but a new friend said it was a groundhog. I’ve never seen a groundhog before!

11997384_1196811753678694_1331524353_n 12000101_1196811790345357_728090383_n

This was Playfair, which took place on the Village 1 Green, a big field by the V1 Residence. There were so many first-years and student leaders. Everyone was cheering and having a good time. Coming from BC, which is five hours away, I don’t have a single friend at uWaterloo yet. At this fun event, I met lots of new people during the big campus-wide icebreaker.

11998535_1196811837012019_1267630829_n 11998659_1196811807012022_79366826_n

Unfortunately, it started to rain about ten minutes before the event was scheduled to end, and we were all told to return to our residences. I hopped onto the bus and zipped home. Then, Mom and I got a new kitchen table, I did some blogging and research, and went to bed early. 🙂

It is now 8:00 AM on Tuesday. Mom and I have a little more shopping to do (bathroom counter towel, water bottle, magnets, etc.) since everything was closed yesterday being Labour Day. I’m also going to some orientation events today, from about 10:00 to 1:45. I might even be getting my camera today, so hopefully this is the last you’ll have to see of these ugly iPhone photos. Enjoy the rest of your week, everyone!