Breakfasts of Paris

Breakfast Gallery

dsc00058 dsc00497

dsc01573 dsc02251

dsc02440 dsc02635

dsc02904 dsc03192

dsc03405 dsc04329

dsc04532 dsc04542

dsc09674 dsc09838

dsc09962 dsc01132


5) Moisan Bakery almond toast


4) Chocolate Pistachio Escargot


3) Moisan Bakery chocolate almond croissant


2) Coquelicot pistachio almond croissant


1) Almond croissant with Ova-Maltine baguette: WINNER!


Almost made the list: Ova-Maltine on brioche toast and Carrousel du Pain tasting platter of almond croissant, pain aux raisins, and chausson aux pommel

dsc03916 dsc04159

3 thoughts on “Breakfasts of Paris

  1. You’re the almond croissant queen! My parents LOVE Parisian breakfasts–they are obsessed with going to bakeries to get bagels, bread, croissants, muffins and other beautiful pastries! They would absolutely love these photos!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Where’s my crown? 😉
      Your parents have a good reason to love French breakfasts. They are so enjoyable. I’m sure they would love Paris… and hopefully the photos as well!


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