Last Day in France = Homemade Sushi

Monday, September 1, 2015

My morning started with yogurt from La Fermiere. This was the best yogurt I had in France – creamy vanilla yogurt with chestnut puree.

DSC04526 DSC04532

You can see the vanilla beans in here! I took care of Alexandre for about 45 minutes in the morning while Maggie took a shower. We had breakfast together, then cleaned up and got dressed before he went to school.

DSC04535 DSC04530

Thankfully the weather was just PERFECT today. Not too hot, but still sunny. There was a breeze and the air was the freshest it’s been. We decided to spend our day in Paris today. This is what we see for about 2.5 hours every day on our way to and from Paris.

11938231_1192969457396257_456937433_n 11909659_1192969507396252_296100169_n

Today I made all the plans because yesterday was Seline’s day! First, I wanted to go to Du Pain et des Idees (Bread and Ideas), which in the St-Martin Canal. Last time we went, they were CLOSED! They recently reopened after their break in August. I bought lots of goodies because they are one of the top bakeries (maybe even the #1!) in Paris.

DSC04536 DSC04541

They are famous for the chausson aux pommes, which is an apple tart, so I ordered one of these. I had this for “breakfast” at around 11:30. My yogurt was not filling enough to last me from 7:30-11:30!

DSC04539 DSC04542

This is an original recipe by Du Pain et Des Idees and has half of a whole apple baked inside. The pastry was crusty, thick, and buttery perfection. If only this was hot and served with some milk.

DSC04546 DSC04544

Seline had a bacon-cheese pave first, but we were a little hungry, so I got a pain au chocolat for her too. I took the first bite – a big one – and savoured every crispy, buttery layer and the melt-in-your mouth Valhrona chocolate. Quality ingredients really do make a difference. That’s what French cooking is all about!

DSC04547 DSC04549

For lunch, we decided on Le Bosquet. We took the Metro to the Eiffel Tower area. It was this review, by Kevin and Amanda, that made me decide on Le Bosquet for my very last meal in Paris. Favourite meal in Paris? A must-see? YES. I needed to try this.


Le Bosquet from the outside! We sat inside today. Unfortunately our waiter was not very nice and actually the epitome of a snobby French waiter. 😦 He didn’t seem passionate or knowledgeable about the food and didn’t give us a smile once, despite the hundreds of “mercis” we said.

11950761_1193123117380891_1763549363_n 11948309_1193122914047578_1233293305_n

There was only one word to describe this place: modern. The terrasse was filled with locals and some tourists, but it wasn’t touristy despite being in the Eiffel Tower area. We got here at around 2:00.


We were given complimentary baguette to begin. Seline liked these a lot and ended up finishing the entire basket. :O

11938014_1193122920714244_1954822667_n 11949827_1193122940714242_1861046034_n

Seline ordered the combo meal – a starter, main dish, and dessert for 24 Euros. For the appetizer, she chose the half avocado with shrimp and a salad. I cut the avocado into thin Cindy-slices for her to top the baguette pieces with.

11992033_1193122990714237_2094874019_n 11938108_1193122967380906_345666371_n

I tried a bite. The filling was kind of like mayo + ketchup and I found the avocado a tad too firm.


Of course, I had the ravioli gratin for my main dish. I don’t even know how to explain this dish because I won’t do it justice. It looks so simple and unassuming, like Kevin and Amanda pointed out, but this dish was heaven in a gratin plate.


I freaked out after my first bite and Seline kept staring at me with wide eyes because I couldn’t control myself. This was so, SO cheesy. I think I detected ricotta, emmenthal, a bit of chevre, and spinach pureed into the ravioli. The sauce was simply cream, and it was topped with more grated cheese and breadcrumbs. I savoured every single bite and tried to eat as slowly as possible. This was one of the best things I’ve eaten all vacation. 😀

11948143_1193123144047555_1173645460_n 11780518_1193123134047556_1828713658_n

The salad was only okay, though. I thought the leaves were bitter and the dressing a bit strange.


Seline’s main was the duck confit, which was served with pan-fried potatoes and the same salad. She thought it was good, but not as good as my duck confit from Josephine Chez Dumonet.

11948257_1193123007380902_901566839_n 11992219_1193123000714236_120432526_n

Her combo meal came with dessert, and she chose the two scoops of ice cream: one vanilla and one strawberry. It’s funny because those two flavours just happen to be her favourites! I was debating between the tarte tatin (apple pie) and creme brulee, but ultimately decided on the apple pie because I’d already had a creme brulee at Bistrot Richelieu.

11992115_1193123100714226_913125339_n 11939099_1193123097380893_2052316471_n

I’m not sure if I made the right choice. This was good, but I wasn’t in foodie heaven. I guess I still had that incredible ravioli in my mind and this didn’t quite live up to those standards. I was hoping for a thick, buttery tart crust with sliced apple, but these big apple chunks were tender and melted into a thin crust. Still good! The waiter added a scoop of vanilla ice cream free of charge. 🙂 I finished it all – this slice was BIG!


Our last time walking back to the Metro – AKA our last walk in Paris!

11951038_1193123137380889_578776070_n 11948156_1193123130714223_1216509500_n

We got a final peek at the Eiffel Tower but only saw the tip.


We zipped home and arrived at about 5:15. I was so sleepy on the RER and bus! We made sushi for dinner.


Maggie taught Seline to fry the tempura while I played with Alexandre. Then we made the sushi rolls together and she showed us some interesting tips. I made my own roll. Unfortunately there was no crab or avocado, but we used fried egg, cucumber, and fried shrimp with mayo.

DSC04555 DSC04558

Seline made her own roll, too 🙂 The knives were hard to use and I wish we had a bigger cutting board! Seline’s “sushi salad” was apparently very yummy.

DSC04560 DSC04564

I had also picked up a loaf of bread, called “Pain des Amis” from Du Pain et des Idees. We cut it up and spread garlic-herb cream cheese on it. So good!

DSC04566 DSC04568

I’m so happy that I had some of Paris’s best bread (with the best spread!) on my last day.

DSC04570 DSC04572

For dessert, we had quite a spread! Some treats here are from Tholoniat, others from Liberte par Benoit Castel. We have a pistachio-raspberry cream tart, a chocolate choux, a millefeuille, a vanilla flan, two financiers (one “nature” and one chocolate), and a chocolate tart.


Liberte is on the left, Tholoniat on the right.

DSC04577 DSC04579

The chocolate choux was one of my favourites! There was dark chocolate cream in here.


This was my plate. All four of us had a quarter of each pastry.


The millefeuille was really good, and the chocolate tart rich and dark.

DSC04595 DSC04594

This pistachio-raspberry tart had a very interesting taste and fluffy texture. I think there was mascarpone in here? The flan wasn’t bad. It was my first time having a sweet flan and the texture was different than I’d expected.

DSC04589 DSC04587

I can’t believe today was our last day in France! 😦

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