Worth 11 Euros…

Sunday, August 30, 2015

I went to the bakery in the morning to buy some fresh pastries for breakfast!


Two almond croissants for Seline, and three for the rest of us to share: a pain aux raisins (raisin custard swirl), a chausson aux pommes (apple tart), and croissant d’amandes (almond croissant).

DSC04161 DSC04162

I couldn’t decide which one I liked most – all three were equally good, but I was surprised at how tender the apple tart was. Yum! The custard in the raisin swirl was delicious, and I also loved how buttery the croissant was (though a tad soggy).

DSC04164 DSC04159

We went to Montmartre today, and were lucky to have Alexandre and Maggie join us. He behaved so well on the RER, Metro, and bus.

DSC04176 DSC04178

I was planning to have lunch at Soul Kitchen, but unfortunately they had a massive lineup and it would be a 30-minute wait. We’d already taken a taxi, gotten lost in the Metro, and walked for half an hour – up the Montmartre mountain. Whew.


So we decided on a place just next door – Au Relais. We sat on the patio in the shade.

DSC04196 DSC04197

I ordered the brunch, which began with a croissant, a hot drink (I chose hot chocolate), and orange juice.


My hot chocolate was not as rich as I would’ve liked, but not bad nonetheless. I really liked the croissant! Very crusty. The orange juice was pulpy and diluted by the addition of ice cubes. 😦

DSC04184 DSC04190

This was the second part of my {gigantic} brunch: a mini cheeseburger, eggs benedict with bacon, fries, salad, and fresh cheese with pineapple. I gave my mini burger and bacon to Seline.


Dessert, also included in the brunch, was a Nutella crepe.


I found the crepe itself a tad burned, and the Nutella not distributed evenly, but the super chocolatey bites were dreamy.

DSC04204 DSC04206

Montmartre is a really charming place!

DSC04209 DSC04214

We got a beautiful view from the museum we visited, La Musee de Montmartre. Entrance for students was 5.50 Euros each.

DSC04220 DSC04223

There was a building and some gardens, plus a vineyard that you could look at. I didn’t really like the art inside because everything seemed plain and somewhat repetitive, so I was wondering whether or not it was worth the 11 Euros for both of us.

DSC04228 DSC04237

Seline found these two flies… MATING. It was cool and the highlight of our museum visit. πŸ˜‰ I’m glad we paid 11 Euros just to see this. Seriously.


Seline was burning up in this weather!

DSC04248 DSC04252

I thought the weather was fine though. We were in the low 30s.

DSC04261 DSC04262

As you can see, I liked the gardens much more than the museum buildings!

DSC04263 DSC04264

Seline complained as she straggled down the mountain behind me. It was the hottest time ofr the day and she was so grumpy.


We arrived after 7:00 again today. Dinner was already prepared: cold Japanese noodles with egg, broccoli, and carrot.


There was also a garlic sauce with sesame, soy, garlic, vinegar, and sesame oil. The noodles were so yummy! I think they are soba noodles. I also liked how the carrots and broccoli were steamed first – it made them much easier to devour. Unfortunately the garlic in here (raw and minced) stayed with me overnight!

DSC04277 DSC04273

Alexandre LOVES noodles! He had more than me :O And without any sauce, too!


For dessert, we had caneles, almond tuiles, and milk. I didn’t really like the canele, even though it’s a classic French dessert. I just found it kind of strange. The almond crisp was pretty good, though.

DSC04288 DSC04290

Then Alexandre and I put on our shoes and headed outside to play!

DSC04303 DSC04307

We liked playing with the rubber ball together. Sometimes they get thrown over the fence though. Oops!

DSC04299 DSC04297

So after that, we played Ninja Turtles. πŸ™‚

DSC04314Β DSC04320

He was so exhausted from all the stairs and everything that he had an early 9:30 bedtime and Seline and I watched the Hunchback of Notre Dame. I hadn’t seen it before but it’s actually a pretty funny movie!

4 thoughts on “Worth 11 Euros…

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  2. OMG–I almost vomited after seeing the flies just because I hate flies (another reason why veganism is hard for me because I don’t like all animals–especially insects!)! The brekkie croissants look so pretty πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AHAHA the flies were so funny! We stared at them for a long time and tried to shoo them away but they wouldn’t move :O
      I don’t think anyone likes insects, vegan or not! Thank you… about the croissants not the flies LOL


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