The Most Magical Place on Earth

Saturday, August 29, 2015

The best toast. Ever. Have you ever had brioche?

DSC03901 DSC03916

This was so yummy that I had two slices. Toasted, it was like fluffy pound cake minus the sweetness. The best toast I’ve ever eaten!

DSC03905 DSC03907

We visited Disneyland today!

DSC03920 DSC03928

It was about 28 degrees today. Seline and I got so hot in the afternoon. First, we went to Walt Disney Studios. The wall of concept art was my favourite. Wouldn’t it be neat to see Ursula as a lionfish instead of an octopus? Animators are so talented.

DSC03932 DSC03934

We saw a couple shows, but unfortunately they were in French and I could only catch the main words. They spoke too quickly 😦

DSC03943 DSC03954

Around lunchtime, we headed to Walt’s. I was planning to make a reservation, but for some reason I kept getting the answering machine. So we came at around noon, hoping for a spot.

DSC03963 DSC03964

They didn’t have any spots until 4:00, and asked if I’d like to make a reservation for 5:30 or 7:00. I did, but then cancelled it because we decided to go home for dinner. Too bad! This would’ve been a very memorable lunch.

DSC03965 DSC03975

Seline was hungry, so we walked down Main Street USA to Victoria’s Home Cooking, a cute cafe that sells hot sandwiches, salads, and simple accompaniments (drinks, desserts, chips).

DSC03981 DSC03984

Seline had a roast beef and bacon sandwich while I devoured a turkey and Swiss panini. This was way better than I’d expected for Disneyland food! The bread was wheat-y and topped with oats. I think the bread was the best part, but I also enjoyed the arugula, creamy Dijon mustard spread, and melted cheese. This tasted like Whole Foods and Thanksgiving. 😀

DSC03986 DSC03991

We walked around for a bit before doing the Buzz Lightyear shooting ride. Lines weren’t too long in the morning and we had fun shooting the bad guys.

DSC03998 DSC04000

Thankfully most of the waiting was in the shade! Seline had lots of Sour Keys and Fuzzy Peaches while we waited.

DSC04001 DSC04002

At around 3:30, we headed into Fantasyland and stopped for ice cream from Bella Notta Pizzeria. I had a scoop of pistachio and a scoop of strawberry cheesecake, topped with Daim crumbles. Seline had two scoops of vanilla and one chocolate.


My pistachio was SO yummy (though not as good as Grom or Pozzetto) and I liked the crunchy, sticky texture. This melted quickly, though 😦 I shouldn’t have ordered strawberry cheesecake – the strawberries were simply jam and was a bit sour. I like Rain or Shine’s strawberry cheesecake ice cream 10x better.

DSC04007 DSC04008

Our next ride was a Fairyland Country cruise. The wait was shorter than the others but it was HOT. I liked all of these pretty castles and trees.

DSC04011 DSC04020

Casey Jr. was our favourite ride – we waited for about 45 minutes for this one.

DSC04061 DSC04078


DSC04079 DSC04081

Gift shopping was fun too. This is Walt’s menu!

DSC04102 DSC04106

We headed out afterwards to take the 7:00 bus. It was pretty stuffy in here.

DSC04108 DSC04133

We got home at about 7:20 and dinner was already ready! Thanks Maggie, for this yummy balsamic tomato-avocado salad and cheese plate with grapes.

DSC04140 DSC04141

Wish I had some baguette!


Our main dish was pasta with bacon, zucchini, and mushrooms. Loved the zucchini!

DSC04147 DSC04149

I wish there was some sheep’s parmesan on top of this. I want to recreate this at home, minus the bacon and plus some smoked salmon, maybe.


I wish we could’ve gone back for the parade and fireworks 😦 We were so tired and busy though. Next time!