Day of Disappointments

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

I could not sleep at ALL last night after 1:30 AM – I was thinking about breakfast! I was just too excited to prepare a big plate of French pastries and share them with Seline in the morning. I think I slept for only 3 hours :O

DSC02898 DSC02903

This plate involved an almond croissant, two chocolate almond croissants, a little pain aux raisins (raisin, custard, and brioche) and a pistachio-chocolate snail.

DSC02912 DSC02904

Seline and I went splitsies – we had each had half of every pastry, but I ate all of the pistachio swirl (apparently she’s allergic…? I was unaware of that) and she had more almond croissant. We decided that the first almond croissant in the pictures below was better. It had no chocolate but was the most almondy almond croissant I’ve ever eaten. The pastry crust was crisp and the filling thick, nutty, and not too sweet. Perfect! This chocolatey one was too buttery, a tad soggy, and had an odd espresso flavour in the chocolate.

DSC02913 DSC02914

In the mornings, I have breakfast with Alexandre and watch him for about an hour. He likes cereal (special K with dried raspberries and strawberries) and crustless toast with chocolate spread. He’s a huge fan of that Ova-Maltine spread that I’m crazy about 🙂

DSC02922 DSC02931

Our plan was to eat at Le Petit Cler, and I knew for a fact that they were open at 11:00 every day. So when we arrived at 12:00, I knew there was something wrong. The man inside shooed us out and said they were suddenly closed today due to problems in the kitchen. I was MAD. I’d been looking forward to a croque-madame at Le Petit Cler for weeks. 😦

DSC02934 DSC02935

I wanted to walk more and find a less-touristy French bistro on the street, but since we were behind the Eiffel tower, most places were 70% tourist. Then, of course, Seline got hungry so we stopped at La Cafe du Marche, a crowded brasserie.

DSC02940 DSC02943

Seline was debating between the chicken burger and the pasta with truffle cream, but ultimately decided on the burger. I wanted either the duck confit or the goat cheese salad, but chevre won again 🙂


Seline finished all her fries and most of the burger. I ate all of my salad leaves and goat cheese, leaving some green beans on my plate.

DSC02948 DSC02962

Can you believe that this entire BRICK was filled with creamy, melty, and hot goat cheese? Aside from the chevre, I was disappointed with this salad. I thought the veggies on top could’ve been fresher and presented better.

DSC02961 DSC02952

The cheese was good, though! It was wrapped in a crispy crepe that tasted like a fried wonton wrapper. It covered the odd taste of the vinegary leaves. I didn’t really like this lunch and really wanted le Petit Cler 😦


On our way to Les Invalides, a famous military monument, we passed Le Petit Cler again – this time, it was PACKED with people. They were all eating huge plates of yummy-looking salads and sandwiches. I was so angry and asked to speak to the manager. Apparently there WERE problems in the kitchen and they had just opened 10 minutes ago. Grrrrr…

DSC02976 DSC02985

It was a short walk to Les Invalides, but cold and windy. It rained sporadically throughout the afternoon, and I forgot the umbrella.

DSC03018 DSC03022

We wanted to walk inside the museum, and it was free if you were under 18. When we went to get our passes, the man didn’t let us through because our student cards from Canada didn’t have our AGE on it. Do I look 19 years old to you?! So we had the choice of paying 15 Euros per person and going into the museum, or just walking around the cobblestone centre. We chose the second 🙂

DSC03028 DSC03029

It was still quite nice here, but I really wanted to see Napoleon’s tomb and other military artifacts.

DSC03059 DSC03067

Luckily it wasn’t raining when we took these photos in the open. We were also planning to see the Rodin Museum, which is just next door, but decided just to go home early. The weather was just not cooperating today!

DSC03085 DSC03095

There weren’t many people here so we took some crazy photos 😀

DSC03101 DSC03103

Seline liked this water thing that surrounded the hotel and garden.

DSC03137 DSC03141

Since I didn’t have dessert after lunch, I wanted something sweet. It started raining like crazy on our way back to the Metro, so we stopped at La Source, a random cafe on the street.  Our waiter raved about their homemade tiramisu, so that’s what I ordered.

DSC03147 DSC03145

Seline had the chocolate mousse. Both of us loved the “cigarette cookies” on top, which were crunchy and sweet, like Chinese egg rolls. My tiramisu was creamy and had a lovely coffee-cocoa taste. I wish the mascarpone was more prominent, though, and it would be nice to have some more ladyfinger pieces.

DSC03143 DSC03149

After that, we stopped at a cake shop. I wanted to buy desserts for the family, and there were SO many to choose from here. I chose three since Eric left for Boston (he is a flight attendant) and it’s just Maggie, Alexandre, Seline and I in the house.

DSC03156 DSC03158

We got home early today (and soaked). After a hot shower and a bit of relaxing in the room, Maggie and Seline left to pick up Alexandre from school while I prepared dinner. I peeled the shrimp, boiled some water, cut and washed basil from the garden, washed and sliced two zucchinis and about a dozen mushrooms. I love working in the kitchen! Chopping all the veggies was so therapeutic.


We had tomato shrimp pasta for dinner, with some sauteed garlic zucchini. Alexandre and I finished off the last bit of Camembert in the box, too.

DSC03168 DSC03163

Topped with truffle salt and sheep’s milk parmesan, this dish was so flavourful. I had seconds, then thirds and fourths, of the zucchini. It was perfectly cooked and very tasty with dried krill and golden garlic.


Then it was time for dessert! The three pastries from Gateaux Thoumieux had somehow toppled over on our way home. I was so sad 😦

DSC03171 DSC03174

We split them equally into three plates. The desserts here are a mille-feuille (Seline’s favourite), a praline-hazelnut chou chou, and a vanilla religieuse.


The vanilla was creamy and rich, perfect with the choux pastry. This hazelnut pastry was my favourite – sweet and nutty cream with a chocolate centre. Seline didn’t like this at all, so she gave me hers in exchange for some mille-feuille.


All three of these were winners 😀 We enjoyed these pastries while Alexandre nommed on six macarons!


Then we did some cleaning, and I showered Alexandre and read to him. We played some educational games on Maggie’s tablet before he got tired and took his “dodo” (nap/sleep). After that, I did some research about the upcoming days (attractions and food) before having an early 11:30 bedtime 🙂

4 thoughts on “Day of Disappointments

  1. I know how you feel about closed restaurants–you have no idea how many restaurants I drive to and find that they’re closed on a certain day! Horrible.
    Anyways, it doesn’t seem like the day was completely to waste–you had some delicious desserts, goat cheese and croissants! Plus those pictures at the centre are priceless 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So many choices for breakfast. I know you must be so sad about the closed restaurant. You are so awesome! you cut the zucchinis so evenly. Wow , you van cook for the whole family when you come home. Oh, the photos were so crazy. Did you jump too? You can jump really high.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There were so many things to eat for breakfast! It is my favourite meal by far 🙂 I was very disappointed, but we had a couple great meals recently. I can’t wait to cook for the whole family! You will just stay out of the kitchen while I prepare EVERYTHING and Seline helps me clean. 😀


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