Famous French Falafels

Monday, August 24, 2015

My morning started with a chocolate-pistachio escargot that I bought at a bakery in Paris.

DSC02831 DSC02827

This was a lovely pastry. I loved the generous amount of chocolate chips and light nutty flavour.

DSC02829 DSC02833

Lunch was fallafels! We took the 12:11 bus and arrived at about 2:00. L’As Du Fallafel is a super famous place in France, and it was packed.


Most people take their fallafel sandwiches to go, but Seline and I decided to sit in the restaurant.

DSC02848 DSC02849

As usual, the tables were teeny!

DSC02854 DSC02856

Seline ordered the chicken medallion plate, which came with fries, fried eggplant, hummus, cucumber and tomato salad, and cabbage. I ate her eggplants, which were crispy and delicious with the creamy hummus. A little oily for me, though.

DSC02855 DSC02858

Seline adored her meal, especially because we got a side order of house-made French fries. She finished all of the chicken and most of the fries, leaving all of the salad and coleslaw. She ate some pita, too.

DSC02861 DSC02878

I ordered the fallafel special, a vegetarian sandwich stuffed with hummus, cucumber, cabbage, fried eggplants, and eight (I think) crispy, deep-fried chickpea balls.

DSC02868 DSC02870

The soft pita with freshly-fried fallafels and smooth hummus were a great combo. This meal was a little messy and greasy in my opinion, though. But I can definitely see why the place is so popular – this lunch filled me up immediately and cost just 8 Euros. You can’t find that anywhere else in Paris!


Mostly finished 😀 Next stop: Pozzetto gelato! Today was rainy, windy, and sunny – all at the same time. Seline’s umbrella broke because of the wind, our hair was totally soaked from the rain, and we were super hot in the sun. I wasn’t sure if the weather was ice cream-appropriate, but since we were already on the same street… we had to get some 🙂

DSC02879 DSC02880

I asked how many flavours I could get in one cup, and the lady told me there was no limit. So I had about EIGHT flavours in a kid’s size petite cup! My favourites, in order, are: pistachio, chocolate hazelnut, dark chocolate, hazelnut, coconut, fior di latte, chocolate chip. I love how I got to try a whole bunch of flavours here!


Seline is my exact opposite. She ordered ONE flavour in a grande (big) cup. Strawberry, just like last time. Who are you more like? Would you rather try a bunch of flavours, not knowing if you’d like them? Or have one big bowl of something you know you enjoy?

DSC02886 DSC02883

Because of the rain, and since we didn’t want to be late for dinner, we took the early 5:45 bus. When we got home, Maggie was already preparing dinner. We had leftover rice (reheated in the microwave) with tomato scrambled eggs and baked fish.

DSC02888 DSC02889

Maggie puts ketchup in her tomato scrambled eggs, making them sweeter and thicker. This fish, again, was very yummy and tender. I like the belly portion.


A lovely light dinner. I wish there was some steamed broccoli or sauteed asparagus – my day was definitely lacking in the veggie department (again). I need to get more greens in my diet!

DSC02894 DSC02895

No pics of dessert today – just some milk with a pistachio financier. Not my favourite dessert, but still a nice way to finish our early dinner.

After din, we cleaned up and I played with Alexandre before showering him and reading to him. He is learning so much! Now he knows “windows”, “chairs”, “tables”, “kitchen”, and a couple more. What a smart little guy 😀

It’s Tuesday morning now – we have big plans to leave a little earlier and visit the Invalides, have lunch by the Eiffel Tower in a famous cafe, and visit some chocolate shops/bakeries. Can’t wait! Have a lovely Tuesday.