Our Favourite Parisian

Sunday, August 23, 2015

My morning started earlier than usual, and with a glass cup of yogurt. This is hazelnut! One of my favourite yogurts yet, next to La Fermiere’s chestnut yogurt. They are equally yummy. This was like Nutella minus the chocolate and sugar, mixed into creamy vanilla yogurt. 🙂


We missed our early 8:42 bus (we were planning to visit the Catacombs in the early morning) but were distracted by talking to Maggie this morning. We decided to see the Catacombs another day, which I was honestly a little sad about 😦 We went straight to brunch with our old friend Lucie!

DSC02644 DSC02657

She suggested this lovely cafe: the Bar du Marche des Blancs Manteaux. They serve brunch on Sundays only, and it is an all-you-can-eat buffet. It was 25 Euros for adults.


There was a massive variety of food and lots of drinks to choose from. I had hot chocolate 🙂 The restaurant itself was quite busy, and filled with locals (no tourists here… except for the two of us!) and very French.

DSC02663 DSC02664

The food was truly top notch! I ate both of these plates, plus all the hot chocolate. A HUGE meal for me – I was stuffed. Highlights for me were the croissant dipped in hot chocolate and the salmon and mushroom risotto in a phyllo pastry cup. Those two were my favourite 🙂


See that little silver spoon? That had escargot on it – two little snails and one mushroom. Seline and I ate the snails at the same time. 😀 I thought it was quite good, like a garlicky, buttery mussel. Have you eaten snails before? Don’t they taste like mussels in terms of texture?


Seline’s plate was excellent. She had three chicken skewers and really enjoyed the pasta.


Have you ever dipped a fresh butter croissant in rich, creamy and chocolatey hot chocolate? It’s better than heaven. And check out these scrambled eggs! I’ve never had creamier eggs in my life – these are practically raw in Seline’s opinion 😉 The pastry was filled with creamy rosee sauce and seafood, by the way. A very yummy pastry. Whew – this was a massive lunch.

DSC02677 DSC02678

We had a wonderful conversation with Lucie over brunch. She is now 23 (lived with us when she was 18 or 19) and is pursuing a career in luxury fashion. Lucie is not only super sweet, she is also very talented – she designs and sews her own creations for friends and family.

DSC02681 DSC02688

Lucie is our new favourite Parisian! She played tour guide and took us to the Centre Georges Pompidou. I’m so glad she took us around the Marais, one of her favourite areas in Paris. We would’ve been so lost!

DSC02689 DSC02691

We watched some street performers and took lots of photos in front of this famous modern art museum. The queue was quite long so we decided to just stay outside and do some souvenir shopping.

DSC02703 DSC02702

We saw a man writing names and pictures out of wire and stringing them onto a bracelet. We had one made for Seline. Her bracelet was even adjusted to fit her wrist. The hearts on the ends are so pretty. What a unique souvenir 🙂 I love personalized things. Can you believe this cost just 5 Euros?

DSC02698 DSC02718

After that, we saw the famous St-Michel fountain. This is Lucie’s father’s favourite fountain in Paris. It was very majestic. Next up – the Notre Dame! We did lots of walking today. Thankfully it was just slightly warm, with a breeze.


Thank you Lucie, for bringing us to this gothic masterpiece and for snapping all these photos for us 😀 We had such a great afternoon with you!

DSC02735 DSC02738

This is a famous bridge that crosses the Seine River. It is covered in locks that represent lovers. Very cool!

DSC02745 DSC02748

Lucie told us that it is now against the law to put a lock on this bridge, because officials say it is becoming too heavy and could be a safety hazard.


We crossed another bridge to an island called the Ile St-Louis for the famous Berthillon ice cream. Ask any French person about Berthillon and they’ll tell you immediately that it’s the best gelato/ice cream in the country. I was so excited!

DSC02754 DSC02757

Berthillon itself was closed, but many shops and cafes on the island sell Berthillon ice cream and gelato. Seline had vanilla, chocolate, and white chocolate, and Lucie had almond milk. I had one scoop of caramel nougat and one of chocolate hazelnut.


To be honest, I was very disappointed with mine. I don’t like hard, crunchy things in my gelato, and this was filled with huge hazelnut chunks. 😦 My caramel ice cream was overpoweringly sweet. Like, burn-your-throat sweet. Now that I’ve tried all the famous gelato shops, my favourites are: Pozzetto, Amorino, Grom, and then Berthillon. That’s pretty surprising!


Our RER train stopped randomly in the middle of our trip home, so we missed the 5:30 bus. We had a couple options as to what to do next. Should be wait an hour and twenty minutes for the 7:00 bus? Call a taxi? Since I didn’t want to bother Maggie by asking for a ride, I suggested walking home. Seline was totally exhausted but she was a trooper 😀

DSC02784 DSC02787

The walk home was quite an adventure. My phone has no maps, and couldn’t connect to Internet. Seline’s phone died on the RER and had zero battery left. We walked home completely by memory, a looooooooong trek that took about 45 minutes. I wore flats, so both of us were dead afterwards.


Dinner was a stunning pizza, handmade by Eric. He even rolled out the crust himself. This pizza involved some ham and bacon, cherry tomatoes, two types of cheese and cream, plus rocket on top. It was delicious!

DSC02792 DSC02795

I enjoyed some of the starter while Alexandre devoured “le riz avec les petits pois” (rice with baby peas).

DSC02802 DSC02804

We had leftover stuffed tomatoes and peas sauteed with bacon. Maggie is encouraging me to eat more meat because I am naturally quite pale 🙂

DSC02806 DSC02807

Rice with the sweet peas and savoury onion-meat sauce was very good.


Dessert was some mini pastries from the Bon Marche, some canteloupe, and a bit of Eric’s lovely Tarte Tropizienne. The flavours here are pistachio, chocolate, coconut, and plain (naturel) almond financier.

DSC02810 DSC02814

The canteloupe was sweet, and one of the best I’ve eaten. Unfortunately I made the mistake of eating this amazing custard cake halfway through, and after that, the canteloupe wasn’t quite as sweet 🙂 Tarte Tropizienne, again, is a brioche bread stuffed with vanilla custard and sugar pearls on top. It sounds simple and not-so-yummy, but the cream is divine.

The pistachio cake was my favourite, followed by coconut, chocolate, then plain. 🙂



It is now 9:30 and I’m going to have some breakfast soon 🙂

6 thoughts on “Our Favourite Parisian

    1. Lucie is such a pretty girl! We recognized her right away – she is lovely 🙂
      The buffet was insane… of course I ate too much again! But it was worth it because we paid 50 Euros, hehehe


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