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Good morning! It’s Sunday AM for me now – Seline and I have a super busy day planned. We’re up early to visit the Catacombes before we have lunch with a former homestay student. Sorry for the shorty post!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Yesterday morning started with some croissants. I bought two butter croissants from the Bon Marche for Seline, and two almond croissants (one for me and one for Eric). I also had lots more French milk.

DSC02430 DSC02432

Since the table was still outside from the BBQ dinner the day before, we decided to have breakfast in the sunshine. It was so bright!

DSC02434 DSC02439

My almond croissant was fantastic. The frangipane inside was so creamy and not overly sweet, with a great almond flavour. This was one of my favourite breakfasts 🙂 I had many, though.

DSC02440 DSC02443

I was proud of Seline for finishing most of her two croissants, and I didn’t leave a crumb on my plate.


The restaurants that I had planned, which were 1) West Country Girl, 2) Come a Casa, 3) Bistrot Blanc Bec, 4) Lou Tiap, and another fifth one that I forgot, were ALL CLOSED FOR THE SUMMER. I called each one and got only recordings that told me when they would reopen (all in September). So we went to my very last choice – La Taverne de Menil.

DSC02465 DSC02467

This was a Lebanese restaurant with Greek and Mediterranean influences. Our server was the kindest and most thoughtful yet. He asked us several times how we were doing, suggested several dishes, and even showed us some plates before he served them to people eating on the patio outside.

DSC02463 DSC02462

We started with “un carafe de l’eau” and some green olives that we took “sniff shots” of.

DSC02461 DSC02470

Our meals were INCREDIBLE. I put this as #6 on my list of places to go near la Cimitiere Pere-Lachaise, but it should’ve been number one.


Seline ordered the chicken brochette. She says her meat was the best chicken she’s ever had in her life. It was charred but tender and so flavourful – and thankfully that’s parsley on top, not cilantro.

DSC02478 DSC02479

I ordered the zucchini cakes. I had a hard time deciding between the eggplant stuffed with vegetables and cheese, or these zucchini galettes. The server said his personal favourite was the galettes, so I ordered these lovely fritters.

DSC02476 DSC02489

AHHH this meal was amazing! Both of our plats included sauteed potatoes, tomato bulgur, and rocket salad with cucumbers and tomatoes. Mine had some yogurt sauce with oregano for the galettes, but we ended up dipping everything in the tzatziki-like dip.

DSC02490 DSC02491

I ate Seline’s salad and she had my potatoes. We also swapped some galette for chicken, even though I am 100% certain now that I’m just not a fan of chicken (or meat in general).

DSC02492 DSC02493

This sesame yeast bread that we were served at the beginning was also excellent. I had three pieces and loved the charred parts the most 🙂 I dipped it in the sauce and ate it with salad… yum. Seline had three pieces as well – we nearly finished the whole basket.

DSC02497 DSC02484

“This is the best lunch we’ve had in Paris!” – Seline 😀

That made me really happy. I wish I had taken a photo of our table after we’d finished eating – there wasn’t a speck of food left.


Funny story – we found the cemetery but couldn’t go IN. We saw the graves and everything but couldn’t get across this wall. So we were basically just in the garden and didn’t actually walk inside the cemetery. We walked around the whole cemetery without finding the entrance… sad.

DSC02510 DSC02514

But then we suddenly found a Metro and went in – Seline would rather have ice cream than search for the entrance.

DSC02517 DSC02519

We walked all the way down Avenue Gambetta – note the lack of tombstones here.


La Maison Georges Larnicol was suggested by our friend Sophia, who lived in France earlier. Georges Larnicol is famous for chocolates, caramels, and Kouign-Amanns.

DSC02521 DSC02522

This place was a sweets-lover’s dream. I spent so much time admiring the chocolates, caramels, and beautiful croissant swirl cakes.


It was so awesome to stumble upon Georges Larnicol on our way to Grom for gelato. Both of us ordered medium-sized cups with three flavours inside.

DSC02533 DSC02531

Seline had peach, vanilla, and chocolate; I ordered pistachio, Crema di Grom (corn cookie and chocolate chips), and salted butter caramel.

DSC02530 DSC02534

Pistachio was my favourite! It was so rich and tasted like real roasted pistachios. Grom doesn’t use artificial-anything. They use all-natural ingredients and real fruit. 🙂

DSC02535 DSC02538

Seline’s vanilla was so good that we ordered another! I had a couple bites and then ate a chocolate biscuit carre from Larnicol. It was so yummy! Seline finished the vanilla gelato and then had her white chocolate square.

DSC02540 DSC02542

For some reason, there was no one else on the RER. We had to wait for 50 minutes for the next bus 😦 But we took lots of photos on the lawn just outside the stop.

DSC02545 DSC02555

The table was set so beautifully 🙂 We ate outside again!

DSC02592 DSC02594

Is this not the most beautiful salad you’ve ever seen?

DSC02580 DSC02581

We also had a fresh rocket salad with pine nuts and more garden-fresh cherry tomatoes. There was an excellent balsamic dressing on it that was awesome with the bread.

DSC02587 DSC02588

Seline’s baguette matched the salads and cheese perfectly. I cut my finger while slicing the baguette 😦


There was also a potato cake that was baked in the oven.

DSC02595 DSC02597

Sauteed bean sprouts with scallions and carrots. This was lightly-seasoned and delicious!

DSC02599 DSC02600

This fish was pan-fried and topped with a soy sauce and sugar mixture. The sauteed veggies on top were great. I love fish!

DSC02601 DSC02603

There were also sauteed green beans in garlic. I loved them and so did Alexandre – I think he had half of this whole bowl!


My plate was lovely and had bites of everything. It all matched perfectly.


The potato cake was so good, as were the fresh veggies and fish.

DSC02608 DSC02610

We actually had our starter after the main dish this time, because Maggie thought it would be a good idea to have the main dish first – since it was hot. So we had the burrata and salad afterwards… yum.

DSC02611 DSC02612

The baguette was SO good topped with new Camembert! It was the best cheese I’ve had yet.

DSC02615 DSC02619

YAY for desserts!

DSC02622 DSC02623

DSC02629 DSC02630