The Palais

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Another treat from Moisan bakery! I am so glad I bought a couple breakfast pastries that day. These are my AM saviour when I have to feed and play with Alexandre. Today’s was an almond toast.

DSC01856 DSC01861

I had almond toast with some milk while Alexandre ate dry cereal, which we later added a bit of milk to. This almond pastry was nutty, caramelized, buttery, and so perfect. Like a croissant and brioche fusion with lots of toasted almonds and frangipane.

DSC01863 DSC01864

The filling was the most delicious part, but unfortunately there wasn’t much of it. The sides were crunchy and caramelized – also delicious. I ate every bite of this yummy toast.

DSC01867 DSC01868

Seline had croissants – these three cost only 2.65 Euros. I put these in the oven to reheat for her, but she still complained that they were not flaky enough. I was so mad when she finished 1.5 and threw the rest in the garbage. I couldn’t believe she had the audacity to throw 1.5 croissants into the trash. Grrrr.

DSC01859 DSC01883

Today started out rainy, so we brought jackets and umbrellas.


I made plans to eat at Twenty Peas, a very cute cafe near the Palais. Seline decided before we went in that she wanted sushi, and I was so frustrated as we sat down and she had her sushi. 😦 She ordered California rolls, fried chicken fingers, and chicken kebabs.

DSC01888 DSC01894

I got very angry and upset at Seline because I wish we could just eat together at a place we both liked. I wish she told me beforehand that she didn’t want Twenty Peas – I would’ve found another place. Dining at Planet Sushi was NOT a pleasant experience – people smoked outside and the wind blew it all to our table.


This was Twenty Peas. By the time I got in at around 1:00, all of the salads and quiches that I wanted were sold out. I was so disappointed, but I could tell that Seline felt pretty bad too. I ended up with a potato quiche (I wanted the eggplant and feta quiche) and a pasta salad with corn and tomatoes.

DSC01900 DSC01908

The pasta salad was just okay – like something I could easily make at home with better flavour. The quiche wasn’t bad, but I like my egg dishes served warm. I didn’t like the chunks of potato in here and wish there was more crust and the eggy portion.

DSC01907 DSC01911

Not a bad lunch, though. There was such a long line up, and we didn’t make a reservation, so I had no choice but to do takeout. We brought the takeout dish next door to CoJean, a fast food cafe where we hid in the back. 🙂


I also picked up a carrot cake for comfort food! This was not as moist as I would’ve liked, and it was quite dry and crumbly. The icing was more of a whipped buttercream than a thick cream cheese frosting, and I believe it was made with mascarpone, honey, and whipped cream. I prefer dense and sweet cream cheese frosting with a moister carrot cake.

DSC01902 DSC01915

Still, I finished every crumb. Check out the price of this lunch – anything under 20 Euros is basically a steal in Paris, and this was only 11 Euros and was very filling. Yay for budget lunches 🙂


There are many palaces in Paris, but two of the most famous are the Grand Palais (big palace) and Petite Palais (small palace). They are just across the street from each other.

DSC01918 DSC01925

The Grand Palais is only open on certain days for special events and temporary exhibitions, but the Petite Palais is always open for tourists and is quite a celebrated museum.

DSC01926 DSC01939

We tried to peek into the elaborate doors of the Grand Palais but could only see this:

DSC01946 DSC01947

The entire area is quite beautiful, and we had cloudy weather in the afternoon so it wasn’t hot or too sunny.

DSC01962 DSC01977

Seline likes “water things” like fountains and waterfalls, so we took lots of photos in front of any “water thing” she could find. There are many in Paris!

DSC01983 DSC01988

I wore the most touristy outfit possible: sweatpants, runners, sunglasses and a simple t-shirt. You’d never see a teenage Parisian girl wearing the same thing, although this outfit would be totally acceptable in Vancouver.

DSC02011 DSC02019

Another thing about Paris is that there are SO many monuments and statues.

DSC02025 DSC02030

We decided to go into the Petite Palais to look at some of the sculptures and paintings. I love it when admission is free :mrgreen:

DSC02049 DSC02076

Ceilings in churches and museums amaze me every time. They are so detailed.

DSC02084 DSC02101

This was fun – we tried to imitate the poses of some statues 🙂

DSC02105 DSC02108

DSC02109 DSC02139

DSC02145 DSC02151

The furniture was interesting to see – all from centuries ago.

DSC02113 DSC02134

The first floor had many more exhibitions, as well as a cafe. The gift shop was upstairs and I spent a good twenty minutes browsing the book section!

DSC02119 DSC02125

Some statues and things were quite eerie, knowing they were used four or five hundred years ago (more, for some pieces). Seline found a pretty pink vase which was her favourite thing in the Petit Palais museum.


There is also a beautiful garden that leads into a cafe. We admired the garden for a long time. 🙂

DSC02169 DSC02178

This was one of my favourite paintings because there is so much going on. I also liked the ones with Jesus and war heroes – I thought those were very powerful and captured a lot of action and emotion. I’m not much of a history/art museum person, but I had a great afternoon looking at all the interesting sculptures and paintings.

DSC02183 DSC02189

Since we were finished a little early, and we didn’t have to be home until 6:00, Seline and I decided to stop at La Vallee-Village, which is one RER stop away from our stop. It is an outlet and mall, but Seline just wanted to shop at a lingerie store and have McDonalds, which she did. The usual – 6 chicken nuggets, fries, and a Sprite.

DSC02196 DSC02199

We had guests for dinner: a lovely woman from Singapore with her French husband. Both were very kind and we spoke in Chin-Fren-glish at the dinner table. Our dinner was quite fancy and I loved it!

DSC02210 DSC02224

Our starters were fresh traditional baguette that I picked up from the bakery with Alexandre before dinner, a Caprese salad made with garden cherry tomatoes and cubed fresh mozzarella, a mustard grated carrot salad, and cheese.

DSC02201 DSC02204

I had a little of every “entree” (starter in French, which is odd because we call our main dish the entree). Seline had only baguette and cheese.

DSC02202 DSC02205

My favourite bite was mozzarella + cherry tomato + basil with a little baguette smeared in the balsamic dressing. So fresh and yummy. Garden fresh cherry tomatoes are so different from regular ones from a store.


Of course, our main dish was equally delicious! We had baked garlic, onion, and tomato fish with stir-fried garlic broccoli.

DSC02223 DSC02213

I asked for a little less rice noodles so I could fill up on this amazing baked fish. It was so tender and didn’t fill the house with a fishy smell. The charred garlicky parts were the best here, as were the hot cherry tomatoes.

DSC02214 DSC02216

Dessert was nice! We had a lot of options: leftover Pierre Herme cake, Amorino cherry-wine ice cream, and coconut ice cream. We also had a spread of watermelon cubes and strawberries, as well as these crunchy caramel cookies. No ice cream for me today after yesterday’s stomachache – instead, I had lots of strawberries and a caramel crisp.


Seline raved about these crisps but I wasn’t a huge fan. I prefer something that is “neater” to eat – something that doesn’t spill crumbs everywhere! I had one crisp and gave the other to Seline.

DSC02225 DSC02228

Then I played with Alexandre for a good hour – he behaved VERY well – and went to bed at midnight after some more research. 🙂 Happy Friday!