Don’t Cry Over Spilled Yogurt

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Almond croissant for breakfast, along with a slice of leftover baguette topped with Ova-Maltine, the crunchy chocolate spread.

DSC01747 DSC01748

I think this was one of my favourite breakfasts so far.


This leftover baguette slice was so, so yummy topped with the sweet chocolate spread.

DSC01743  DSC01753

My almond croissant was just as heavenly. This was was sweeter than any other almond croissant I’ve had by far! Topped with toasted almonds and filled with sweet frangipane, this is definitely in my top 5 croissants ever eaten.

DSC01744 DSC01750

This was enjoyed while playing with Alexandre, who smeared chocolate on the white fabric chairs. It was my fault because I should’ve been more strict and put him into the baby chair, but I didn’t want him to scream and wake everyone up. Next time I will definitely control him more – no messing with the furniture!


Seline decided to go to the Eiffel Tower again. On our way there, we stopped at Pret-A-Manger, a French fast food store, to pick up lunch. The cheese cup, topped with chocolate and caramel that I bought, spilled inside my bag. I didn’t realize until something cold and wet dripped down my leg. Luckily I salvaged half and ate it on the go. The chocolate bites here were the best!

DSC01755 DSC01756

The Eiffel Tower is so majestic. There was quite the line up for the elevator, so we decided no… again.

DSC01819 DSC01816

Then we found a quiet spot for our little picnic. My bag was all stained with dried yogurt (fromage frais).

DSC01758 DSC01759

My wrap was soaked too, but luckily there was plastic wrap. My wrap, which was 444 calories according to the label, was an unlikely choice for me. It featured spicy tomato-roasted pepper chicken, feta cheese, cilantro, and fresh spinach and veggies.

DSC01760 DSC01762

We sat right below the tower and had a whole grassy clearing to ourselves.

DSC01763 DSC01764

Seline ordered two bacon-chicken onion jalapeno wraps and ate 1.5. She really liked hers because it was hot and crispy. Mine was refreshing! I liked the generous amounts of creamy feta and fresh spinach.

DSC01767 DSC01768

For dessert, I cracked open the box of financiers that I bought from Patisserie Moisan yesterday. Mmmm, these were amazing! So moist with such a prominent almond flavour. Not too sweet, either. The chewy, browned edges were the best part. I meant to eat 3-5 mini financiers but ended up eating eight. Ooops :mrgreen:

DSC01778 DSC01781

I really want to learn to make financiers at home – maybe a healthified version – because they are so delicious! We saw lots of birds from our little picnic area. Seline said this one looked diseased because of its spotted belly.

DSC01789 DSC01791

This chubby chick was my favourite. Photographing birds is actually a lot of fun – foodie photographers out there, why don’t we all switch to taking pics of birds and flowers? 😉 Having a tiny, moving target (that moves sporadically) is so much more challenging than snapping a photo of a plate.

DSC01792 DSC01795

Pigeons kind of freak me out. This looks more alien than pigeon, in my opinion.


The Eiffel Tower looks so different from underneath. What an incredible structure. I wish we got the chance to go up, but I didn’t want to wait in line for a couple hours in the hot sun. Plus, we had already done the Tour Montparnasse. 🙂

“I didn’t know the Eiffel Tower was this… hollow.” – Seline

DSC01812 DSC01813

Dinner was a goodie today. We ate very late again – this time 9:00, and by then I was quite hungry from my 1:00 lunch. Sometimes I wish we could eat a little earlier because I personally do not like eating an hour or two before bed. Plus, since I was ravenous, I ate more than I should have and ended up with a stomachache – not fun when travelling (actually, never fun).


A wonderful dinner nonetheless, we started with a cheese board – Compte cheese (Seline’s favourite), and toasted leftover baguette. I had two pieces of baguette and lots of the cubed cheese. Seline is becoming a better and better cutter 🙂


Our main dish was Italian-themed tonight: simple spaghetti and meatballs. The meatballs were rolled out by hand by Chef Eric, who used a mixture of pork, veal, and beef. They were pan-fried in olive oil and garlic. This made the house smell absolutely incredible. There were also three herbs in the sauce: basil, oregano, and rosemary. Both rosemary and basil came from the garden!


This new pot of theirs is so beautiful – you can cook AND serve with it. It looks really modern and was easy to wash and clean. Great buy from Habitat in the outlet Vallee-Village. 🙂

DSC01827 DSC01826

Seline was probably hungry too – she finished all her noodles and sauce in minutes and had seconds later on.DSC01825

I was okay with a little less pasta, but I dressed it up with lots of grated emmenthal cheese, a bit of cream and truffle salt. I started with two meatballs and helped myself to another before I finished all the noodles here. I wish we had some vegetables in this dinner – maybe roasted broccoli or spinach stirred into the sauce would be nice. Even a Caesar salad to continue the Italian theme would’ve been great. Today was a little lacking in the veggie department.

DSC01833 DSC01836

For dessert, Maggie revealed this beautiful pound cake, called the Ispahan. It was from Pierre Herme, one of the most celebrated dessert shops in France. The Ispahan is a flavour combination that stars rose, litchi, and raspberries.

DSC01843 DSC01846

It was so kind of Maggie and Eric to purchase this cake to share with us. I felt so lucky that we got the chance to try this. Everyone also had a scoop of coconut ice cream to complement the slightly dry pound cake. The flavours matched very nicely. Weee I’m so happy I got to try Pierre Herme’s specialty flavour – I would’ve regretted not having Ispahan anything.

DSC01847 DSC01848

I probably shouldn’t have eaten a scoop of ice cream, especially because my stomach was already hurting. But it was too delicious! Seline liked the flavour of the glaze quite a bit, and she noticed the litchi flavour after I mentioned it. This wasn’t my absolute favourite dessert because I’m not a fan of fruity, perfume-y sweets. I’d rather have something nutty or chocolate, but this was very gourmet and I felt sophisticated 😉

DSC01850 DSC01852

After that, we did some clean-up (wiping tables, drying dishes, garbage, cleaning refrigerator) and went upstairs for an earlier bedtime. Even though we Facetimed Mom and spent some time researching, I went to bed early-ish at midnight.


It is now 8:30 AM on Thursday morning. How can it be Thursday already? Last night, I made a list of places that we can see and now feel totally inspired again. Seline chose les Invalides, so that is where we are headed today. Stay tuned for my next post – I’m gonna head downstairs for an almond breakfast treat now. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Don’t Cry Over Spilled Yogurt

  1. Too late…a year ago I dropped a giant Fage Greek yogurt container on the ground and not only did the container split but the yogurt was everywhere and contaminated! So yes, I DID cry over spilled yogurt 😦
    Otherwise everything else looks AWESOME!

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