My Worst Nightmare

Wednesday, August 13, 2015

This morning, I woke up at 3:35 with one thing on my mind: croissants! I was so excited to walk to “The Bread Carousel” like I did the day before with Seline. Unfortunately, they were CLOSED today. 😥 French schools let children out for half a day on Wednesdays, so parents get most of their day off as well. This, as well as many other bakeries and dessert stores, are closed on Wednesdays because bakers need their day off. Darn!


Well, we came back for a beautiful breakfast of French toast. It was Maggie’s idea, but I cooked them with some assistance from ze lovely assistant Seline. 😉


We cooked these in butter after dipping them into an egg + vanilla sugar + milk mixture. I thought these were a bit plain without cinnamon, maple syrup, yogurt, nuts, and coconut chips, but Seline enjoyed them a lot. I had a cup of creamy French milk as well!

DSC09834 DSC09835

We took the bus, then the RER, then the metro, to Paris. The ride was a bit more than 1.5 hours long. Today a strange man in all black followed us on the platform, even IN AND OUT of a wagon. I panicked in my head but Seline didn’t even notice. After sitting down on the farthest wagon, he sat in the same wagon – but we casually speed-walked out before the doors closed and caught the next train. Whew!

DSC09840 DSC09841

I can’t stop gaping at these French buildings and streets. You truly need to WALK in Paris to appreciate the architecture. I love this antique look, which is so different from Vancouver’s chic and modern style in terms of buildings.

I was planning to have crepes for the longest time at la Creperie Josselin, but Seline decided at the last minute that she “doesn’t actually really like crepes that much” and declared that she was in a sushi mood. Yes, in the heart of Paris. So we ended up getting some Japanese food for her at Yakisoba Restaurant first.

DSC09843 DSC09845

She ordered a crab and avocado roll, chicken teriyaki skewers, and some rice. Seline thought it was really good and liked the “grill taste” of the kebab.


We walked a couple buildings down for my lunch at around 1:00. Since La Creperie Josselin, the most famous in the area, was closed during August, I decided on La Creperie Bretonne. There were about 8-10 creperies on the street and this was a tough decision! They had a cool spiral staircase 8)

DSC09857 DSC09863

I think I made the right choice! I ordered a crepe filled with goat cheese and tomato. These crepes are actually called “galettes” because they are made of buckwheat flour rather than white flour. Check out how BIG this guy was compared to my hand, and all that incredible French butter! Yum.

DSC09869 DSC09872

The fillings were quite generous and complemented each other beautifully. The crepe was so well-made and tasted perfectly wheat-y. There was also a mixed green salad under my crepe, which was a little surprising.

DSC09874 DSC09875

Seline had some ice cream – a scoop of chocolate and one of vanilla.


I had a little dessert myself after doing some shopping in the air-conditioned (YAY!) Monoprix (French Superstore). These were samples from Maison Eric Kayser – a chocolate financier and a pistachio financier. I love mini things! Financiers are made of ground almonds and these had the best soft texture and nutty flavour.

DSC09878 DSC09879

I ordered a regular-sized pistachio because I enjoyed it more than the chocolate. Even though I asked the nice madame behind the counter to chop it into quarters, my bag was totally empty by the time we entered la Tour Montparnasse. Loved this snack/dessert so much that I’d eat it every day. It was like an almond croissant-muffin hybrid with a pistachio streusel… yum. I already miss the sweet nutty flavour and amazing crumbly texture. 😦

DSC09882 DSC09885

The tower was absolutely incredible – 59 stories high!


We got an amazing view from the terrasse of the Notre Dame, the cemetary, the Bastille, and the Eiffel Tower. We were actually here at the same time as a massive group of Asian tourists (blabbering to each other in Canto) and surprised lots of employees by conversing to each other and them in French. 😀

DSC09896 DSC09904

DSC09908 DSC09909

Seline nearly sizzled up in the sun, so we quickly went back inside for her snack – a pizza tartine and a salad.

DSC09929 DSC09919

There was quite a long, tiring ride home. We did some grocery shopping with Maggie and then cooked dinner together.

DSC09934 DSC09937

Mixed green salad with green apple and French dressing // Camembert cheese, saucisson sec, blini with smoked salmon eggs

DSC09935 DSC09938

My plate had a little of everything – and some freshly-baked baguette from a local bakery, or boulangerie.

DSC09943 DSC09944

My fave bites were apple + Camembert + bread with olive oil/balsamic dressing, and these cute blinis. It was like pureed smoked salmon and was super flavourful. And Camembert is my new cheese love. I want to eat it every day!


Wait – can you believe those were just our APPETIZERS! The main dish was this steak, cooked medium rare, with a barbecue + mushroom + butter + garlic sauce. I asked for no steak tonight and helped myself to more salad, broccoli, and Camembert. 🙂

DSC09950 DSC09952

For dessert, I dug into one of these yogurts. French yogurt is famous for being “pure” and creamy, with no unnecessary ingredients. This one, in a cute blue terra cotta jar, was infused with Madagascan vanilla.

DSC09953 DSC09954

I love the simple ingredient list – and the adorable pots, of course.

DSC09955 DSC09958

YUM! I thought this pot would be too much for me, but it wasn’t at all. It was actually just the right size and I savoured every bite. It had such a clean vanilla taste and tasted like really good gelato. Can’t wait to eat my other little pot tomorrow!


That’s it for tonight. Seline and I aren’t going to Paris tomorrow, but we’ll be helping Maggie around the house and maybe visiting the Old City. Good night, ou bon nuit! 🙂

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