Tower Tuesday!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all having a wonderful day so far. My sister and I ended up sleeping at around 1:00 last night and waking at 9:30. It was so dark when I woke up that I felt like it was only 5:00 AM and was so surprised when my sister told me it was way after 9:00. I usually don’t sleep that much! 😛

DSC09657 DSC09658

DSC09659 DSC09661

This bakery is called “Bread on a Carousel”. It was so classy-French and smelled like freshly-baked goodies.

DSC09662 DSC09663

I bought a pain au chocolat avec du creme, which is a chocolate croissant filled with custard. This wasn’t super shatter-y or flaky, the way I like them, but the flavours were pretty nice. I wish I had this fresh out of the oven!


Seline had ten mini doughnuts but only ate five – another two were given to Alexandre and three smushed in my bag and then tossed into the garbage. She thought they were very good but had a tad too much sugar outside.

DSC09671 DSC09672

I love the breakfast set Maggie has – these plates are tres chic! By the way, French milk is really, really good. It tastes like cream and truly has a dairy flavour that is nothing like the watery 2% milk I usually drink in Canada. Wow!

DSC09677 DSC09682

Maggie and Alexandre had a classic croissant and some coffee (Alexandre likes le jus du pomme, which is apple juice).

DSC09678 DSC09683

Then we hopped onto the RER and the metro…

DSC09687 DSC09688

Before we knew it, we were in the Trocadero Square, directly in front of the Eiffel Tower.

DSC09692 DSC09697

There were numerous statues and massive museums to gape at!

DSC09698 DSC09701

The Eiffel Tower was incredible but totally unlike how I had imagined it. I couldn’t believe how tourist-y it was and how close it was to the Seine River.

DSC09703 DSC09705

We wanted to take the elevator to the top but weren’t really down for waiting 1.5 hours in line, so we just walked under it. It was a HOT day today!


This area behind the Eiffel Tower was lovely and truly Parisian. The balcony rails are my favourite part! I can’t imagine how different it would be to live in this area.


Seline started to get hungry at around 2:30 (we had a late breakfast!) and we searched for a non-touristy restaurant but still ended up going to one. 😦 I was a little disappointed – until I ate the first bite of this chevre and tomato toast!


We were also served toasted baguette. Seline ordered the roasted chicken platter with salad and fries.

DSC09734 DSC09736

She also wanted a chocolate milkshake but didn’t drink much because it was “too milky”. It was full minus two sips when we left. On the bright side, my goat cheese toast was incredible. There was fontina melted on top, and the insides were buttery, creamy, and not too salty. My only complaints are a) the lack of “other” and more interesting veggies in the salad, b) the creamy ranch-like dressing, c) the burned edges of my toast. Other than that, LOVED the flavours of this sammie!

DSC09737 DSC09739

We walked around for a short while before buying tickets for the BatoBus, which is a little cruise that stops at nine different places on the Seine River.

DSC09740 DSC09742

The views were quite nice but the boat was hot and crowded. Seline had a lemon slushy which apparently left a weird aftertaste. Nothing pleases this girl!

DSC09769 DSC09751

DSC09760 DSC09762

We also saw the Notre-Dame Cathedral.

DSC09767 DSC09768

It is so majestic and intricate in person!

DSC09779 DSC09788

We took a 15-minute walk to Pozzetto, a famous Italian gelato place that was on my Paris bucket list. I ordered a scoop of pistachio and one of chocolate-hazelnut, while Seline enjoyed strawberry. This was the best gelato I’ve ever had – the pistachio was truly incredible with no artificial flavours or colours. The chocolate-hazelnut was so rich, even for me. It was like icy Nutella! Yum. I devoured mine in the hot sun! Funny story – I went to the bathroom here, and when I leaned over to wipe the toilet seat, my sunglasses (hanging from my shirt), FELL INTO THE TOILET, which was filled with DIRTY water. I scooped it out with my hands and then dribbled toilet water onto my shirt. 😥 But then the amazing gelato made up for that disgusting mishap.

DSC09796 DSC09798

Dinner was Provence-style tomato slices and fish.

DSC09808 DSC09815

The tomato was topped with breadcrumbs and olive oil, and the fish (bass, I believe) with garlic, tomatoes from the garden, lemon, and lots of rosemary. This was seasoned to perfection! Seline and I fought for the roasted garlic chips though. What a great dinner. We didn’t finish until about 9:30 again.

DSC09819 DSC09820

Last but not least, I enjoyed a yummy pear yogurt. I liked yesterday’s peach version better, but this was still very creamy and a great end to my meal. 🙂


I totally forgot to attach our pre-Paris questionnaires to my last post – here it is now! 😀 CINDY

  1. I’m the most excited about: visiting the major tourist attractions, eating at cute cafes and bistros, trying French croissants, having a picnic in the beautiful parks, eating ice cream and authentic French desserts
  2. I’m kind of scared of: Seline’s inability to walk long distances and her love of sleeping in! I’m a morning person and can’t understand how she can stay in bed until noon.
  3. I can’t wait to: meet Maggie, her husband, and 3 year-old Alexandre as well as new friends and former students Lucie and Cecelia
  4. I think I will absolutely LOVE: eating, eating, and eating! And all the walking around the historic city
  5. I’m worried that I will HATE: the museums and waiting in line for them. Art isn’t really my thing! L
  6. I’m hoping the best part of our vacation will be: the cruise around the Seine and beautiful picnic lunches with good French sandwiches
  7. My mood right now in three words: excited, anxious, alert
  8. Expectations of our trip in five adjectives: short, busy, exhausting, rewarding, new sights
  9. Expectations of Maggie and her house/family in three adjectives: thoughtful, caring, kind
  10. I hope Seline will: try new things. From steak-frites to macarons to caneles, there are a lot of French foods that I hope she can try, even if she doesn’t like it. I’d much rather her take a bite and say “no thank you”.


  1. I’m the most excited about: taking funny pictures at famous monuments and learning to be more independent
  2. I’m kind of scared of: plane ride home and pickpockets, forgetting things!
  3. I can’t wait to: get there! (note: we are writing this on the airplane with about five hours to go)
  4. I think I will absolutely LOVE: the Catacombes because it’s really cool to see the skulls
  5. I’m worried that I will HATE: the farmer’s market and walking a lot
  6. I’m hoping the best part of our vacation will be: everything!
  7. My mood right now in three words: bored, impatient, craving fries, excited
  8. Expectations of our overall trip in five adjectives: hot, tiring, amazing, memorable, dirty
  9. Expectations of Maggie and her house/family in three adjectives: warm, welcoming, generous
  10. I hope Cindy will: be considerate when we go out because I have poor walking abilities and I will try my best to fulfill her foodie needs

That’s it for today, guys! Tomorrow, we are planning to visit a famous cemetery and patisserie, as well as the Luxembourg gardens. Hopefully I’ll wake up a little earlier than today 😉 We had such an exhausting day today and I’m so ready for bed… bon nuit tout le monde!