Plane Ride + Paris!

Sunday, August 9, 2015


This morning, I was up and ready to go at 7:00. I couldn’t sleep because I was a) too hot, b) squished into the corner of the bed by Seline, c) excited for Paris! After a big mug of hot chocolate that wasn’t quite hot enough (made with Thomas Haas dark hot chocolate and Silly Cow Chocolate Truffle mix), I made breakfast.

DSC09558 DSC09557

Today’s oatmeal base was made with an overripe, black speckled banana, which was mashed and stirred in for sweetness and volume. I also added a handful of finely grated carrot from 2/3 a carrot. Since I was going for a “Morning Glory” flavor which generally includes apples, bananas, carrots, pineapples, coconut, nuts, and dried fruit, I also stirred in a tablespoon of raisins. Topped with too many coconut chips and crumbled kitchen sink muffin from Whole Foods. This breakfast was so filling!


We left the house at about 11:00 after quadruple-checking all the luggage and bags. I even made some oatmeal packets with 1/4 cup quick oats, cinnamon, chia, flax, hemp, and salt.

Lunch was eaten before we went into security. Seline had the Ultimate Chicken Grill from Wendy’s, with medium fries and an iced tea. I was thinking about eating lunch after security, but ended up having Lemongrass Chicken over steamed rice from Thai Hong, a “healthier” fast food option.

DSC09564 DSC09563

The chicken was a big piece of thigh, which I ate with the skin on. It was quite flavourful and not too salty. I thought it was grilled just right – not overcooked at all. The rice was my favourite part – very fragrant and slightly softer than the rice I’m used to. The vegetables, which were pickled carrots, cabbage, and cucumber, were just average. I wish there was some vegetable stir-fry or steamed broccoli here. I wish I knew we were going to be eating before security with our parents, because I would’ve brought a frittata and a scone from home. L I really wanted to eat some of the farm-fresh eggs that Aunt Mimi bought for me, but didn’t get the chance to this morning since I had oatmeal. Darn!

DSC09571 DSC09573

Our flight left at 1:55, and around 3:00, we were served these crackers made of garlic and herbs. Seline loved them so much and devoured both bags. They smelled like insanely-flavourful goldfish crackers! We played some IPad games, read books, and filled out a questionnaire that I’ll share with you at the end of the post.


A meal came at around 4:30, and we had a choice between pasta and chicken curry for the entrée. Since Seline liked the pasta option, I ordered that as well. I was still full from my big piece of chicken and rice, so I gave my pasta to Seline. I’d say she ate 1.5 portions, even though she found the sauce a tad too salty.


I was curious about the pumpkin but decided it wasn’t worth it to stand up, nudge people in the aisles and go to the bathroom to remove and wash my retainer. I’m so lazy! 😛

DSC09582 DSC09583

At around 6:00, I wanted to try some of the snacks I’d packed. I demolished the bag of roasted, salted cashews and raisins as well as a bag (20g) of organic kettle corn. I basically never eat raisins as a snack on their own, so nibbling on them in trail mix was a refreshing and delicious change. Too bad my trail mix had no pecans, though! We’re going to have to make some candied pecans when I return to Vancouver. After that, I decided to try one of the chocolate-covered figs we bought from Costco. It was great with the salty cashews and I didn’t find the chocolate too bitter. I really liked it! I’m going to save the other two for another day. I like these dried figs more than the ones we bought from another grocery store, which I found too firm. Maybe the type of fig matters?

DSC09586 DSC09585

At around 6:30, Seline and I got bored of reading and nibbling (for me!) and she took a little nap on my shoulder. Just before 7:15, the stewardess handed us ice cream sandwiches. Seline ate hers and a bit of mine, as well as more High Chew candies. We couldn’t sleep and tried to watch Mockingjay, then Frozen, and read some more. Whew! About two hours before we landed, we got “breakfast”, a bun, a yeasty raisin muffin, orange juice (same as the stuff from the hospital!) as well as yogurt, which Seline tried.

DSC09588 DSC09592

While waiting in line later on, I had a picnic on the hallway ground and ate rosemary-roasted garlic crackers. Fun. On our shuttle bus ride later, I demolished this whole peanut butter chocolate chip Larabar in less than 10 minutes.

DSC09597 DSC09599

PB + chocolate is by FAR my absolute favourite Larabar flavor. It tastes like a rich chocolate brown sugar cake with peanut filling. Like a super healthy Reese’s.

DSC09602 DSC09604

Our house, in a city called Magny-le-Hongre, is quaint and very Francais. It’s essentially a huge property with lots of little houses that aren’t connected, and they aren’t townhouses either. Just a bunch of petite houses with cute gardens and patios.

DSC09651 DSC09650

House tour photos! I love how white and modern everything is.

DSC09605 DSC09607

DSC09608 DSC09609

DSC09611 DSC09612

DSC09614 DSC09615

Maggie was kind enough to clear out her son’s room for us. We are so lucky!


Alexandre is so adorable and loves to play with English picture and letter flashcards.


We had a French-style dinner a little after 8:00, starting with Compte, Camembert, jambon (ham) and saucisse (sausage). I wish there were some grapes, crackers, bread, or jam. Unfortunately the canteloupe that we were supposed to eat with the ham was slightly bitter. We ended up throwing out the whole bowl. 😦 Compte was my favourite part of this tasting board, followed closely by Camembert!


Next up was a salad made with redleaf and butter lettuce, dressed in a 3-1 olive oil-balsamic vinegar dressing with S+P and mustard. We added some soft cubed avocado! This simple salad was incredibly fresh, and I loved how the simple dressing stood out and enhanced the flavours.

DSC09622 DSC09626

All together now! 😀

DSC09629 DSC09633

Steamed broccoli cooked with garlic, oyster sauce, and sea salt made a great accompaniment to our main dish – seafood pasta!


Linguine with buttered mushrooms, squid, basil from the garden, and garlic in a white wine sauce with black pepper.

DSC09631 DSC09632

So yummy! I had seconds, and Seline adored the dinner as well. She even had a couple florets of broccoli!


For dessert, I enjoyed a nectarine yogurt while Seline nommed on a strawberry yogurt. The French love yogurt after dinner, and we finished dinner late – about 9:30.


We took a short walk and came home to finish organizing our luggage, plan the next day, and take showers + wash our hair. Tomorrow we’re likely going to Paris and having croissants from a nearby bakery for breakfast. It’s 12:30 and we aren’t the least bit tired due to the 9-hour time difference, but… good night! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Plane Ride + Paris!

    1. I’ve heard Air France serves some pretty gourmet stuff, so we were lucky – but I prefer eating lighter when 2093402934 feet in the air 😉 Hope you’re having a summer of excellent eats as well Cassie!


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