Saturday Things // Wild Rice // Packing for Paris

Yesterday morning started with a deliciously juicy and flavourful peach from the farmer’s market. I love soft, ripe peaches. This one tasted better than candy! I also had some leftover frittata, reheated in our toaster oven. Frittatas are even better the second day, in my opinion. The goat cheese forms a yummy crust, and the eggs set some more, so it’s a bit firmer. This was a great light breakfast (probably equal to some regular person’s normal-sized breakfast!) before going to Wild Rice for a family lunch.

DSC09481 DSC09482

Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, and I ordered hot lemon water to start. I loved the way they put hot water into these miniature tea kettles. So modern! I’ve never actually seen a personal tea kettle like this.

  • Wild Rice Market Bistro (River Market New Westminster)
    122 – 810 Quayside Drive
    New Westminster BC. Canada, V3M 6B9
    T: 778.397.0028
  • Mon-Thur: 11:30am-3:00pm, 5:00pm-9:00pm
    Fri & Sat: 11:30-10:00pm
    Sun: 11:30am -9:00pm

DSC09483 DSC09486

1Not good 2Okay/Decent 3Good 4Very good 5Excellent 6Incredible! Must-try and would order again

Salt & Pepper Squid: fried squid and jalapenos, grilled lime, house tartar: 2/6

  • I didn’t try this because I’m really not a fan of calamari
  • Dad and Seline complained that this was too salty
  • The salt was sprinkled on top and they ended up shaking the salt off before eating
  • I liked the grilled lime! 🙂


Curried Steam Buns: Chinatown style house made buns filled with fresh root veg in coconut curry: 3.5/6
  • Buns were very soft and tasted handmade
  • Filled with chopped root vegetables in a turmeric curry sauce
  • Fillings and bun had great flavour and texture but didn’t blow me away
  • Green condiment on the sides was similar to an Asian-style pesto made with Chinese spices rather than basil
  • Hot sauce and sweet soy sauce drizzled on top

DSC09491 DSC09492

Cauliflower Duo: pan roasted cauliflower on turmeric scented cauliflower puree, raisins, scallions, beet jelly: 3/6
  • Very creative dish!
  • Cauliflower may have been too soft/mushy for some, but I found it just right
  • Beet jelly did not have a strong beet taste. The flavour was quite neutral
  • I couldn’t quite identify the yellow puree as I was eating it – thought it was some sort of mustard aioli
  • Aunt Mimi liked how the cauliflower was spiced with cumin as well as S+P
  • The cauliflower were great and had a bit of a sear on it

DSC09495 DSC09498

Kung Po Chicken Poutine: our award winning poutine, spicy kung po chicken gravy, aged cheddar and cheese curds over polenta fries, topped with spring onions: 4/6
  • Polenta fries were thick and chewy with lots of crunch from the cornmeal outside
  • Gravy was luscious and just salty enough, tasted homemade!
  • I liked the addition of cheddar (not just cheese curds), but the cheddar flavour faded into the dish
  • There were also some small chunks of chicken (thigh?) on top
  • This was a very creative twist on poutine that I really enjoyed, but I wish the polenta fries were a tad softer inside. The outside crisp was just right.

DSC09501 DSC09502

Panko Chicken Tenders & Fries: hand filleted boneless breast, smoked paprika, parsley: 2/6
  • I didn’t try any of this, but my dad and sister complained that it was too salty
  • The salt was sprinkled on top (coarse sea salt) and was more noticeable
  • Garlic aioli was very popular!
  • Apparently the fries were over-salted as well


Tuna Gomae: a Japanese classic. lightly seared Albacore tuna, smoked shallot lime salt, sesame spinach: 3.5/6

  • “It doesn’t taste like tuna at all. It tastes like meat” was my uncle Charles’s first impression
  • I thought the tuna had a great seafood flavour but was not flavoured enough (could’ve used some garlic or maybe vinegar)
  • A drizzle of some soy/sesame sauce would’ve been excellent
  • The sesame spinach was great! Served slightly cool and very flavourful with ground sesame


Spicy Buffalo Chicken Wrap: our take on a classic. crispy chicken, tomatoes, blue cheese dressing, house made buffalo sauce, served with house salad: 5/6
  • I didn’t get the chance to try this either
  • House salad of mixed greens was topped with cucumbers, radish, generous amount of candied pecans, roasted tomatoes
  • The wraps were massive! My grandma could only eat one after the appetizers

DSC09516 DSC09517

Garlic Prawns: garlic coconut sauce, jasmine rice pilaf: 6/6
  • Like last time, this was my favourite dish!
  • Creamy coconut sauce was infused with garlic and served with eight perfectly-tender prawns
  • Rice pilaf was seasoned with turmeric and mixed with peas, carrots, and chopped baby corn
  • So flavourful with the spices, coconut and garlic
  • Not too salty
  • Flavours blended so well together (coconut + turmeric + garlic + seafood)
  • Shrimp is very easy to overcook so I appreciated how nicely done the prawns were
  • This is probably just me, but I wish there were some more seasonal veggies served with this

DSC09518 DSC09519

Vegan “Butter Chicken”: tofu simmered in mild curry, jasmine rice: 5/6
  • Not too spicy, quite creamy
  • Served with pickled onions, which did not have much flavour
  • Tofu chunks were large and substantial
  • There were also chunks of potato or lotus. I think it was lotus because there were some holes?
  • There were also bits of celery and lentils
  • The rice was fluffy and quite plain (like regular home-cooked rice)
  • This dish was delicious but did not stand out to me. I really enjoyed the flavour of the curry with the onions

DSC09524 DSC09526

Spicy Chicken Kung Po: fresh BC chicken, broccoli, twice cooked peanuts with rice noodles in rich coconut sauce: 6/6
  • LOVED the peanuts here! I expected the peanuts to be hard and crunchy, but they were crisp and shatter-y
  • Peanuts were spiced with paprika and cayenne (I think)
  • Generous amount of broccoli, cooked until tender
  • Noodles were chewy and very good with the peanut sauce
  • There were some chunks of chicken (thighs) here, but I think there should’ve been more
  • Some onions or carrots would’ve taken this bowl over the top
  • Excellent flavours and everything fit together very well, but I became bored of it after a while
  • Enjoyed the variety in textures and flavours


I loved this so much and it reminded me of my peanut sauce (click for recipe in a new tab). Definitely a highlight on their menu and I encourage you to give this lovely Thai-style noodle dish a try, especially if you like noodles and peanuts!

DSC09527 DSC09529

Seared Duck Breast: braised shiitake mushrooms, sweet potato gnocchi, blueberry rooibos jus: 4.5/6
  • Duck was very tender and did not have much of that “duck” taste
  • If I did a blind taste test of the duck, I would’ve guessed chicken (flavour) or pork (texture)
  • Gnocchi were so fluffy inside and had a beautiful crust outside
  • The shiitake mushrooms were braised in a soy-blueberry sauce that was quite fragrant (from rooibos, which is often used for tea)
  • The blueberry flavour in the sauce really stood out to me
  • The creative flavours in this dish did not quite work for me, but that may just be because I am used to blueberries in sweet dishes

DSC09534 DSC09535

Do you like gnocchi? Have you ever had it cooked until crispy?


We demolished everything except about 30% of the vegan butter “chicken” which we didn’t want packed up. We were all so full but ready for dessert!

DSC09538 DSC09539

See THIS POST for my first visit to Wild Rice. 🙂

TreGalli Cafe white truffle gelato (3/6), chocolate-almond gelato (2.5/6)

  • Kid’s cup with two flavours
  • Chocolate almond gelato tasted like regular chocolate ice cream, so I was not impressed at all
  • White truffle gelato tasted like real, pure white chocolate, not too sweet
  • Both were creamy and melted quite quickly, which is normal for gelato
  • The waffle cone on top was not good at all – probably because I compared it to the house-made vanilla waffle cones at Rain or Shine
  • Last time I enjoyed the cookies and cream flavour


Before dinner, we ran lots of errands and I was so ready for a little bowl of fruit before starting to cook. Two chopped kiwis and some fresh blackberries made it onto my plate as I cooked dinner: rotisserie chicken on quinoa, spinach, corn, and zucchini stir-fry. This simple dinner didn’t need a single grain of salt – I added lemon juice and some freshly-ground black pepper. This is truly my fave quick dinner for one!

DSC09543 DSC09549

I’ve said it a hundred times before, but rotisserie chicken is SO tender and delicious. You don’t even need the skin to get the full effect. With my chicken thigh and breast, this was such a filling and delicious dinner. I finished every drop!

DSC09547 DSC09548

I packed some snacks for our plane ride (L to R): organic kettle corn, cashews + raisins, dark chocolate-covered figs, a little square of milk chocolate, roasted garlic and rosemary crackers, coconut chips, and some more kettle corn. Seline has some baggies of Sour Keys and High Chews prepared.

DSC09551 DSC09553

Paris, here we come! 😀

10 thoughts on “Saturday Things // Wild Rice // Packing for Paris

  1. Have a nice flight! Everything looks awesome–I absolutely love all the in-depth reviews you posted. Now I want to try that vegan butter chicken and the garlic prawns! Yum!


  2. I’ve always wanted to try the “steam buns” but have yet to find anywhere down here that serves them. They look so intriguing. I love cooking rotisserie chicken in my slow cooker- it falls right off the bone!


    1. I have a slow cooker too, but have never thought of trying to cook a whole chicken in there. I can imagine how tender it is! Do you happen to have a recipe?
      Homemade steam buns are my ultimate favourite but do require a fair amount of time, expertise (I totally don’t have this!), skill, and patience. Plus the right materials!


      1. Thanks Kate! I will give that a shot as soon as I get home from my trip. Looks so versatile and I love shredded chicken in soups, sandwiches, salads… everything! Thank you and have a great day 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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