Downtown Adventures (Lost & Found Cafe, Purebread Bakery)

Hey guys! How are you all today? Hope you had a lovely weekend, as I did (mine was FILLED with food. I totally overate). But that’s what the weekend is for, right? And I’ve got a busy week ahead with lots of circuits, spinning, yoga, and walks planned. Plus breakfast with Rachel at Moments with Rae planned for Wednesday – SO EXCITED. 😀

Let me show you what my sis and I enjoyed downtown the other day!

At around noon, on our way to the Lost and Found Cafe, we passed Trees Organic Coffee shop. I couldn’t resist trying a sample of cheesecake. Trees is known for their cheesecake, which I found more mousse-like than cheesecake-like. The place was quite packed with customers, most of whom were raving about the cheesecake. Upon the first bite, I knew why. Sweet (but not overly saccharine), creamy, and with the most INCREDIBLE velvety texture. The flavour was nice, but it was the texture that sold me. This was like sweet cream cheese silk that melted in my mouth!

At Creme de la Crumb, another downtown bakery, I impulsively picked up a pear and vanilla bean scone. This scone had excellent reviews on Yelp, Urbanspoon, and TripAdvisor, so I had to give it a try. Surprisingly, I didn’t like this. The pear chunks were too big, and I found the “baked” taste to be off-putting. The vanilla flavour was faint, and I could really taste the heavy, dense white flour dough. Usually scones are buttery and crumble upon touch or bite, but this was so firm I needed a knife and quite a bit of pressure. Did not enjoy this scone at all. 😦

Trees white chocolate raspberry cheesecake sample. Creme de la Crumb pear vanilla-bean scone

DSC08711 DSC08721

Our destination was Lost and Found Cafe, which is known for their sandwiches on freshly-baked bread, salads, and soup. The soup of the day was Lemony Lentil, by the way.

DSC08714 DSC08715

The inside of the restaurant is cozy and has a rustic, vintage feel. There are posters and maps on the walls, as well as a couple fans. I don’t think this place was air-conditioned. There were quite a few couches and sofas, as well as benches and real tables.

DSC08716 DSC08719

I knew what I wanted to order – the curry chicken sandwich with apricots. I had high hopes for this guy and was NOT disappointed. This lunch was super yummy. The chewy and sweet apricots complemented the savoury, juicy chicken and slightly spicy curry sauce. I couldn’t quite taste the mango. There was also some spinach, but the real star of the show was the bun! This cheddar, onion, and garlic bun, made with white bread, was truly baked to PERFECTION. I’ve never had a better bun in my life. Honestly, I’d order this sandwich again take the Skytrain for an hour again (which we did) just to eat this bread. I think it was the oniony, garlicky flavour and cheese pockets (!) that sold me. The texture was awesome, too. It tasted so fresh! I highly recommend this sammie.

Curry Apricot Chicken Sandwich: Curry apricot chicken with mango chutney served on a cheddar onion garlic bun with spinach. Served with side salad or soup

DSC08724 DSC08734

I had the side salad as well. This was essentially mixed greens with julienned carrots, chopped tomatoes, capers, goat feta, and balsamic dressing with some herbs (so it tasted like pesto). This fresh and slightly sour salad went very well with the simple bread. Again, a DELICIOUS meal!

DSC08731 DSC08733

Seline had the chicken sandwich, minus the spinach, plus bacon. She thought it was just okay, and wished it had been warmed up. I don’t think we can trust this girl though – she HATES sandwiches and cafes. AKA some of my two favourite things (she also hates chocolate, coconut, peanut butter, bananas, oatmeal, baked goods, desserts, cheesecake… the list goes on!). I know. I think she has problems too. And yes, we’re actually related. 😉

Chicken Sandwich: Your choice of freshly baked bread, spread with pesto aioli and layered with sliced chicken, tomato and spinach. Served with side salad or soup.

DSC08736 DSC08728

Then, we walked to Purebread Bakery, which was on the way to our next destination – her favourite store, Victoria’s Secret Pink. My jaw dropped when we stepped in. I mean, I had high hopes for this place, but was completely blown away by how clean, neat, and BEAUTIFUL everything was. And not to mention the massive selection of sweets! It took me a good ten minutes of internal debating to decide on what I wanted. By then, the customers who were enjoying their cakes were giggling at me. 😦

DSC08739 DSC08740

We I ordered…

  • sour cherry and buckwheat scone – my favourite of the four desserts here. This was crumbly, buttery, and had the ancient-grains flavour I was looking for, with the buckwheat. I think I detected bits of millet as well. The pieces of cherry were tart, plump, and very chewy. This was truly a top-notch scone, and was excellent at room temperature (usually I like them warm and toasted). The next day, this was crumbled on oatmeal for the best breakfast!

  • Nutella brioche – my LEAST favourite of the four. This was a spontaneous buy because I asked what the server recommended, and she chose this right away, so I had to give it a try. Usually I prefer quick breads over yeast breads like brioche, but I still wanted to try it. This was swirled with Nutella and filled with almonds. I wish there was more filling, though, and found the dough a bit tough, rather than fluffy.

  • banana chocolate bottom – this was quite yummy, but nothing special. I think I could make a similar, if not better, version at home. I have zero proof but I believe this was made with sour cream, like my blueberry coffee cake. I think I will recreate this next time – a layer of chocolate banana bread batter topped with a layer of plain batter and a scattering of chocolate chips, cut into squares. Again, I enjoyed this dessert but it was far from being mind-blowingly delicious.

  • chocolate almond croissant – almond croissant or chocolate almond croissant? This is always one of the hardest bakery decisions I have to make. This time, I chose the chocolate almond croissant because the cocoa is actually mixed into the almond paste, which is unique. This croissant was quite chewy, unlike the crisp, flaky, and buttery croissants that shatter in your mouth. I felt like this one sat in room temperature for a bit too long, but the flavour was spot-on (though a tad too sweet). I enjoyed the taste of the filling, but wish the texture of the layers were firmer and more shattery.

DSC08741 DSC08742

Next time, I am going to order the crack bar (oatmeal, almonds, coconut), the white chocolate raspberry brownie sandwich, the coconut-pineapple white chocolate scone, and DEFINITELY the sour cherry and buckwheat scone again. I love Purebread bakery – this place is heaven for someone with a sweet tooth, like me. 🙂

Now, this next part is simply a list of restaurants and places I want to visit, near the area of Paris my sister and I are visiting this summer. Please feel free to totally ignore and disregard this part as it is 100% for personal use. They’re like little virtual touristy notes!

  • WALTS (must-see)
  • Boulangerie Patisserie Houdoux
  • L’Epi d’Or
  • Les Soeurs Gourmandes
  • Le Comptoir Lounge **
  • Les Marmottes Gourmandes
  • Kobe
  • Restaurant Planete Indienne
  • L’Aigle d’Or
  • Earl of Sandwich
  • La Causerie
  • Les Relais d’Alsace
  • Sans Souci
  • Les Marmottes Gourmandes
  • Du Cote de chez Alexandra
  • Pedra Alta
  • Auberge des Saints Peres
  • Les Magnolias
  • La Salamandre
  • Le Royal Torcy
  • Amorino
  • La Baguette du Val
  • Cable Car Bake Shop
  • L’Atelier Boulangerie Patisserie

7 thoughts on “Downtown Adventures (Lost & Found Cafe, Purebread Bakery)

  1. If you visit Paris you have to try macarons at Laduree! So pretty and tasty–my family and I went there over three times! I would love to go to the Lost and Found Cafe to try that sandwich and Purebread for the buckwheat scone!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. GIRL you’ve been to Paris?! I need to know everything! I honestly need to know ALL ABOUT THE FOOD! 😀
      This is why you need to come to Vancouver 😉 You would love all the eats here, I promise!

      Liked by 1 person

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