Meals of May and June


Pumpkin pancakes topped with berries, hemp hearts, and maple syrup

DSC04556 DSC04560

Leftovers before yoga class, topped with more of the same 🙂

DSC04582 DSC04583

Oatmeal with crumbled date-nut muffin, berries, and hemp hearts

DSC04333 DSC04334

French toast (light before yoga class), topped with nectarine and hemp hearts. Plus a drizzle of maple 🙂

DSC04289 DSC04291

Egg + banana pancake with berries and banana, and a handful of chocolate chips, hemp hearts, and maple syrup

DSC04734 DSC04737

More oatmeal with berries, crumbled date-nut muffin, hemp hearts

DSC04443 DSC04446

And more pumpkin pancakes. This time with just blueberries, blackberries, maple and hemp hearts

DSC04496 DSC04497

Pumpkin oatmeal topped with crumbled banana muffin, sliced banana, berries and hemp hearts

DSC04378 DSC04383

Buttermilk (lemon juice + almond milk) pancakes with hemp hearts, raspberries, maple syrup



Pesto souffle omelet with spinach and brie, whole wheat toast

DSC04294 DSC04296

This brie, from the farmer’s market, melts like a dream!


More omelet – this time with cheddar!

DSC04635 DSC04637

Mexican quinoa bowl with black beans and corn, avocado, salsa, and white cheddar

DSC04586 DSC04588

Omelet with spinach, smoked salmon, and avocado with whole wheat toast

DSC04801 DSC04802

Whole wheat toast topped with mashed avocado, scrambled egg, smoked salmon, with lemon juice and S+P

DSC04823 DSC04826

Scrambled spinach eggs on toast smeared with mashed avocado


Vegetable sticks, cherries, multigrain crackers topped with Laughing Cow cream cheese and smoked salmon with black pepper // Asiago Pepper scone from the farmer’s market

DSC04753 DSC04756

Spinach and cheddar omelet with Asiago Pepper scone!

DSC04757 DSC04761

Very oddly creamy scrambled eggs on whole wheat toast, black pepper

DSC04847 DSC04849

Souffle omelet with cheddar and chopped leftover roasted broccoli


DSC04993 DSC04994

Mexican stir-fry with chopped peppers, scallions, white cheddar and chopped avocado, salsa stirred in // grapes


Spinach and brie omelet with sliced avocado on top

DSC04552 DSC04555


Steamed edamame, taro + chicken breast stir-fry, mixed vegetables, tofu in Thai green coconut curry sauce

DSC04285 DSC04287

Seconds! This time with brown rice.


Dinner at Whole Foods: pasta salad, quinoa salad, veggies with dressing, beans, rice, cheese, etc. // Mom’s container of oranges, kiwi, and chopped apple


Coconut curry with chickpeas, chicken breast, spinach, cauliflower on brown rice

DSC04576 DSC04577

Quinoa with curried vegetables (above), maple-soy salmon, cabbage stir-fry, onion and carrot stir-fry

DSC04594 DSC04598

Roasted whole carrots // quinoa mixed with curried eggplant, edamame, spinach, chickpeas, and chicken breast {leftovers}

DSC04620 DSC04623

Party dinner: braised carrots with noodles, roasted vegetables, quinoa salad, pasta with smoked salmon and scallions


Baby quinoa frittatas (made in muffin tin) with smoked salmon, cheddar, shredded zucchini // steamed broccoli with yam and chipotle hummus

DSC04768 DSC04769

Salmon and egg fried rice with bok choy and frozen mixed vegetables


Quinoa mixed with stewed tomatoes, fried egg, chopped pearl meatballs, roasted vegetables

DSC04830 DSC04832

Pan-fried mackerel, quinoa, cabbage stew, corn and scallion sauté

DSC04851 DSC04854

Roasted broccoli topped with a fried egg, parmesan cheese

DSC04936 DSC04941

Roasted vegetables on quinoa with guacamole

DSC04322 DSC04323

Leftover salmon fried rice with roasted vegetables


Curried chickpeas with spinach, brown rice, winter melon stew with krill, cauliflower


Curried chickpeas, zucchini, broccoli

DSC04489 DSC04492

Quinoa with tomatoes and eggs, roasted carrots

DSC04806 DSC04808

Turkey bolognese sauce mixed with quinoa, sliced kale, and peppers, topped with aged gouda

DSC04728 DSC04731


Multigrain crackers, brie, peach


Farmer’s market haul: gouda, strawberries, yam and chipotle hummus



Frozen banana “ice cream” with cocoa powder, topped with hemp hearts


Chopped cucumbers, roasted red pepper hummus topped with black pepper, multigrain crackers


5 thoughts on “Meals of May and June

    1. Thank you! Sorry about the post being kind of messed up before with the format – I posted it and then went to yoga and didn’t realize that the layout was off. 😛
      I’m actually not a huge fan of mackerel – but TARO ❤ YUM


    1. I wish I were a cheese expert! I only know the classic favourites but I like experimenting 😛 I bought quark last weekend and made pancakes with it (instead of ricotta). They were delicious! What are your favourite cheeses?


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