Brunch at Earls

My family {Grandpa and Grandma, Mimi and Charles, Dad, Mom and I} had a wonderful brunch in Burnaby a couple weekends ago. We decided to eat at Earls. 🙂 Everyone was very satisfied with their meal – I’ll show you! Grandpa started with the soup and salad combo, which came with a big slab of French bread. He loves Caesar salad! Dad had the burger with fries, as usual.

L: {Earls signature housemade caesar dressing and brioche croutons on a bed of crisp romaine lettuce sprinkled with grand padano parmesan}

R: {Bacon Cheddar Burger: Cured bacon, vine-ripened tomatoes, onion, pickles, mayonnaise and mustard, on a freshly baked brioche bun with truffle fries}

DSC04863 DSC04864

For an appetizer, we ordered a plate of calamari. Seline loved this and claims it’s one of the best calamari she’s had.

{Lightly breaded calamari, spanish black olives, oven dried tomatoes, refreshing cucumber and sweet radish slices ontop a bed of greek citrus yogurt}

DSC04865 DSC04866

Seline also enjoyed some of Dad’s truffle fries, which came with a garlic aioli.

DSC04867 DSC04872

For herself, she ordered a starter, the Margherita pizza. This featured tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella cheese, and thinly-sliced basil. Seline also wanted a plate of truffle fries with garlic aioli. She loves truffle fries and thought these were almost as good as the ones from the The Sandbar on Granville Island.

{Margherita Pizza: House tomato sauce, salted mozzarella, chiffonade basil, chili olive oil}

DSC04875 DSC04876

Mom enjoyed the eggs Florentine, which came baked in a polenta and cream sauce. There were two poached eggs, some parmesan cheese, and lots of onions, mushrooms, and spinach. She really liked dipping the bread into the creamy sauce, which contrasted with the spinach. I tried some of her dish, and thought it was SO flavourful and rich!

{Poached eggs, spinach and mushrooms, parmesan cream sauce, polenta, sourdough}

DSC04877 DSC04878

Mimi ordered a brunch dish as well. Hers starred chorizo (spanish sausage), poached eggs, and avocado. Hers was also topped with hollandaise sauce and chives.

{Chorizo + Mushroom Hash: Avocado, crispy fried potatoes, topped with poached eggs and hollandaise}


Charles devoured a Croque-Madame, which is like the French grilled ham and cheese sandwich called the Croque-Monsieur – but topped with a poached egg and béchamel sauce.

{Grilled sourdough, poached egg, white cheddar, virginia ham, roasted serrano cream}


And for me? THE BEST SALAD EVER. Also known as rocket salad with pecan-crusted chicken.

{Citrus dressed arugula, beets, pears, goat cheese coulis, spiced pecans, parmesan chips, pecan + porcini crusted chicken.}

DSC04888 DSC04890

I love arugula. I love beets and pears. I really love goat cheese. Spiced pecans are my favourite salad topper. Parmesan chips are incredible. But pecan and mushroom-crusted chicken? I wasn’t so sure. But after the first bite, I was totally blown away! Nutty, flavourful, with a crisp texture outside and perfectly-cooked chicken inside. There was a lovely mushroom flavour as well, and of course, I love anything with pecans. This chicken was incredible and one of the highlights of the salad – along with the goat cheese dressing and tasty beets. I seriously NEED to make this salad at home!

DSC04891 DSC04893

Here is Mom’s eggs Florentine dish again, which I nibbled from. I probably had a whole poached egg and a quarter of the spinach – but more than half the polenta! This was delicious, even without the bread. And the eggs were cooked flawlessly. I need to learn how to poach eggs like this at home. 😛


After last time, we HAD to get dessert! I chose the same one – chocolate toffee pudding with vanilla bean ice cream and toffee sauce. Warm, rich, sweet, and chocolatey, this is my idea of the perfect dessert.

{Housemade warm chocolate cake drizzled with rich chocolate and toffee sauce, served with a scoop of vanilla gelato in a sugar candy basket}

DSC04896 DSC04897

While I took five six massive bites of the rich chocolate cake, Charles had a sour key lime pie. His pie was topped with whipped cream and almond cracker crumbles, which were apparently hard enough to chip a tooth!

{A sweet yet tart key lime pie with its delicate graham waffer crust and topped with chantilly cream and crunchy almond crumbs}

DSC04898 DSC04900

That’s it for today, everyone – I’m still organizing my Sunshine Coast photos and I can’t wait to show you 🙂

6 thoughts on “Brunch at Earls

  1. looks like a delicious family meal. i wish my family would try out different places too but they resort to the same few dimsum and chinese dinner places. xD so looking forward to your sunshine coast post! (:


    1. Mine tend to do the same thing. It takes a lot of convincing! Have you tried introducing them to some different (but still just as delicious!) cuisines like Italian, Mediterranean, or Russian? I am sure your family will be open to trying something new if you propose the idea with some logical statements 🙂


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