Green Eggs and Toast

Hi guys! I’m typing this on our sunny little outdoor patio in the Beach Club Resort of Parksville, Vancouver Island! These are some meals from about a month ago that I haven’t shared with you yet – sorry I’ve been so behind with these! I’ve almost caught up. 🙂

The first meal we have here is coconut chicken curry with frozen peas and spinach, served over bicolour quinoa. Mom bought some red quinoa the other day and mixes it with the white. I can’t really tell the difference between the two types of quinoa – if anything, the red simply has a bit more of a pronounced quinoa flavour. As usual, curry was delicious!

DSC03262 DSC03263

Lunch another day was Thai soup. We bought this from Costco, and I was really surprised with the ingredient list and local/organic ingredients. This tasted pretty fresh, despite being a bagged soup. It was definitely much better than canned! We cooked it on the stovetop with an added scoop of leftover quinoa and some baby spinach. Topped with croutons just because Mom was nibbling them and raving about how crunchy good they were. 🙂


This dinner looks like a random mishmash of veggies and protein – and it is! Roasted sweet potatoes and vegetables with a scoop of white quinoa and chive scrambled eggs. The vegetables were made as usual, tossed with olive oil and a bit of salt and freshly-ground black pepper before being popped into the oven for about half an hour. As for the eggs, we grow chives in our backyard and Mom is always adding them to scrambled eggs. They add a whole new dimension of flavour. Have you tried scrambled eggs with herbs?

DSC03275 DSC03279

Leftover quinoa is truly so versatile! Here, I sauteed leftover quinoa with chopped roasted vegetables (also leftover from last night), added some lemon juice and black pepper, then topped it with grated sharp white cheddar cheese. This meal was SO filling, voluminous, and healthy. The perfect lunch for keeping you going throughout the afternoon!

DSC03291 DSC03292

Omelets are another go-to lunch in my book. Here, I have a souffle-inspired omelet with pesto, spinach, and white cheddar cheese, served with buttered whole wheat toast. Toast and eggs is such a classic and tasty combination – I feel like I can’t have one without the other. 😛 By the way, I usually opt for one egg + one egg white, and whisk up both egg whites until frothy before dumping one egg yolk back. The reason I typically use one egg yolk rather than two? Because I like my omelets to be extra fluffy, and the rich and dense yolks seem to weigh them down. Luckily, Seline adores Caesar salad and eats egg yolks as often as I choose to wrap up for the fridge.


A different version of the same meal – here, my omelet is folded in thirds and stuffed with goat cheese. Guys, goat cheese is practically MADE to be sprinkled in omelets. They add a big punch of flavour and become slightly melty cheese pockets. YES!

DSC03308 DSC03310

The middles of the omelets are always so creamy and luscious. Ideally, this omelet would’ve included sauteed mushrooms, but we were out! 😦


A substantial snack one afternoon involved toast, peanut butter, and sliced bananas with and hemp hearts. This snack features protein, fat, and complex {good} carbohydrates for lots of “filling-ness” and long-lasting energy. This peanut butter, unfortunately, isn’t my favourite. Nothing beats good old Maranatha in terms of both almond and peanut butter. Hemp hearts add a boost of nutrition here.


Yep, another omelet! Black pepper and a pinch of sea salt are mandatory. So is butter for your toast!


Another morning, I tried something totally CRAZY – green eggs! Okay, maybe they need a more appetizing name. How about cheesy pesto pinwheels? 😀 No food colouring here; this was simply two eggs blended with three massive handfuls of baby spinach and a scoop of pesto. I’ll show you!


Grab a blender and crack two whole eggs in, then add a tiny splash of water (optional). Top it with a scoop of pesto and as much baby spinach (I want to try kale next time!) and whatever seasonings you desire. I went with the simple route: sea salt and black pepper.

DSC03375 DSC03376

Let it blend until there are no visible green chunks or pieces of spinach. It took me about 30 seconds to a minute to make it completely green. This sort of reminds me of a green smoothie – but smells and tastes savoury. The blender does an amazing job of breaking down the egg, “whisking” it, so the texture is super fluffy and aerated.

DSC03378 DSC03379

Then, I cooked it over medium-low heat on a buttered nonstick skillet. Since this was such a big skillet, it is very thin and more crepe-like. Add a sprinkle of cheese, if you wish. 🙂 I love Costco’s sharp white cheddar, which I grate myself. The cheese should melt quickly. When the edges of your green eggs start to curl away from the sides of the pan (you may have to turn the heat up a bit), you’re ready to roll it up!

DSC03381 DSC03382

I find that one or two rubber spatulas and some agile fingers will do the trick. Oh, and buttering the skillet beforehand is a lifesaver. 🙂 If you are careful, using a knife right on the skillet should work – or, you can transfer it onto a cutting board before chopping the cheesy pesto egg roll into bite-sized pieces.


Your cheddar-pesto pinwheels are ready! I loved mine on top of buttered whole wheat toast.

DSC03389 DSC03391

Don’t be scared of the colour – I promise you will not taste the spinach at ALL. All you’ll be able to detect are the lovely flavours of egg, cheddar, and garlicky basil pesto. This is the perfect lunch that tastes like a decadent cheese roll – without excessive fat and WITH a boost of nutrients. Try it out!


Of course, you can be lazy and simply cut it up wrap-style for easy munching. 🙂

DSC03421 DSC03424

Parmesan, gouda, asiago, goat cheese, or any cheese you can imagine – would work perfectly here. Again, don’t let the colour freak you out! I promise the flavour of the spinach will be completely neutralized, or even covered, by the cheese and pesto.


Just a regular omelet here – another soufflé-inspired omelet. All you have to do is whisk the eggs until they are super frothy and foamy before stirring the egg yolks in. It’s super easy and fun to cook. 🙂 As for the toast, this brand of whole wheat bread is not my favourite. Villagio bread is much thicker than regular WW bread, but smaller! I’d rather have more bites of a thinner toast. 😛

DSC03753 DSC03752

This was still a very tasty lunch – even though I should’ve added some veggies.


Here I used two eggs because I cracked both yolks by mistake. You can really see the difference in the colours – this omelet is much yellower than the one before. This omelet was stuffed with wilted spinach and feta cheese, and served with roasted vegetables.

DSC03728 DSC03730

I have a couple more posts to share with you until I post the Sunshine Coast vacation food photos – stay tuned and have a lovely weekend 🙂

4 thoughts on “Green Eggs and Toast

  1. Aren’t you lucky to be in Vancouver! I’m in love with your food photos–you’re basically the queen of omelets! The green eggs look INSANE. I have to try that sometime!


    1. Thank you! 🙂 You are too sweet.
      Yes you should! The colour is kind of freaky, but I actually like this shade of green! Let me know if you do have the chance to give it a try 😀


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