Let Them Eat Cake!

I love eating outside! Last weekend, when the weather was absolutely perfect, Mom cooked a lovely deluxe dinner for us – and a couple friends! My Chemistry AP buddies Yuki and Sally joined us for a great dinner, and so did Seline’s sweet friend Dana. Jadee, our homestay student, also joined us on the little patio table. The five of us had an awesome time outside enjoying our food and chatting.

DSC04901 DSC04903

Here, we have steamed edamame, quinoa salad with chicken, chopped feta, cucumbers, and roasted red peppers, spicy coconut curry noodles with bok choy, shrimp pasta salad, and fresh crunchy grapes! Plus krill and cabbage stir-fry in the middle.

DSC04904 DSC04905

I think my favourite part of this dinner was the coconut curry noodles. The sauce, which we bought from Ace Curries at the farmer’s market on Sunday, is amazing with rich coconut milk and tender noodles. On another note, Mom added chopped scallions to our pasta salad. Pretty tasty!

DSC04906 DSC04907

The snappy grapes were awesome, too. The big plastic containers at Costco are organic – and are at a great price. These grapes were so crunchy! Sally’s plate is on the right. Hers looks a lot prettier than mine – Mom also served a beef + onion stir-fry, zucchini bread {baked yesterday}, baguettes with roasted red pepper hummus, and barbecue chicken wings that were forgotten in the oven.

DSC04909 DSC04908

Yuki was kind enough to bring an Almond Delitzia cake from Cumpari’s, where she works as the Assistant Manager. This time, the chef coated the whipped cream with chopped hazelnuts, This cake was so delicious and Yuki sure knows how to choose them! We split this into six pieces for everyone to try.

DSC04912 DSC04915

I loved the candied crushed hazelnuts. I also loved this incredible cake that Sally brought – a sweet potato cake from Good Morning Bakery. This dessert wasn’t an ordinary white cake with white frosting – there was a thick layer of steamed, sliced sweet potato inside!

DSC04916 DSC04911

Mom and I shared a slice, and we couldn’t stop going back for “just one more” little slice. Mom loves whipped cream, and I was a huge fan of the perfectly-cooked sweet potato layer. This was such a unique cake!

DSC04910 DSC04918

Thank you, Yuki and Sally, for joining us for dinner – and for bringing such amazing desserts. You know how much I love cake – YAY! 🙂

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