5-Minute Lunch Recipe

Before we move on to a fantastic lunch recipe I can’t wait to share with you guys, let’s take a look at these incredible pumpkin pancakes! Thick and fluffy, with sweet chocolate morsels, nut butter, hemp hearts, and maple syrup. These were heaven! You can find my pumpkin pancake recipe here, as well as other pancake recipes on my recipe page.

DSC03203 DSC03205 ‘

Here’s a sneak peek of the quick and easy lunch recipe. 😉

DSC03207 DSC03208

Dinner another day was super-rich in protein – here, we have pork ribs, tofu, and quinoa along with veggies: steamed broccoli and cauliflower with scallion oil, noodles with carrots and turnips.

DSC03214 DSC03215

Unfortunately, these turnips were a bit off. I think this month just isn’t the right season for them – the one we bought was bitter, but luckily didn’t affect the rest of the dish. I love soy-sauce soaked vermicelli. 🙂 But the quinoa was excellent as well!

DSC03219 DSC03222

We had some Thai vegetable soup from Costco, and I heated up the chunky part with some leftover quinoa and tofu for a speedy lunch the next day. Steamed broccoli also made its way in here. This soup is really spicy (well, for a wimp like me!) and went very well with the creamy, mellow tofu and neutral-flavoured quinoa.

DSC03224 DSC03225

My love for curry can’t even be explained! Especially coconut curry. This time, we loaded the curry with frozen peas, chopped and marinated chicken breast, and wilted spinach. My portion was served on basmati rice mixed with quinoa and some coconut oil. Really, really delicious. If you’ve never had coconut curry – I highly recommend it!

DSC03226 DSC03227

You don’t even need meat in here to make it substantial and delicious. I’m thinking chickpeas, cauliflower, and sweet potato would make a killer combination! Mom, Dad, and our student Jadee enjoyed this dish with naan bread for dipping. 🙂

DSC03228 DSC03229

Here’s the recipe! As you probably saw from above – it’s tuna salad! Lightened up a bit. 🙂

Super Easy Tuna Salad

For one hearty serving, you’ll need:

  • Half a tiny spoonful of mayonnaise (we use organic canola mayo)
  • Chopped celery (as much as you’d like)
  • Half a can of tuna, drained well
  • Lots of freshly-ground black pepper
  • A big blog of Dijon mustard
  • A drizzle of lemon juice

Stir them all together!

DSC03238 DSC03240

Add the drizzle of lemon. I like a lot of lemon! Then I toasted a slice of 100% whole grain bread from Whole Foods…

DSC03242 DSC03244

And spread the tuna right on top. Any utensil will work.

DSC03247 DSC03248

Next, you’ll want to grate some cheese on top. I opted for sharp cheddar because I love how flavourful it is, but really any cheese will work. Try mozzarella for stretchiness, Harvarti for creaminess, or Jack for a little zing.

DSC03249 DSC03250

Costco’s white cheddar comes in single-serving packets – perfect for meals like this. Grate it up over the toast, and try not to nibble the corners. :mrgreen:

DSC03251 DSC03252

Pop it into the broiler and turn it up to, well, broil. You’ll want to watch it very carefully so it doesn’t burn. Everyone’s toaster oven is different. I actually prefer it a bit more brown than the photos you’ll see below (I was impatient!) and that would take about 10 minutes on our toaster oven.

DSC03253 DSC03254

Meanwhile, clean up and take a photo of Mom’s lunch – quinoa with leftover ribs, tofu, and cloud ear fungus. And a big handful of cilantro. Mom’s a huge cilantro fan! I don’t mind it either, but my Dad and sister are cilantrophobes. They can’t stand the flavour, or even the smell! Do you like cilantro?

DSC03256 DSC03257

This is what it looked like after broiling. This lunch, as you can see, is quite light – just a piece of bread with some tuna and cheese on top. I’d prefer this open-faced sammie with a salad or some fruit, which I usually have beforehand while I’m making the sandwich. On another note, you’re saving half the carbs and calories you’d normally have by ditching the second piece of bread – more fruit for dessert! Here, the cheese is all melted, but I would prefer it to be a bit browner…

DSC03258 DSC03260

Like this! I was a bit more patient this time. 😉

DSC03426 DSC03431

It’s super fast, like I mentioned above, and only requires a handful of ingredients (most of which you probably already have). You could make a double batch using the whole can of tuna, which is what I usually do, and store it in your fridge for up to a week. I also like tuna salad on crunchy crackers for an afternoon snack that combines protein with carbohydrates and a small amount of satiating fat.

DSC03425 DSC03455

Try out the recipe and let me know how it goes! The cheesy, savoury toast is seriously amazing, but tuna salad + crackers are such a classic combo. Don’t forget an extra crack of black pepper and a drizzle of lemon before serving and devouring. I think I prefer the hot open-face sandwich, though… how about you? CHOMP!

DSC03456 DSC03457

Hope you all have a great rest of the week!

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