Eagle Ridge Hospital Volunteer Banquet

Last Friday, the volunteers at the Eagle Ridge Hospital were invited to attend the annual Recognition Tea. This year, it was Italian-themed. ๐Ÿ™‚ I wasn’t sure what to expect, but we all had a pretty awesome time!

By the way, ERH guys… if you’re here to see my ultimate oatmeal obsession page, it’s HERE! Eat more oats โค

DSC03634 DSC03635

Everything was very well-organized, and the decorations screamed ITALY. I got a special ticket…

DSC03637 DSC03638

And wine punch from Trina. Since I’m not a fan of sugary drinks, I passed on this – but it sure looked pretty with all the frozen berries!

DSC03641 DSC03642

Love you Denna! And you too Dorsa. ๐Ÿ™‚ And that Italy poster.

DSC03643 DSC03644

Most of the volunteers were adults, but there were some tables of teens. This is one of the recreational rooms in the basement, in case you were wondering! It’s a pretty big room – and super bright!

DSC03646 DSC03647

Trina and super nice Dorsa who also wrote a thank-you card just for our special volunteer coordinator Carmen! That’s Carmen on the right, posing with some grapes. Thank you Carmen, for inviting us to this banquet and dinner! We all had a lovely time and we loved your dress. ๐Ÿ™‚ Trรจs italienne!

DSC03649 DSC03652

Dorsa wrote the sweetest card… or at least I think it was sweet. I didn’t get a chance to peek at it, but Carmen’s expression was enough to show us that it had a super thoughtful message on it.

DSC03657 DSC03658

Dorsa and Janine are the queens of Bingo! They volunteer on the wing East 2A, where they lead the most entertaining Bingo games after dinner almost every week. They are truly some of the most compassionate and creative people I’ve ever met. Go girls!

DSC03662 DSC03663

Samantha is new to the ERH team, and has the most awesome curly hair and most enthusiastic and positive attitude. Unfortunately we aren’t on the same unit (W2B for the win) but every time I see Sam, she’s got a smile on her face. Love that! And… hi Maxine. Ever since Maxine swapped days to Thursday, we’ve missed her lots!

DSC03664 DSC03665

Blue T-shirt Sam, Joon, and Diane are also new members of the Friday team, and they are seriously awesome people. I’m so impressed with how quickly they adapted to volunteering up on the units. We had some pretty interesting discussions at this table!

DSC03666 DSC03667

Oh! There was also a live Italian singer who provided the music for our celebration. After every couple of songs, Carmen did a prize draw!

DSC03668 DSC03669

And… guess what. GUESS WHAT.

I won! I won a prize draw! Seriously! I squealed with excitement because I never, ever win anything. I usually have the worst luck, so I was super fortunate to win this cool and convenient Fraser Health lunch bag. It’s the perfect size for my school lunches. I’ve already used it a couple of times and I’m really loving the shape and size – plus it’s collapsible. Cool.

DSC03671 DSC03675

Here are my lovely E2A ladies Janine and Dorsa again. Have I mentioned how friendly these two are? ๐Ÿ˜€

DSC03673 DSC03674

Our table was called to get food after about an hour – this was Trina’s plate with three small slices of pizza, crackers, pickles, and cheese cubes.

DSC03677 DSC03678

I had a big dinner planned afterwards, so I figured it would be better to avoid the pizza and other heavier things. ๐Ÿ˜› It sure looked yummy though, and it was from Freshslice!

DSC03680 DSC03681

There was also a massive dessert spread…

DSC03683 DSC03685

With homemade lemon cupcakes and chocolate-coffee cupcakes. My friends raved about the lemon-flavoured ones. I’m sure they were delicious!

DSC03687 DSC03688

I brought one of these home to my sister, who thought it was delicious. That was a surprise because she usually avoids anything with cocoa OR coffee in it!

DSC03689 DSC03691

Lots of lovely photos were taken…

DSC03702 DSC03705

And there were lots of hugs!

DSC03708 DSC03711

I made some new friends, too. ๐Ÿ™‚ The girls on the right volunteer on Thursdays, and since my group and I are on Fridays, we NEVER see each other. It was pretty rewarding to meet other ERH volunteers.

DSC03714 DSC03715

And then I grabbed a free plant! Seriously. There were some big, beautiful plants which were already taken, but Denna and I were lucky to snag some adorable Japanese maple plants. Aren’t these cute? I gave mine to Mom for Mother’s Day. She’d hate it if I spent money on something for her, so these little guys were perfect. For a grand cost of $0.00. :mrgreen:

DSC03717 DSC03720

Do you like plants?


That’s it for nowย – see all of you ERH people on Friday ๐Ÿ™‚

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