Creative Blogger Award

Hey everyone!


So happy to share with you all that I was nominated by the lovely Cassie of Super Fit Babe to write five things about myself and nominate five other bloggers to do the same. 🙂


^ That’s a Mom Dinner by the way, featuring soy-sauced chicken breasts on sautéed onions, veggie stir-fry, pan-fried tofu with shiitake mushrooms and green onions, and brown rice.

Here I go!

1: I hate running and going to the gym. Honestly I just can’t stand it and I can’t do it. Physically it isn’t horrible, but there is just so much going through my mind when I do it – almost like there is no pleasure in exercising! When I go to the gym, all I can think about is calories, calories, calories. It’s as if nothing else matters! I’d much rather do a more enjoyable form of exercise – daily walks with Mom and our cutie dog, morning figure skating practices, aerial silks, dancing in the living room, jumping on the trampoline… the list goes on!

DSC02558 DSC02560

2: I have a super long torso – I got it from my dad and it’s messed up! My sister is blessed with a pair of long, perfect legs and I get the long torso. Sweet.


3: I have dessert. Every. Single. Day. Whether it’s muffin or nut butter on yogurt (or all three!), I try to make it at least a little nutritious with the addition of flax, chia, coconut, or fruit. Life is too short to deny yourself dessert – have sweets, but don’t gorge on huge slices of Dairy Queen cake or ice cream on a daily basis. If it’s just a quarter of a muffin with some blackberries, go for it IMO!

DSC02579 DSC02581

4: I never eat protein powder and never plan to. I don’t believe in it. Why have powdered nutrients when you can enjoy perfectly “whole” versions of protein from real protein sources, like eggs, fish, nuts, and quinoa? There are countless other sources of protein out there – protein powder just seems unnecessary to me. I prefer to get my nutrients from real food.

DSC02583 DSC02580

5: I love school! I actually look forward to it. My favourite class last semester was Biology, and this semester I’m loving Chem – even though I took both Bio and Chem, both semesters. The one class I absolutely DETEST, on the other hand: calculus. Couldn’t do it… and still can’t.

DSC02591 DSC02593


But I CAN eat omelet! Like this one. Try whisking your eggs with pesto before cooking them into an omelet – it adds a ton of flavour.


DSC02592 DSC02595

This was filled with grated cheddar cheese and served with a slice of Earth-Balanced whole wheat toast. Next time, I want to stuff some chopped roasted veggies inside.

DSC02683 DSC02684



Mom made turkey bolognese another day. This meat sauce is truly special because it has a fraction of the fat you would get if you made it from regular ground beef. We also bolstered the sauce with mushrooms, chopped peppers, and a TON of spinach. Topped with parmesan cheese, this dish was ADDICTIVE!



I had seconds and always go heavy on the parmesan cheese. Do you like good old bolognese sauce?

DSC02688 DSC02690


For the Creative Blogger Award, these are the 5 bloggers I nominate (and you should check their blogs out, too!)

Jessica from New Girl, New City: what I love about Jessica is that her blog is REALISTIC. So much of the time, the photos on “professional” blogs are so contrived, as if they’ve been styled for hours and photographed with perfect lighting rods and flash screens. Luckily Jessica’s photos are fantastic, but natural. Amateur photographers unite?! Anyways her food is awesome and I just love her attitude.

Rachel from Moments with Rae: she’s super healthy, super sweet, and meticulous when it comes to blog writing. And did you know she’s only 16? Her recipes are quick, simple, yet nutritious and absolutely delicious. She also writes thoughtful restaurant reviews and is a fellow oatmeal lover and Vancouverite 🙂

Cynthia from EatMunchLove: another Vancouver girl! She has a fabulous blog with tons of great recipes, and sounds like the nicest person ever. Check out her super well-developed blog!

Hmmmm… you know what, I think 3 bloggers is enough for now. I’ve got a busy weekend planned. Hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday 🙂



3 thoughts on “Creative Blogger Award

  1. Thank you so much for the nomination, I’ll get to it soon! (: Just finished catching up with all your blog posts that I missed, sigh, school…

    Anyways, I loved reading this and learning more about you, we have so much in common! First off, I do like running but I totally get you on the gym part. Last summer, I went to the gym obsessively just for the sake of “exercising” and “staying fit”. Probably spent waaay too much time on the cardio machines and did I even enjoy it? Not really. Now I just stick with at-home yoga and pilates, and like you, walking around (except I don’t have a dog. D:). Oh and I feel the same about protein powder.. I find it really unnatural too.

    About Calculus.. I’m in pre-cal 12 but i’ll be taking ap cal next year, oh dear….


  2. Yaaaaaaaaay I was so excited to find out more about you! Such a fabulous post!
    Firstly, it’s totes fine that you hate the gym, plus your activities sound much more fun! I love walking my dog too and I didn’t know you figure skate and do aerial–such lovely sports!
    Second I’m so jealous–I want a long torso 😦 embrace it because you never know who might want your qualities!
    And yes, dessert erry single day! What kind of muffins do you usually have? Mine is chocolate chocolate chocolate peanut butter peanut butter peanut butter. LOL 😛 and true thing about protein powders! I just like baking with them and I think they taste good, especially vegan protein 😀 I love Bio and Chemistry too! I actually LOVE Pre-Calculus and hate ❤ Are Calc and Pre-calc similar?
    OMG I love EatMunchLove and Moments with Rae too! I'll definitely check out Jessica's blog too 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. THANKS! You are seriously too kind 🙂
      I don’t know how you do it! You have a ton of motivation – I’m so jealous! Do you like yoga? I did hot yoga this morning and it was pretty fun. I’ve gone about 15 times and it is getting easier and easier. I think you would like hatha (flow) yoga!

      Hehehe that is the first time I’ve heard that! You are such a positive thinker.

      Any kind of muffin or quick bread ❤ I love chocolate-banana, banana bread muffins, pumpkin muffins, blueberry muffins, lemon poppyseed, raspberry-chocolate chip muffins… the list goes on. And on. There isn't one muffin I don't like! And YES chocolate + peanut butter is life. I like that on oatmeal too! Have you tried berry muffins with almond butter? UGH they're perfect!
      I've never actually tried protein powder (half of the reason being they're pretty expensive). If you were to add vanilla protein powder into say, a banana muffin, would you omit vanilla extract?

      OMG! Calculus and pre-calculus are two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT WORLDS! Holy cow I can't even explain how different they are. You have to THINK in a totally different way. My teacher was ridiculously difficult and gave us assignments from second-year university. My mark dropped from 97% in Pre-Calc 12 to 87% in Calculus! It was so, so challenging for me, and even now I still don't get it. 🙂 The key to the course, though, is to ASK FOR HELP! If you ever don't understand a concept, seek assistance ASAP because it's not going to go away. All of the concepts stack on top of one another, so you need a solid foundation of each chapter in order to understand the next. You have to do all your homework, and PRACTICE! … and try not to forget everything in a month like I did 🙂
      ^ that was a pretty long Calculus rant LOL

      I don't think she's blogged for a while now but I love reading her old posts. 🙂 BTW I couldn't find you on FB!

      Liked by 1 person

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