10 Non-Oatmeal Breakfast Ideas

Good morning everyone!

How’s your spring so far? It’s pretty sunny 60% of the time here in Vancouver, which is unusual, and I’m loving it! Oh – and guess what? I was nominated by one of my favourite bloggers, Cassie of SuperFitBabe, for the Creative Blogger Award. That made my day and that post is coming up really soon, so stay tuned πŸ™‚

On another note,Β I’ve been infatuated with eggs for a while, and omelets are one of my fave ways to enjoy them.

DSC01923 DSC01924

Two eggs filled with sauteed veggies (spinach, mushrooms, peppers, zucchini, green onion) and cheddar cheese. I like omelets with toast – sometimes two slices with butter πŸ™‚


Another non-oaty breakfast could be simple scrambled eggs with ketchup. I also had half a banana with peanut butter, and a slice of whole wheat toast with soy-free Earth Balance. Plus a little bit of the best muffin in the world.

DSC01929 DSC01930

I NEED to have ketchup with my scrambled eggs (we use PC Organics) but not with omelets. Strange?


This was actually eaten as a snack, but it could totally work as a light but filling breakfast. Simply slather a slice of toast with nut butter (peanut or almond for me), sprinkle with cinnamon, and top with sliced banana.

DSC01932 DSC01933

This is half a banana, also topped with hemp hearts and a drizzle of maple syrup. I really, really like this for a snack. Could probably pair it with some scrambled eggs for an amazing breakfast. πŸ™‚

DSC01934 DSC01936



Pancakes are another go-to breakfast idea. You can find all of my pancake recipe ideas on this page.

DSC01944 DSC01945

Perfection when topped with nut butter, sliced banana, hemp hearts, and maple syrup. Can’t leave out the maple – pancakes need them!

DSC01946 DSC01947

Banana pancakes are seriously the bombbb. I probably have them once or twice a week, but really, I want to eat them every day! But then I’d miss oatmeal.


I think I mentioned on another post how I’m not a fan of these 100-calorie multigrain thins simply because they’re flimsy. Here, I topped them (50 cals each) with mashed avocado, scrambled eggs + spinach, and some feta cheese.

DSC01954 DSC01955

This made a pretty tasty lunch, and not too heavy. πŸ™‚

DSC01956 DSC01957

Unfortunately, this bread doesn’t really stand up to the eggs and feta, so they kind of sink down when you eat them. I toasted them quite a bit, too. Hi Mom!


Another weekend, another batch of pancakes! I think this was my best drizzle πŸ™‚ Usually I have three or four pancakes, but here I had two, trying to limit my pancake consumption, LOL.

DSC01965 DSC01968

Said plan didn’t work because I ended up eating the other pancake the next day!

DSC01988 DSC01989

This beauty was served with very yellow scrambled eggs, ketchup, and half a sliced banana. I love my pancakes topped with nut butter, hemp, and maple. This was great reheated in the toaster oven.

DSC01990 DSC01991

A pretty balanced meal, if you ask me πŸ™‚


More of the same thin + eggs + spinach. I actually had this for an after-school snack one day. It was really filling!

DSC02003 DSC02006

A crepe-like thing that I made with only a couple ingredients: mashed banana + 2 eggs. Added a bit of baking soda and cinnamon for fluff and flavour. This was cooked on a huge pan, sprinkled with chocolate and nut butter, then folded, drizzled, and devoured. πŸ˜› It wasn’t bad, but I wouldn’t make it again.


More pancakes! They seriously do have my heart. These gorgeous little guys were topped with nut butter, hemp hearts, pecans, and a drizzle of maple syrup.

DSC02133 DSC02134

As you know, pancakes are one of my #1 favourite foods ever! πŸ™‚


Toasted whole wheat bread + eggs with ketchup. Toast with Earth Balance is just so yummy!

DSC02159 DSC02161

This photo makes me smile. You know, with all the gym strip and pajamas in the background. πŸ˜‰


Maybe three is my lucky number, seeing as I have almost always devour three pancakes every day on weekends.


These three were all topped with different things – the first featured almond butter and flax, another with Barney Butter and hemp, and the last one coconut and Earth Balance with crumbled pecans.

DSC02202 DSC02203 DSC02204

Last leftover pancake – topped with sliced banana and hemp, plus scrambled eggs and awesome ketchup. Such a good breakfast, you guys!

DSC02215 DSC02219

What do you like for breakfast?

8 thoughts on “10 Non-Oatmeal Breakfast Ideas

  1. Hoorayyyy you’re going to do the awards!! So excited for your post!!! Oh and I am totally a pancake fanatic like you! I know that you like ketchup with your eggs, but if you’re into spicy food you should try Sriracha! It has a similar consistency but it’s so good! You can mix the two together to make spicy ketchup! Just a suggestion πŸ™‚


    1. WHEW THANK GOD there are more pancake addicts out there πŸ™‚ They are just SO good, right?! What other pancake variations do you like? Banana with chocolate chips is amazing. My new favourite pancake recipe is actually by Minimalist Baker: she has an incredible vegan oatmeal cookie pancake recipe with banana and almond butter. I’ll probably do a post on that too!
      Mmmm that actually sounds really good. Usually I’m a spice wimp, but that’s a great idea to mix it with ketchup so you get sweet, tangy, and spicy. I’m actually gonna try that tomorrow – thanks for the tip! πŸ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

        I love everything–chocolate chip, blueberries, bananas, matcha, peanut butter, you name it! Banana and chocolate chip pancakes do sound delicious!! I love Minimalist Baker and I have seen her oatmeal cookie pancakes! They look unreal! Can’t wait to see your post! Do you follow that blog? Who else do you follow?
        Yes, please do try Sriracha! It’s amazing. Just make sure not to get the replicas like the Trader Joe’s one XP it has to be the real sauce! Let me know how it turns out!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I like everything you named above except matcha πŸ™‚
        I love MB and I read her posts regularly. I love searching through her old posts too because they’re all treasures – her black bean brownies were SO good and I adapted her recipe too. Some of my favourite “professional” bloggers are definitely Minimalist Baker, Iowa Girl Eats, Simply Scratch, Kath Eats Real Food, the Pioneer Woman Cooks, Edible Perspective, and the Oatmeal Artist. Do you read their blogs? Who are your favourite bloggers?
        Oooh that is a good point. Will definitely keep that in mind and I will definitely notify you when I try it out. You seem obsessed πŸ˜‰

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Awesome! Yes, Minimalist Baker is great! I really want to try her peanut butter protein bars! I’ve never had black bean brownies, so her recipe will definitely be the first one. I have to check yours out too!
        I follow a TON of blogs including Kath Eats Real Food, Edible Perspective and the Oatmeal Artist! My faves though are Ambitious Kitchen, Blogilates, Fit Foodie Finds, Deliciously Ella, Greek Kitchen Stories, Oh She Glows, The Big Man’s World, Chocolate Covered Katie, and many many more! Some of these blogs are vegan or paleo even though I’m neither of the two, but I love their recipes! Do you follow any blogs targeted to special diets?
        I am proudly obsessed with Sriracha! πŸ˜› I’ve never found a better spicy condiment, but Mick’s pepper jellies are amazing too. And lemme know πŸ™‚


      4. DUDE the black bean brownies are heavenly. You must, must try them. πŸ™‚
        How could I forget Ambitious Kitchen? I love her blog too! I’m also in love with Oh She Glows. I literally just opened 8 tabs with all of the bloggers you listed because I have to check them out. I’ve read Chocolate Covered Katie’s blog for a while too. Unfortunately I don’t make her recipes often because they usually require special ingredients like xylitol and tons of other stuff I can’t find. But her photos are pretty!
        Will do πŸ˜›

        Liked by 1 person

      5. I definitely will and let you know how they turn out!! I’m very excited and getting hungry just thinking about it!
        I open soooooo many tabs of their blog posts and comment on them all the time! Yeah CCK uses xylitol a lot and I don’t have applesauce :/ I just try to make substitutions! Have you ever tried other recipes?


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