Do you compost?


At my house, we compost every single day – any food waste goes in that green bin. But luckily there was no food waste from this dinner, which was pretty much perfect in my book 🙂

DSC02296 DSC02298

Scrambled eggs with shrimp, mixed vegetable stir-fry, and a pork lotus patty. Really yummy on top of brown rice. I love the scallions in the pork lotus patties 🙂 This was such a classic Mom Dinner!


On another day, I devoured these not-so-yummy thin buns, topped with a new peanut butter (just okay) and sliced banana with hemp hearts and maple syrup. Not the best lunch. 😦

DSC02330 DSC02332

Sometimes I have plain ‘ole omelets with a little bit of filling. On the right is a plain mushroom omelet made with cheddar, two eggs, and sauteed mushrooms.

DSC02333 DSC02338

Do you like omelets? Toast was sorely missed in this meal – I love two slices of buttered toast with every omelet. 🙂

DSC02340 DSC02341

Dinner here was scrambled eggs with onions (I now HATE onions because I had a raw onion on top of a kiwi this morning by accident – the onion got stuck on the knife and landed on my kiwi), tilapia, steamed broccolette and carrots, and a little brown rice that I plopped on top later.

DSC02342 DSC02343

I was not a really big fan of this dinner. 😦 There is a filet of pan-fried tilapia under that mound of onion. I really don’t like plain tilapia – it definitely needs more than salt and pepper. I’m thinking a coconut sauce next time, or maybe something Thai?

DSC02346 DSC02347

This dinner, though monochromatic, was really tasty. Roasted baby potatoes, baked cauliflower, rice and Thai green curry with eggplants, and a fried egg. I just love runny eggs! My favourite meal in this post so far.

DSC02225 DSC02230

This dinner was good because I absolutely LOVE Thai green curry sauce! There were eggplants cooked inside, and it was just so yummy with coconut milk and all those fragrant Thai spices, including lemongrass and ginger. You know, I loved that dish so much that I had leftovers the next day, mixed with rice.

DSC02232 DSC02233

There’s no school today, and I think I’m going to do some hot yoga at 9:30 after I finish my homework. It’s a Hot Yoga Fit Sweat class, which means that we do much more vinyasa, or flow yoga.  In vinyasa, we don’t hold poses for as long, and spend more time doing “breath-synchronized movement.” Essentially, vinyasa is a series of poses that are done with smooth transitions and will make you think about when to inhale and exhale. I tried this class last week and really enjoyed it!

Yup, that’s all I have for you all today – my sis and I are off to aerial silks now!

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