Better Than Candy

You know what’s better than candy?

DSC02519 DSC02520

Actually, a lot of things. Whole wheat toast with Earth Balance and a 2-egg omelet with cheddar cheese – definitely better! 🙂 By the way, this totally looks like breakfast, but I like eggs and toast for lunch. My breakfast, 99% of the time, is some form of oatmeal. If not oatmeal, I’ll probably be nomming on pancakes! That’s why I always have delicious eggs and toast for lunch when I can. My sis would disagree about this tasting like candy, since she has a pickier palate. The plate on the right is hers, with a pile of mashed potatoes, a chicken breast, gravy with mushrooms, and yep, one roasted broccoli.

DSC02521 DSC02522

This was my dinner on the same day – gravy-less mashed potatoes, a big pile of roasted vegetables, and a little chicken breast that I found chewy and fibrous.

DSC02524 DSC02525

I think I had 3.5 helpings of these roasted vegetables, then popped one after another as I cleaned the table! They were extra addictive since we roasted them in garlic-infused grapeseed oil. The best!

DSC02526 DSC02528

I’d also say that fried rice is better than candy. This salmon fried rice, made with leftover maple-soy salmon, was PERFECT with creamy scrambled eggs and frozen mixed vegetables.

DSC02529 DSC02531

My fave part of fried rice (aside from scallions – yum) is definitely the burned, crispy bits at the bottom of the pan. They are so flavourful 🙂

DSC02534 DSC02535

Now this is seriously better than candy!

DSC02545 DSC02546

Oatmeal made with a mashed ripe banana (stirred in), 2 tbsp cocoa powder, flax and chia (about 2 tsp each), and a pinch of salt cooked in almond milk. This yummy bowl was topped with hemp hearts, toasted coconut, and almond butter.

DSC02547 DSC02548

I’ve never had an Almond Joy bar, but I would imagine that it tastes just like this bowl – coconut, chocolate, and almond. After the toppings were nibbled off, I topped the second layer with clustered granola – Quaker honey brand. This breakfast was so warm and filling. Oatmeal is truly the ultimate comfort food IMO!

DSC02549 DSC02550

Lunch the next day featured leftover roasted veggies in an omelet, with cheddar and a slice of toast. In the pictures, you’ll always see just one slice of toast because I toast the other one when I’m halfway done the omelet. I love hot toast with butter! Sometimes I try to just eat one slice, but you really can’t have eggs without toast. MmMmmmm toast. I definitely have to make extra veggies next time because they tasted amazing snuggled in an omelet, with cheese on top 🙂

DSC02555 DSC02557

These two bowls of oatmeal were better than candy hands down. Pumpkin oatmeal topped with almond butter, hemp hearts, and pumpkin muffin. Crumbled muffin and almond butter are my favourite toppings by far! Best bowl in a long time 🙂

DSC02573 DSC02570

This bowl was also delicious! It had sliced banana (cooked in), with blueberries, hemp hearts, almond butter, and maple syrup drizzle on top. A maple syrup drizzle really makes the oatmeal taste over the top in deliciousness! You have to try it. We always watch Global News in the morning, and sometimes I read my Chemistry notes while waiting for my oats to cook.

DSC02575 DSC02578

That’s it for today – my sister is being too lazy to work on the Ottawa Girl Eats post so I’ll hopefully nag her and have that done soon. 😦

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