Customizable Grilled Sandwiches

DSC00938 DSC00937

Doesn’t that look amazing?


My favourite sandwich combinations:

  • Peanut/almond butter, banana, and cinnamon
  • Scrambled eggs and cheddar (can also add ham or turkey)
  • Avocado, eggs, and goat cheese
  • Spinach, tomato, and feta (can also add chicken or egg)
  • Avocado, cheddar, and pesto scrambled eggs, see below
  • Turkey, sun-dried tomato, avocado, swiss
  • Hummus, feta, cucumbers, tomato
  • Cream cheese, smoked salmon, scrambled eggs
  • Simply pesto and cheddar for a garlicky grilled cheese
  • Avocado and cheddar for super creamy grilled cheese

These are pesto scrambled eggs topped with sliced avocado and grated white cheddar cheese.

DSC00984 DSC00985

PS: plop a spoonful of pesto into your eggs before scrambling them, and whisk it all together for the most flavourful eggs ever! They’ll be salty, garlicky, savoury, and perfectly flavourful. YUM.


I pressed it with a homemade panini press – just place aluminum foil on the sandwich and top it with another skillet + something heavy to weigh it down.


Works like a charm!

DSC00988 DSC00989

This sandwich was creamy, salty, savoury, crispy on the outside and perfectly textured in between.

DSC00990 DSC00991

I am in love! This is perfect for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner. :mrgreen: Love that kind of versatility about sandwiches!

DSC00994 DSC00996

This one was similar but different:

DSC01099 DSC01100\

The crispy, crunchy outsides get me every time – they honestly shatter in my mouth.

DSC01101 DSC01102

Eggs, cheese, and avocado in a crispy grilled sandwich are made to be together!

DSC01103 DSC01104

Another classic combo? Peanut butter and banana.

DSC01168 DSC01170

Sometimes I swap the peanut butter for almond butter – that’s yummy too! A sprinkle of cinnamon and a drizzle of honey take it over the edge. I’d say that this sandwich combo is my #1 fave!

DSC01171 DSC01172

I always cook “sweet” sandwiches like this one in coconut oil. It doesn’t taste coconutty at all, but it’s just really tasty. 🙂 Try it out!

DSC01173 DSC01174

Hope you enjoyed the post – have an excellent week!

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