Balanced Dinners Lately

Happy St-Patrick’s Day guys! How are you all?

I started this lovely Tuesday with a 5:20 AM alarm clock (okay, that part wasn’t lovely), gulped down some water, then headed to Goodlife Fitness Centre for a 6:00 AM hot yoga class! I had a new teacher this time; her name was Antonella and she was awesome. Totally committed, helpful, and gave great pointers for beginners like me. This was my fourth hot yoga class and I’m definitely finding it easier and easier every time. But still super hot. :mrgreen:

Here are some of the dinners we’ve had! Many of them are Mom Dinners <– haven’t updated that page in a while and I really should!

Party meal featuring Chinese chicken sesame salad, maple-soy salmon, roasted veggies, roasted potatoes with ketchup, and stir-fried vegetables. Plus two mounds of rice 🙂

DSC01904 DSC01905

This fried rice was made with leftover maple-soy salmon and it was INCREDIBLE! The sweet soy sauce made the rice so addictive and tasty. We added an egg and some spinach to wilt before topping it all with toasted sesame seeds. You must try this if you have leftover fish – just flake it up and toss it into your fried rice at the last minute.

DSC01915 DSC01916

Mom made a casserole the other day, with a homemade creamy bechamel sauce. I wasn’t too crazy about this dish but the chicken was really tender! Served with a hairbrush and some plastic containers on our messy living room table. Sorry.


This was a Greek-inspired meal with garlicky yogurt-baked chicken, roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes (yup, those whitish rectangular prisms that look pretty freaky), and some roasted broccoli. We love roasted potatoes + veggies here! Oh and I dipped my potatoes in tzatziki to complement the tasty Greek chicken drumsticks.

DSC01939 DSC01940

Rotisserie chicken from Costco on top of quinoa with spinach, corn, and scallions. This is my go-to meal and I absolutely love it!

DSC01963 DSC01964

A lighter lunch another day.  These were toasted multigrain flats smeared with mashed avocado and topped with shredded chicken breast and white cheddar. Broiled to melt the cheese and then devoured!

DSC01971 DSC01973

This is great because it’s super fast and filling. I’m not a fan, however, of these multigrain rounds. They’re too chewy, even after you toast them. I wouldn’t recommend making this with 100-calorie rounds because they are really toothsome and simply aren’t substantial. Try it out with whole wheat bread, maybe. It would rock with feta cheese, eggs, and spinach too.

DSC01974 DSC01975

This fancy-ish looking dinner was spaghetti in rose sauce from Costco (tomato and creamy mascarpone cheese). Whenever eating pasta, I try to add as many veggies as possible to improve the colour, nutrition, and filling-power of my plate. This was spiked with steamed broccolette, broccoli’s quiet little cousin, carrots, and chopped tomatoes.

DSC01977 DSC01979

I can’t have pasta without tons of parmesan cheese. Believe me, I added heavy sprinkles of that salty, addictive stuff after these photos were taken 🙂 Freshly-ground black pepper is a must, too!

DSC01982 DSC01981

I usually use a little plate (salad or dessert-sized) for scrumptious dinners like this, because I know I have a bit of a problem with overeating – especially when it comes to pasta, my kryptonite! Check out my plate (left) with my sister’s regular-sized plate devoid of veggies. 😥


Aunt Mimi gave us a lemon meringue pie from Whole Foods, which we enjoyed. I loved the crust, but I’m not really a fan of lemony desserts. Am I the only one who feels like desserts = sweet = chocolate? I’d much rather have some creamy chocolate gelato or CAKE (bonus if it’s chocolate). But most of the time, it’s a couple bites a homemade, nutritious baked good. You can check out my faves here!

DSC01986 DSC01987

More coconut chicken curry with spinach and peas, this time served on coconut basmati rice and with steamed broccolette on the side. By the way, we get our broccolette from Costco – it’s organic and really easy to cook. My mom boils it for 3 minutes to make it all tender (even the stem part, which I love!) No naan bread this time. 😦

DSC01994 DSC01995 DSC01996

You know how I mentioned that quinoa + spinach + corn is my go-to dinner? It truly is! I have it again here, with the addition of mushrooms and scallions. A filet of pan-fried trout on the side, plus roasted cauliflower.

DSC02020 DSC02021

If you ever get sick of a certain veggie, try roasting it! I promise you won’t regret it. The caramelized parts are my favourite!

DSC02022 DSC02023 DSC02024

My aforementioned small-plate trick didn’t really work on this day! I was super hungry after volunteering at the Eagle Ridge Hospital, and Mom had whipped up this baked penne dish with zucchini, mushrooms, spinach, and chopped chicken breast. It was mixed up with my fave tomato sauce and then topped with three types of cheese, one of them being fresh mozzarella. YUM. Roasted broccoli on the side!

DSC02026 DSC02027 DSC02028

I had four plates and ate until my stomach hurt. Gooey, melty cheese is definitely the best part of pasta, but it wasn’t worth the stomachache (on a side note, I used to call it a “stummyache” – stomach + tummy). Anyways, portion control is seriously hard for me, especially when it comes to cheesy, vegetable-filled pasta.

Leftovers made a great lunch the next day – luckily there was just one bowl left. 😉

DSC02103 DSC02104 DSC02105

Party dinner with Chinese chicken salad, rice, steamed veggies, rouzao rice and egg, pesto shrimp pasta salad, and roasted potatoes. Honestly it seems like we have the same 8 dishes served at every party –> proof. 🙂

DSC02111 DSC02112

Dinner the next day had stir-fried veggies, pan-fried tilapia and leftover pesto pasta.

DSC02118 DSC02120

And pumpkin chicken soup with spinach! I had seconds. :mrgreen:

DSC02122 DSC02123

Tomato scrambled eggs on brown rice, with steamed veggies. Love those flower-shaped carrots, Mom!

DSC02127 DSC02128 DSC02130

I don’t think I have to explain this for the 50th time… 🙂

DSC02137 DSC02138  DSC02141

More pasta in that rose sauce – this time with mushrooms and spinach.

DSC02150 DSC02151 DSC02153

Mom’s fried rice is just so, so good! This bowl had scrambled eggs, spinach, mushrooms, and scallions. I wanted to add about 569 other vegetables, but Seline wouldn’t touch it if I did! So we collaborated 🙂

DSC02194 DSC02195 DSC02196

And… dun dun dunnn… Check out this dinner that I made 100% by myself! I’m mostly proud about washing all the dishes and drying them, too. PS: Mom Dinners still taste better. What is it about Mom’s cooking that makes food ten times better?

DSC02209 DSC02207

One afternoon, some wooden planks fell off my Dad’s pickup and hit him 1 cm below the eye (LUCKY!), and he drove home with one eye (yup). Mom took him to the hospital, and they waited for 7 hours in Emergency! I was stuck at home with Seline and whipped up this dinner for two.

DSC02208 DSC02210

Roasted potatoes and broccoli with parmesan, plus pan-fried salmon and a lemon wedge for the photos 🙂 Dad is much better now – he had surgery last week, and has been staying at home + taking meds for the past few days.


P-p-p-pasta! The best family dinner, because we can’t seem to find something that we all like. 🙂 I filled my small plate with lotsa veggies (and parmesan, of course!). I just noticed this while scrolling through my post, but I think I should branch out and eat more salads. In my family, we have a lot of cooked (I just wrote ‘cookies’) vegetables, but not too many salads. Should definitely get a mixture of both into our diets 🙂

DSC02221 DSC02222 DSC02224

Thanks for reading about my delicious week of healthy, pretty balanced dinners – hope you all enjoy the rest of your spring break!

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