Three Smiling Saturdays

I love Saturdays!

Started one Saturday with a very unphotogenic bowl of oatmeal topped with Whole Foods cranberry orange muffin and a scoop of Barney Butter.


My sister and I do aerial silks at the Vancouver Circus School on Saturdays, so we sometimes have lunch in the Quay in New Westminster.

DSC01795 DSC01799 DSC01797

Here I had enchiladas with beans and rice from Pamola Bakery, a family-owned Mexican deli. Last week I made the mistake of ordering enchiladas with GREEN sauce, which was super spicy for me, even though it’s just “medium”.  I much prefer the mild red enchilada sauce! The beans and rice are so, so good and 1/2 the reason I love this place so much. Seline enjoyed a burger with French fries.

Luckily we brought a container because she couldn’t finish it all. But I could! Yum.

DSC01804 DSC01803

Then we shared a child’s size cup of cookies and cream gelato from TreGalli Cafe. Why is gelato so yummy? I just wish there were more cookie chunks in here, but the gelato flavour was amazing 🙂

DSC01807 DSC01808

Dinner was just as awesome: rotisserie chicken from Costco with sauteed quinoa, corn, and spinach. I like the drumsticks and thighs!

DSC01788 DSC01789 DSC01790

Another Saturday morning I started with a breakfast of toasted whole wheat bread and two scrambled eggs with ketchup. I love Superstore’s PC-brand organic ketchup. It’s got great flavour without the overwhelming sweetness of Heinz. I like topping my WW bread with Earth Balance because it’s easier to spread than regular butter.

DSC01793 DSC01794        DSC01792

Fried chicken for lunch! For Seline, that is. 🙂 We asked for barbeque sauce but she SWEARS this is not barbeque sauce! It tasted really, really weird in a good way according to her. But her chicken and fries were spot on!

DSC02050 DSC02051

This is TreGalli Cafe, which has little tables where we usually sit. Love the sunshine!

DSC02052 DSC02053 DSC02054

A close up of her perfectly crisped chicken…

DSC02055 DSC02056

And more sunshine. TreGalli has some really yummy-looking quiches and desserts that I really want to try!

DSC02057 DSC02058

This time, I had pad thai from Longtail Kitchen, a Thai restaurant.

DSC02060 DSC02061

I ordered the kid’s size pad thai with no spice because I’m a total spice wimp and I wanted something smaller. 🙂

DSC02062 DSC02063

This was actually my first time trying real pad thai and I absolutely loved it! With the sour lime juice, sweetness from the brown sugar in the sauce, savoury soy sauce and pops of flavour from bean sprouts and peanuts, this was a delicious bowl! I also loved the tofu. Can’t wait to recreate this at home with more egg and some prawns.

DSC02064 DSC02065 DSC02066

I was in nut butter heaven when we went down to the organic market downstairs! I want to try Wild Friends nut butter so badly. Kath from Kath Eats Real Food had a total fetish for this brand and I think the chocolate coconut peanut butter sounds killer.

DSC02067 DSC02068 DSC02069

Smile, Seline!

DSC02073 DSC02074 DSC02075 DSC02076

New West is such a beautiful city, especially near the water.


One week we shared the TreGalli special pizza.

DSC02178 DSC02179

This guy was topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella, ricotta cheese (my fave!), sundried tomatoes, marinated eggplant, and fresh basil.

DSC02180 DSC02181

Thin crust pizzas are my favourite! We also enjoyed a chocolate gelato, also from TreGalli Cafe.

DSC02182 DSC02183

Seline claimed she didn’t like chocolate, but she ate way more of this than I did. 😛 Wish we got a larger size because this was incredible!

DSC02184 DSC02186

I am so excited for next week’s aerial silks class so we can enjoy another fantastic lunch at the Quay of New West. 😀 Have an awesome weekend everyone!