I Still ♥ Whole Foods 2x

I think you all know by now that this is my favourite place in the whole world! I know it’s called “Whole Paycheck” by most people (including my loving mom) but I don’t think I could go a month without one of these scrumptious hot bar feasts!

DSC00715 DSC00716

I think my mom and I eat at the hot bar different from most people – rather than grabbing salad leaves and topping them with two or three of our favourite items, we fill the WHOLE BOWL with toppings of all kinds.

DSC00717 DSC00718

Two tablespoons of rice, a roasted cauliflower, a couple chickpeas…

DSC00719 DSC00720

A falafel ball (YUM), broccoli salad, and a few chunks of sweet potato…


Maybe a bit of brown rice and some of the best mac and cheese in the world. This lunch was super memorable and I loved every bite! 🙂 Thank you Mom!


We went to Whole Foods another day, this time with Grandpa.

DSC01176 DSC01177

I had most of the same – this time with hummus, feta cheese, and some chicken cacciatore.

DSC01178 DSC01179

Look at my cute Grandpa! ❤ He liked Whole Foods too.

DSC01182 DSC01184

Chocolate Eruption Cake for dessert – this little guy was shared between the three of us (AKA I had 3/4, Grandpa had a bite, and Mom had the rest). I was stuffed by the end of my lunch plate, but this was so addictive! I loved the drippy chocolate topping, but the rest of the cake was okay. I prefer dense, rich, brownie-like cakes rather than fluffy chiffon cakes. This was still 100% awesome, though!

Can’t wait to go to Whole Foods again. Have a delicious weekend everyone! 🙂

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