Kitchen Staples + Oatmeal Galore

Aloha everyone! How has your week been? Mine has been super busy, as usual, but relaxing at times. ๐Ÿ™‚ Today I had a lovely lunch (and dessert!) with a good friend to celebrate a semester of rewarding agony, then went to work for three hours (new kids in my skating classes – yay!) and now I’m having a quick dinner of scrambled eggs with vegetables and cheese. Seems like eggs + veg + cheese is my go-to supper nowadays. Which is fine by me! ๐Ÿ™‚

DSC01356ย DSC01355

Started one blustery morning with a great bowl of oatmeal. Plumped up with a mashed banana, filled with bursting (frozen) blueberries, and peanut butter. Plus maple syrup, of course.

DSC01357 DSC01358

Check out how melty this bowl was. Seriously!


Fabulous pseudo-Mom Dinner of fried salmon, roasted vegetables, scrambled eggs with feta (?!) and quinoa.

DSC01360 DSC01361

My mom makes the best roasted vegetables. I’m not joking when I say that they’re better than fries! In my world, at least. But maybe not truffle fries. Those are #1!

DSC01362 DSC01363

Anyways, this strange-ish dinner really hit the spot. Fried salmon is my favourite dinner protein, maybe next to eggs. Prawns are good too… okay, now I’m getting sidetracked.

DSC01364 DSC01365

Seconds! Now with Israeli couscous from Trader Joe’s. That stuff is GOOD topped with parmesan cheese!


Now a sneak peek into our refrigerator!


We need peanut butter. Period. If I don’t have it, I will go into alcoholic-like withdrawl mode. Which happened last week when I finished this bottle and convinced my mom not to buy more. I nearly died of headaches!


Flax and almond milk are mandatory in my favourite oatmeal recipes. I think any brand of unsweetened almond milk is great – bonus marks if it’s vanilla-flavoured.

DSC01370 DSC01371

Quinoa and white cheddar cheese from Costco. Love these individual packets so I can grab and go, or shred up a couple for a bigger recipe.

DSC01372 DSC01373 DSC01374

And salsaaaa.


I like using cocoa powder in some recipes. Last week we bought an even bigger container of this. Can’t wait to use it more! Chia seeds and hot chocolate powder (this is my favourite: Silly Cow from Whole Foods).

DSC01376 DSC01377 DSC01378

Coconut oil is a must-have if you’re a pancake aficionado like me, and my mom is obsessed with roasted pecans. Who can blame her? They’re great on everything – I like them best on salads.

DSC01379 DSC01380

‘Nother delicious bowl of oatmeal. Whoa, that’s a LOT of peanut butter!

DSC01381 DSC01382

Not that I’m complaining. ๐Ÿ™‚

DSC01383 DSC01384

A sliced banana goes on oatmeal SO well, especially with peanut butter and cinnamon… and blueberries and flax. The list goes on…


I could just faceplant into that melty nut butter puddle! Who’s with me?!


Pasta dinner after volunteering at the hospital one afternoon.

DSC01387 DSC01388

This bowl starred zucchini, mushrooms, toasted garlic oil, and spinach.

DSC01389 DSC01390

Had some pan-fried chicken breast on the side. It was a little drab and dry. I’m looking for new ways to make chicken breasts more exciting – do you have any ideas?

DSC01391 DSC01392

What an awesome group of meals. ๐Ÿ™‚ See you in my next post!

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