Happy Weekend

Hello, hi, hi!

Has anyone read “The Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom” by Louis Sachar? That’s what the awkward protagonist says to his classmates all the time – hello, hi, hi. 🙂 Love it!

Almost as much as I loved these creamy scrambled eggs with veggies and goat cheese. With a slice of whole wheat bread topped with Earth Balance. Told you I LOVE this quick and nutritious meal!

DSC01260 DSC01261 DSC01262

Made a quinoa salad for lunch another day: this one featured spinach, chicken, corn, black beans, feta, and cucumbers. Plus quinoa, of course!

DSC01264 DSC01266

My favourite parts are the sweet corn, salty feta, and creamy black beans. 🙂

DSC01267 DSC01269

The perfect school lunch. It’s super filling, with all the lean protein and nutritious veggies.


This Mom Dinner was spectacular as well – maple-soy trout, fried tofu, and sauteed vegetables.

DSC01271 DSC01272

She always sautees these Asian greens in garlic and grapeseed oil. They’re so good!

DSC01273 DSC01274

I added some brown rice to my plate, too. 🙂

DSC01276 DSC01277

And again! I don’t even think I need to describe this meal anymore.

DSC01280 DSC01281

But I will. Toast, eggs, spinach, goat cheese. Simple and oh-so-yummy.

DSC01282 DSC01283

Lunch at the Old Spaghetti Factory again, with the family. We came here after aerial silks practice, and I was ready to mange!

DSC01284 DSC01285

Started with a spinach salad, just like last time, topped with granny smith apples and sliced almonds. Their honey mustard dressing is amazing.

I ordered the lunch-sized lasagna.

DSC01286 DSC01288

Seline helped me finish this cheesy bowl of goodness. 🙂

DSC01289 DSC01290

Dinner was just okay. Roasted veggies and sweet potato, plus a big scoop of Trader Joe’s Israeli couscous topped with parmesan cheese.

DSC01292 DSC01295

Not my fave dinner, but it was still tasty.  Why are roasted sweet potatoes and broccoli/cauliflower so good!?

DSC01294  DSC01296

You must try this couscous topped with parmesan.


Seline had a similar dinner: spicy chicken wings, leftover maple-soy trout, and brown rice with eggs and spinach.

DSC01298 DSC01299

I would have loved this dinner as well – but maybe not the chicken wings – because that fried rice looks so darn tasty!

DSC01300 DSC01301

What a great, relaxing weekend with yumzo food. Have to finish up some homework soon, so… peace out! :mrgreen:

4 thoughts on “Happy Weekend

    1. Thank you Alex! I absolutely love your blog – travelling makes me so happy – and you are a fantastic writer. 🙂
      So glad you enjoyed reading the post. And I know! Quinoa is the best! I love how “poppy” it is.

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