Random Recently

Here are some of my winter holiday highlights.

Oatmeal topped with crumbled muffin, raspberries, and a blob of honey Greek yogurt + flax. A delicious bowl!

DSC00712 DSC00713  DSC00711

A lung that my biology class made on the last day before winter break.


If you pull the diaphragm (bottom teal balloon) outwards, the lung (little red balloon) expands. And if you poke in the diaphragm, then the lungs collapse. Pretty cool! This was a really creative activity. 🙂

DSC01090 DSC01089

Once I tried to make a meal plan, and totally failed. 😦 I also created a recipe for vegan pancakes, which I will be posting soon – along with step-by-step photos!

DSC01041 DSC01040

PILES of papers to write and edit and study…

DSC01039 DSC01038

And played a lot of card games with Seline, especially Mao. Have you played Mao before?! It’s the most intense and entertaining card game ever, IMO!

DSC01019 DSC01018 DSC01004

Dad ate lots of this legendary ‘Five Layer Cake’. That’s seriously what we call it in Chinese. The top is cool whip + chocolate shavings. The layer below that is vanilla pudding. The 3rd layer is chocolate pudding. After that we have cream cheese + powdered sugar, and the very bottom is a crust made of butter, flour, and pecans. Dad LOVES this cake!

DSC01001 DSC00999 DSC00998

And I had lots of hot chocolate in my new favourite mug. A friend in student government gave this to me for Secret Santa. Isn’t it pretty? I love anything gold + white. Plus, I think this mug has my initials on it! It definitely has a ‘C’, but the ‘W’ is kinda swirly and I can’t tell if it is a ‘W’. 😉

Anyways, this was the perfect vehicle for a big mug of Thomas Haas hot chocolate. Thanks, Natalie, for the awesome mug – and thanks Mimi for the delicious hot chocolate. 😀

DSC00945 DSC00944DSC00943

I’m pretty sure this is the worst and shortest post ever, but I’m currently working on a new muffin recipe that I can’t wait to share. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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