What I’m Loving Lately

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to show y’all what I’ve found online recently – and what I’m seriously in love with. 🙂

First of all… check this out! I found it on Facebook earlier this week and I think it’s the coolest coincidence ever! I think all students/volunteers/kids/old people/dogs/cats/bugs should read this. SO TRUE!


Banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookies by Ambitious Kitchen: I really want to make these! These photos are beautiful and I think they’d make a delicious and healthy after-school snack.


This avocado and goat cheese grilled cheese. Mmm! I must make this for lunch soon and I will definitely update you if I do. It looks like a trendier, crispier, creamier, and more delicious version of my cheesy egg and avocado toast. I can’t wait to try this with pesto. Just bought a new loaf of 100% whole wheat bread from Whole Foods the other day, and I am super excited to make a grilled cheese sandwich with spinach, goat cheese, egg, and pesto. Yumm…


Baked these pumpkin muffins the day before yesterday and they are absolutely scrumptious. It was actually my first time working with canned pumpkin! I didn’t take any photos but you can enjoy Cookie and Kate’s lovely photography. I’ve been reading her blog so often recently. She seems to have the same taste in food as me – creative savoury eats with a massive healthy sweet tooth and a love for maple syrup and nut butter. I gave these a cookiesnchem twist by using a mixture of spelt and kamut flour, adding more cinnamon, and using coconut oil. I also added chocolate chips for more deliciousness. I loved these even more on the second day, lightly toasted in the toaster oven and smeared with peanut butter. OMG. You must try baking these!


These and these cookies. I really want to bake peanut butter cookies, which, if you can believe it – I’ve never done before!

maple-sweetened-peanut-butter-chocolate-chip-oatmeal-cookies my-favorite-puffy-chewy-peanut-butter-chocolate-chip-cookie-12-022114

Oh – Mom and I baked date quick bread again! You can see what we did last time on this post. Date bread is seriously delish and I loved the pecan streusel. We made extra to bake and sprinkle on yogurt. 🙂 No pics, sorry!

Last but not least, I wanted to show you a sneak preview of the pumpkin pancakes I’ll be posting soon. I followed this recipe by Cookie and Kate. I halved the recipe, omitted ginger and cloves (don’t have any), and used almond milk and coconut oil. Oh! And added a teeny bit of brown sugar into the batter because I didn’t want it to err on the savoury side. These pancakes were pretty great – a bit “mushy” and soft from all of the pumpkin (I did add a bit more than half a cup). But they had a wonderful flavour and I think I’ll add even more cinnamon next time. You’ll see exactly what I did in an upcoming post. 🙂 You know how much I ❤ pancakes!

For now, check out this post for making your own healthy pancakes using my mix-and-match guidelines. It’s amazing how much healthier you can make a recipe just by swapping out certain things for others!


Thanks for reading and stop by again soon!

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