Christmas Highlights (+ Dinner!)

♪ ♫ ♩ ♬   “It’s the most, wonderful time… of the year.”  ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬

It really is! Check out our lovely Christmas tree and these pretty decorations + Christmas lights that Mom and Seline set up early December.

DSC00901 DSC00912

We also had little blue snowglobes, tinsel, and sparkly snowflakes to decorate our house. 🙂

DSC00913 DSC00914 DSC00915 DSC00916

The den looks pretty – especially the dangling snowflake spirals!

DSC00919 DSC00920 DSC00928 DSC01044

I think my favourite decorations were the snowflakes that Seline and I made for the cupboards. 🙂

DSC01045 DSC01046

Party time! We invited Mimi, Charles, Grandma and Grandpa. Started out with some jewelled quinoa salad (recipe coming!) and steamed edamame.

DSC00751 DSC00752

We also have a lovely fruit platter and this taro + sweet potato soup with tapioca. I really love this soup (it’s served at room temperature) because of the tender little tapioca pearls and amazing coconut taste. Yum!

DSC00753 DSC00757

Mom is plating the table and getting ready to cook the veggies!

DSC00759 DSC00760

Steamed corn on the cob and {store-bought} turkey with broccoli.

DSC00762 DSC00763

Cheesy mashed potatoes were also served, as well as a delicious curried vegetables. We used a green curry paste from the Korean store, some brown sugar to balance out the gingery spice, and some coconut milk. The shrimp and eggplants were my favourite!

DSC00764 DSC00765

Grandpa is a foodie, too. 😉


My plate had a serving of almost everything. The cheesy mashed potatoes were amazing!

DSC00771 DSC00772

DSC00773 DSC00774

This was Grandpa’s plate. His plate definitely looks better than mine!

DSC00775 DSC00776

My seconds involved more curried eggplant and mashed potato.

DSC00777 DSC00778

Then we had some funny discussions and carrot cake. The carrot cake was good, but a little greasy. I think I’ll change up the recipe a little before I post it.


Had some nice discussions…

DSC00860  DSC00863 DSC00865

Dad had a different cake. Mom’s famous five-layer cake!

DSC00867 DSC00869

I think he liked it. 🙂

DSC00872 DSC00876

I got enchilada sauce from Mom for one of my Christmas presents.

DSC00886 DSC00888

These are the nutrition stats and ingredients if you’re interested – this enchilada sauce packet was from Whole Foods.

DSC00889 DSC00890

And I received a delicious almond butter. This is the best almond butter I’ve had. The taste is just so almondy. 😀 I think I have two or three tablespoons every day!

DSC00892 DSC00893

Also given a Larabar – blueberry muffin flavour. I’m still saving this little guy – he’s in the cupboard now. Check out the ingredient list! It’s like something I’d make at home. I really love Larabars and the peanut butter chocolate flavour is my favourite to date!

DSC00894 DSC00896

All together now. 🙂


Guys, I’m still obsessed with National Treasure. Still analyzing the plot and characters in my head because I just love everyone and everything in that movie SO much!

I think that’s it for now. Have a wonderful evening everyone!

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