❅ ❄ ❆ 2015 Inspiration ❅ ❄ ❆

I just have a bunch of random thoughts and things to share today. 🙂

I seriously want to bake this amazing side dish, which is vegan to boot! Garlicky avocado and fresh herbs, plus crispy-creamy potatoes… these look so, so good. And of course I’d love to smash these up. Go ‘oh she glows‘!


Check out these two pics! I was looking for things that make a leader for a scholarship essay, and this was very helpful and inspiring. I definitely think this is 100% true.

Also, I saw a comment on HONY (do you read that? I LOVE that Facebook page!) that read: “pressure is what turns coals to diamonds.” Is that true or what?

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This is me during the week! Half academic science-loving freak and half figure skater. 🙂 Love this artwork!


A couple of delicious-looking vegan meals. I wanted to do a Vegan Day for myself once a week but I just couldn’t. I’d miss the yogurt + eggs + cheese the most. But either way, these photos are just beautiful to look at and I would definitely like to learn a few more vegan meals to add to my diet. 🙂

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Sorry for the shortness of this one but I have Calculus homework to do right now – and a movie to watch with my sister. Have you seen National Treasure? Seline and I are seriously obsessed with that movie – along with Holes, The Outsiders, and Finding Nemo – because it’s so action-packed and hilarious. I love how it has to do with American history and it’s just such an outrageous and adventure-filled. The characters are also so memorable, and they just complement each other perfectly. My new favourite movie?!

That’s it for now – gotta read Hamlet tonight too!