2015 New Year’s Resolutions

How do you guys feel about 2015? I’m excited but kinda nervous. I know that this year will have so many big changes – university, moving out (!), graduating, prom… the list goes on.

Nonetheless, I have a nice long list of resolutions that I hope to accomplish. It always helps me to write down my goals. Did you know that I write down a short checklist of goals every day before I go to bed, for the next day? Things like “eat an orange”, “wash clothes”, and “finish UofT application” really help me stay on track. That way, none of the time gets wasted on Buzzfeed. 😉 I am seriously addicted to that website! Have you checked it out?!

Anyways. Here is my list of New Year’s Rezzies. I decided to make five for each topic: Food, Exercise, School, and Activities. Here we go!



①  Eat more VEGETABLES: eat a salad at least once a week, or have some vegetable soup!  Drink a green smoothie at least twice a week.
②  Control the amount of sugar that I eat. No more drizzles of honey and maple or whatever. Add less sugar to baked goods, and sweeten things up using ripe fruit instead. Try to limit myself to just ONE sweet treat a day (eg. one small bowl of yogurt with toppings, one peanut butter and banana sandwich, etc.)
③  Try new, seasonal vegetables like parsnips and… stuff like that. I have no idea why parsnips popped into my head.
④  Eat LESS! Have several of small meals once a day (4-6). Instead of an omelet with toast and fruit, have JUST an omelet. That way, I can have a muffin later!
⑤  Eat more oatmeal and try more creative pancake recipes.

*** Try to go vegan once a week! This is really hard for me because I practically live off of eggs, yogurt, and cheese. Those will be hard to give up, but really helpful in controlling the amount of saturated fat that I consume.

***** Control the amount of nut butter I eat. Maybe just 1-2 tablespoons (MEASURED) every day?


① Try to run in the morning at least two or three times per week. It doesn’t matter if it’s just two or three blocks – JUST GET OUT THERE AND RUN.
② Learn to do this move on the aerial silks! Learn to climb the silks all the way to the top.
③ Keep skating once or twice a week just for fun.


① Raise my average to 96%.
② Don’t procrastinate – do homework right after school (with a snack, of course…)
③ Do Work Experience at school.
④ Do Bio and Chem AP exams.
⑤ Graduate and get into university!


① Pass my driver’s test!
② Help with CSC Frozen ice show.
④ Keep posting on my blog once/twice a week.
⑤ Volunteer at ERH for over 75 hours and get the reference letter.


The green days were the days that I blogged! I only posted once during the summer because I was in Quebec!

I think that’s it for now. 🙂 Thanks for reading the last post of 2014 and I will see y’all next year!

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