Recently: Going Greek!

Hello hello!


Lamb. Is so good. We had lunch at Stepho’s, a Greek restaurant in downtown Vancouver. I went with the whole family, and half of us had the roast lamb plate, which came with a Greek salad, roasted potatoes, Greek rice, and vegetable stew. Seriously delicious!


This was so much bigger than it looks here! I could barely finish half. 🙂 But that’s good, because I got to bring the other half to school for a delicious lunch!


Can’t have Greek food without pita bread! 🙂 And calamari, of course. My family raved, but calamari isn’t really my favourite!

DSCN4690 DSCN4689

Delicious mussels with a creamy, buttery garlic sauce that I loved. This was pretty good! I didn’t like the mussels that much, but the sauce was so good. I used the pita bread as a dipper.


Lovely family party dinner! From 12:00 clockwise – roasted salt and pepper potatoes, maple-soy salmon, jasmine rice with some of that incredible sweet and salty sauce, sauteed vegetables (snap peas, carrots, Chinese mushroom), and a sauteed radish + ground pork + shiitake mushroom dish.  Oh, and Chinese sesame chicken salad with egg and cucumber. Yum!


Caesar-ish salad with parmesan!

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And check these out! These photos made me smile. 🙂

So busy this weekend! I’m volunteering at a Christmas fair – I’ll be FACE-PAINTING – and have university applications to submit. Stay tuned for the next post, and for now… bye!