I ♥ Date Bread, the Cactus Club, and Chicken Soup


How are you doing? I’m having SUCH a stressful week with university applications, schoolwork, midterms (!!), work, volunteer, etc. It’s definitely nice to set some time aside to blog and eat cake… at the same time. For me, that’s the ultimate way to relax!

Like the almond banana muffin recipe that I introduced in a previous post, these photos are awful and I’m pretty embarrassed to be posting them right now. They were taken on my mom’s I-Phone camera when I didn’t bring my camera. I’ll apologize in advance for the terrible lighting and bad quality – but I’ll make up for it next time. 😀

We had lunch at Cactus Club, sort of like last time! I had the Kobe-style meatballs (so creamy and delicious) with ricotta cheese – my favourite, and truffle mushroom spaghetti. This meal was incredible and I will think about it forever. :mrgreen: Definitely will order this again next time! It came with buttered toasty baguette pieces that I didn’t especially love.

10815935_1020883287928968_2103415065_n 10805478_1020883294595634_1297121780_n

Grandpa had the quinoa salad with a grilled salmon on top. Seriously delicious too, with spicy roasted pecans and feta cheese. Loved it – especially the super tender salmon.


Seline had chicken strips and fries, and we shared calamari + dip for an appetizer.

10805069_1020883257928971_1005521875_n 10805069_1020883331262297_535375407_n

Dad ordered a Cajun chicken burger with fries, and Mom had an AMAZING coconut chicken curry with coconut-almond basmati rice and toasted naan. I really liked her dish. The coconut chicken curry tasted sort of like the one that we make at home, but they used chicken thighs instead of breasts and it was so much more tender. Also loved the coconutty rice and little cauliflower florets in the curry. 🙂

10814166_1020883251262305_666414159_n 10806958_1020883317928965_2110576697_n

Mom bought an organic whole fresh chicken from Costco the other day, and she put it in a big pot with some shitaake (shiitake?) mushrooms, garlic, and ginger. Seriously, that’s it! No funky ingredients, no added oil or salt. This chicken soup was fantastic, and according to Mom, could cure any disease. 😉 But for me, this was just plain delicious, especially with green beans and noodles. The chicken itself was surprisingly tender! The organic chicken really did make a difference.

10807979_1020883301262300_1700236088_n 10811627_1020883261262304_856441112_n

I can’t believe that it went from this… to THIS!

10799459_1020883327928964_1117009197_n 10815935_1020883321262298_1053750197_n

I also made a date bread that afternoon! This was made with whole wheat flour, chopped dates soaked in milk, and topped with an incredible buttery pecan streusel that I LOVED. I was picking off the streusel to eat by itself! I think cinnamon is the magic ingredient. 🙂 Loved this for an afternoon snack with a glass of milk, but it also works as dessert or breakfast – sort of like these!

10719450_1020883334595630_973994383_n 10799568_1020883271262303_676358269_n 10804983_1020883297928967_1699397436_n

Comment below or message me if you’d like to see the recipe. I can post it here 🙂

10804983_1020883314595632_612464758_n 10811627_1020883304595633_1990544989_n 10816033_1020883264595637_1735408773_n

That’s it for today – I have to finish up my report cards for work! 😀

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