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Good afternoon everyone! How are you all? Hope you’re having a great, great day so far…

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What are your favourite non-American cuisines? Most people say sushi or Italian, but one of my favourites is Malaysian. My family and I had a fantastic meal at Tamarind Hill, a quiet hidden gem of a restaurant.

The photo on the left is mussels in a coconut broth with tomatoes. I didn’t care for the mussels (I can’t get over their rubbery texture), but the coconut broth is to die for. It had tomatoes and scallions inside. I wish I could recreate this soup but it was too good! I think the salty, seafood-y mussel taste permeated the whole coconut soup. Mmmm! This was an appetizer… and I had all of the soup. Sorry, family! I dunked my roti (pan-fried golden bready thing) in it. Roti tastes like green onion pancakes, if you’ve ever had one. They’re flaky and chewy but also slightly sweet. Loved it – especially dipped in peanut satay sauce. Oh, yum.

DSC00202 DSC00585

The deep-fried pepper squid wasn’t my thing. I just don’t like deep fried food! But my family raved. On the right was my dish – coconut curried chicken with green beans, stewed vegetables, and turmeric rice!

DSC00589 DSC00590

I. FREAKING. LOVE. THIS. I know, I love basically everything edible. But this was super good. Like, addictive good. I-need-rehab-good. The chicken was perfectly cooked, the vegetables super tender, and the rice extra flavourful with all those healthy Malaysian spices. My favourite bite? Steamed eggplant + chicken + rice. Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE eggplant? Especially when it’s cooked until melt-in-your-mouth soft and becomes a pillow of coconut milk. OMG. I just had dinner and I kind of want a bowl of this right now.

DSC00591 DSC00592

Then we all shared a deep-fried banana split. Deep-fried bananas are uber popular in southeast Asia and this dessert knocked it out of the park. Especially good with the vanilla ice cream (this ice cream is still king, though) and salty crushed peanuts. Are you drooling yet? Anyways, Tamarind Hill and Thomas Haas are my two new favourite foodie places!  Is it a coincidence that both have the initials T.H.? :O

DSC00569 DSC00570

Whole Foods! I swear this place is my life. I wish I could live there… well, I kind of already do.

DSC00571 DSC00572

As usual, Mom and I shared a huge bowl from the hot bar. Here we had sesame kale, mac and cheese, roasted veggies, Argentina pork, and way more. My favourites here were the curried cauliflower, tender stewed beef, and the Indian sweet potato. Holy crumpets. The sweet potatoes were INCREDIBLE and I seriously regret taking just one. It was so, so good. Love it when it’s creamy and sweet on the inside but have lotsa spicy flavour outside.

DSC00573 DSC00574

J’aime beaucoup la nourriture italienne, aussi! 🙂 This was at The Old Spaghetti Factory in New West, after an aerial silks lesson.

Seline and Dad both had creamy clam chowder soup with bacon and potatoes. I had a spinach salad with Granny Smith apples and almonds for my appetizer.

DSC00575 DSC00576

Mom had the minestrone soup, with lots of yummy beans, and Grandma had the French onion soup. She didn’t really like the cheese (#asianproblems) and claimed it was too rubbery. 😦

DSC00578  DSC00580

Seline’s fried chicken breast with linguine and parmesan, plus Mom’s lasagna! I had a lot of her lasagna. Do you guys find that the tomato sauce in lasagna is slightly sweet? Yes? No? Just me? Okay.

Oh, and my favourite part of dishes like this? The burned outside rim of the plate. The scorched tomatoey, cheesy bits are seriously delicious.


My dish was the manicotti! Y’all know that I adore manicotti. My motto? If it’s on the menu… I’m ordering it! This one was perfectly creamy and ricotta-y with flecks of spinach and a great tomato sauce. Plus cheese. Never enough cheese. :mrgreen:

DSC00583 DSC00582

Ended the meal with spumoni ice cream. Seriously, what is the green stuff? I mean, the brown is chocolate and the white is vanilla. What on EARTH is the green stuff? I expected pistachio or mint but tasted bubblegum, but not quite. Strange! It’s called spumoni ice cream, and I looked it up – but I still have no idea what this stuff is. If you know, comment below because I’m dying of curiosity.

That’s it for now!

BTW, WordPress has changed! It’s now SO much easier for me to post because I don’t have to keep switching from Visual to Text to see the bolded words, the inserted links and photos, etc. Plus, love this new font. 🙂 Go WordPress!

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