Almonds in a Sandwich?!

Two words…

Thomas Haas.

DSC00231 DSC00232 DSC00233

Thomas Haas is a beautiful, quaint cafe in downtown Vancouver, near Kitsilano. It’s a lovely little place that sells INCREDIBLE baked goods. And sandwiches. The sandwich above was stuffed with Morrocan-spiced chicken, harvarti cheese (mmm, the creamiest cheese?), chopped almonds, and Fuji apple slices. The best sandwich I’ve ever had – even better than the ones from Whole Foods!

DSC00234 DSC00235

Chocolate and passionfruit tart. YES. Just like the one I had in Montreal! The taste of passionfruit is just incredible with creamy milk chocolate. Also an almond-mascarpone cake. Yep… I ate them both.

DSC00236 DSC00237

And the hot chocolate on the left! Mom had the espresso. Apparently it was the most bitter thing she’s ever had! Her face totally puckered up after she ate it, and I laughed… then I tried it. WHOA. This was NOTHING like a caramel macchiato from Starbucks, in a good way, I guess!

DSC00250 DSC00251 DSC00252

Did you know that I LOVE Cactus Club? The left is a jambalaya bowl that my aunt had. She’s eating wheat-free now so she eats lots of protein and rice. Middle is potato skins (I just typed “photo skins”) with cheese and a garlic aioli. My sister, Seline, can’t go to Cactus Club without ordering them. Topped with bacon and cheddar, these are super delicious. She also had mini slider cheddar burgers with bacon!

DSC00253 DSC00255 DSC00256

My uncle Charles, who is also on a wheat-free diet, had a steak with mashed potatoes and asparagus. My grandma loves fajitas. She ordered these, with spicy Cajun chicken and lots of toppings. Mom had the pesto chicken quesadillas. They had five cheese, savoury pesto, and dried cranberries inside for a hint of sweetness. I love these quesadillas and definitely had 1/2 of Mom’s dish… oops. :mrgreen:

DSC00257 DSC00258

As usual, Grandpa had a salad. This one, which I REALLY want to recreate at home, was topped with a whole avocado, grilled salmon, strawberries, a hard-boiled egg, pecans, and goat cheese. Now that’s a meal salad! Yum.

DSC00259 DSC00262

I ordered the butternut squash ravioli with prawns and sage. It came with crushed pine nuts and a rich buttery mascarpone sauce. I had about four and lots of food from other plates. :mrgreen:

DSC00277 DSC00278 DSC00279

Cora’s! I love this place. Oatmeal has it’s place, but places like this – with all kinds of eggy dishes and OJ – are seriously comforting.  Grandpa ordered the eggs benedict with spinach, and my aunt had the onion hollandaise. Mom ate a breakfast hash-like thing with lots of veggies and some cheese + a fried egg.

DSC00280 DSC00283

Mine was the grilled crepe with spinach and feta cheese. I gave half to Grandpa in exchange for a benedict! Loved all of the fruit that came with this, too. 🙂  Do you like brunch restaurants?

DSC00282 DSC00284 DSC00281

Multigrain toast with butter, Dad’s hot dog crepe rolls, and Seline’s breakfast poutine!


Hi Arnie! Recently we’ve been taking him to the lake every weekend. He loves it there, and I think he’s the best swimmer in the whole dog park. 🙂 He just loves to fetch!

DSC00543 DSC00545 DSC00546

Oh yeah. Looks like I just can’t get enough of this cheesy, creamy, spicy, sweet, salty sandwich!

DSC00547 DSC00548 DSC00549

Eaten with soup this time. Chipotle chicken noodle soup with multigrain crouton toasts. Yum. The chickpeas really made the soup!

DSC00550 DSC00551 DSC00553 DSC00555

And THIS. I die.

Creamy, chocolatey hazelnut chocolate cake. Ate the whole thing by myself!

DSC00557 DSC00558 DSC00559

And a macaroon. My friend Theresa bought these and shared a hazelnut macaroon with me. It was my first one and I adore the crispy outsides. Yum. 🙂 Thanks Theresa!

Super busy now with university applications and stuff like that! Lots of homework, too. Calculus is the death of me… on our last test, the class average was 3/10. No joke. I scored 6/10 and I was disappointed about that… until I saw my friend’s test with 0/10 written on it! Whoa.

Guess I better go study!

Nah, who am I kidding? I’m just going to the kitchen to get food. Anyways, thanks for reading and I’ll see you in my next post!

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