Quebec Trip (PART II)

Hi everyone! You may have already seen my first Quebec post. So let’s continue with some other fantastic meals I had in the Eastern Canadian province. Here we go!

Bonjour ma famille! Ca va bien? Je vous aime ❤
DSCN8102 DSCN8285

Delicious dinners cooked by Quebec parents. Maple salmon with broccoli and minute rice – you can the leftovers I had for lunch (link above). On the right is pan-fried lemon veal with a baked whole carrot and zucchini half, plus minute rice. Really good. The veal was interesting! It was my first time eating veal and I liked it. Sort of tasted like a pork chop. The lemon flavour was fantastic. My Quebec dad claimed that this was his favourite dinner of all time, and he ranks it a ten out of ten. Herbs from the garden on top!

DSCN8480 DSCN8692

Breakfast – usually oatmeal with peanut butter, berries and maple syrup. Sometimes I had yogurt and a chopped peach on top. Yogurt on oatmeal is such an amazing combo. It turns the oats to VELVET! Plus, summery peaches with cool, creamy yogurt = heaven.


Crepe from La Marche Jean-Talon. It’s a market that I fell in love with after our first adventure in Montreal (The YMCA Amazing Race). I knew I wanted to go back after our first outing there, and I did – for a super yummy buckwheat crepe stuffed to the MAX with spinach, tomato, potatoes, cauliflower, mushrooms, onion, and a sunny side up egg. This was practically a salad in a whole-grain, gluten free pocket! Check out the size of that guy – it’s at least three times the size of my hand. It overflowed from the plate! That smoothie was legit, too. Made with berries and oranges and a peach. It tasted so summery! I love the Marche Jean-Talon – it’s filled with so many fruits, veggies, fish, chocolates, and bread… oh, bread… Quebec desserts beat all!

DSCN8786 DSCN8622

Two fishy homemade dinners – smoked salmon pasta with red onion, chives, and capers. One of my favourite dinners was maple caramelized onion tilapia with basmati rice and balsamic salad. The fish was SO tender. I’m so glad that I learned how to make it so I could recreate it at home! This dish was so, so good with the savoury onions and faint sweetness of maple.


Restaurant lunch with my family. This was at Casa Greque, a Greek/Italian place where I had three manicotti. Manicotti is seriously my favourite Italian food. Stuffed with creamy, herby ricotta cheese and smothered with tomato sauce and cheese, it is IRRESISTABLE. This was super filling and I loved every bite!


Le Vieux Duluth was another restaurant that I enjoyed with my family. My parents recommended the “chicken brochette”, which is a chicken kebab, but I swooned when I read the description for this dish: shrimp in tomato sauce with feta cheese on top, Greek vegetable rice, and a vegetable kebab. This dinner was eaten at 9:30 pm – the latest I’ve ever eaten – but it was oh, so good.

DSCN8565 DSCN8809

More dishes cooked by my parents: sweet and spicy chicken stir-fry over rice and a stuffed pepper from Costco. This makes great leftovers, too! See Part I for photos of a deconstructed stuffed pepper with rice for a lunch at work. I just love stuffed peppers. In fact, I actually have one in the fridge defrosting for tomorrow’s dinner!

DSCN9474 DSCN8874

More breakfasts: oatmeal in a boat-like bowl. 😉 With berries and crumbled maple muffin on one, and peanut butter + maple on the other. I think I had maple syrup every morning in Quebec!


My lunch at work. ^

Just kidding! This was Olivier’s lunch. He’s an 18-month old and one of my favourite babies ever!

DSCN8676 DSCN9480

Ham and cheese crepe with caramelized onions and mushrooms + steamed broccoli, plus a chicken kebab with rice and a failed baked potato. Yup, they forgot to boil it before baking! So we all had slices of half-raw potato. It was really funny! I still smile whenever I think about my parents. 🙂


Date bar, or “carre aux dattes” for dessert, plus a big scoop of vanilla ice cream “creme glacee” and a glass of milk “un verre du lait”. Date bars are SO rich and satisfying. I can post the recipe – my Quebec Mom’s traditional ‘recette’ that her mom gave her. It’s DIVINE!

Did I mention that milk in Quebec comes in bags? There are no jugs there, and I didn’t see a single carton for 6 weeks. No jugs, no cartons. Only milk in a bag. It was awesome!


Lots more photos coming up in the next post – including my meals on the five-day train ride back to BC! Here is the link to my Quebec Trip Part I – CLICK HERE. Thanks for reading today’s post and stay tuned for the next one!

Love, Cindy

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