Lazy Lately

Hi guys!

How’s it going? I just had an amazing week in terms of food – lots of nutritious and delicious meals. 🙂 I love it when all my meals just work out, meaning I’m full and satisfied. Sorry for the lack of posts recently – I just feel like there isn’t much to show you!

This is what I ate this week, plus a little analysis of the meal in blue. That includes what I was thinking after the meal, and how I liked it, and also how filling it was.


And… OMG. Montreal in ONE WEEK! Like I mentioned on this post, I will be leaving for Montreal next Saturday. The flight is five hours, and we will get a free meal on the plane. I think I will bring a Larabar and a homemade banana muffin for the flight, as I would rather not eat plane food.

In other news, this was a great dinner cooked by Mom. Roasted baby potatoes in salt and pepper, steamed broccoli, and sauteed corn and scallions. Plus one filet of super tender trout. I love baby potatoes! I sure will miss Mom’s cooking. Only seven more dinners left to enjoy before I’m off to Quebec.

DSCN4192 DSCN4190

Oatmeal for breakfast! Here, simple oats are topped with crumbled triple berry muffin and sliced banana. Aaannnd a big blob of my favourite almond buttah.

DSCN7384 DSCN7385

I sure hope I can have muffin at Montreal. I wonder if they are as nice as the muffins here – most muffins I find here are dense, rich, and made with minimal ingredients. There are usually no funky preservatives – just flour, butter, leaveners, fruit, oats, and other simple mix-ins. Who needs a muffin with soybean oil and diglycerides?!

DSCN7386 DSCN7387

Mom and I went to Whole Foods earlier this week. We started with a wonderful sandwich – one of my favourites, the big chicken + arugula sandwich. The salty proscuitto with tangy chevre is SO good. Plus, that sundried tomato aioli on herby focaccia?! OMG.

DSCN6475 DSCN6474 DSCN6473

Then we had some a lot of goodies from the hot bar!

DSCN6471 DSCN6470

Roasted veggies, amazing marinated feta cheese, and incredible hummus + baba ghanoush (eggplant dip) on pakoras and falafel. The white beans are really good, too. Oh! The broccoli salad! With sweet and tangy mayonnaise, chewy raisins, and crunchy seeds, the WF broccoli salad is seriously to die for. And that macaroni and cheese. OMG.

DSCN6469 DSCN6468 DSCN6467

Can I please live at Whole Foods?! 😉

DSCN6466 DSCN6465

Oatmeal for breakfast the next day – plain oats topped with almond butter, berries, and a sliced banana. Yum! Oatmeal is really the most filling breakfast I can think of.

DSCN7367 DSCN7366 DSCN7365

Dessert – crumbled muffin over yogurt with honey-roasted pecans and chia seeds. 🙂

DSCN7381 DSCN7382

These photos look almost identical to these, but I had this lunch on two different days. Toasted focaccia topped with creamy smushed avocado and tangy goat cheese eggs, plus some mixed greens. The perfect healthy + easy + quick + delicious lunch!

DSCN7388 DSCN7389 DSCN7390

Okay, I have this for dessert a lot. More yogurt, this time topped with mixed berries, a little scoop of almond butter, and honey-roasted pecans + walnuts.

DSCN7364 DSCN7363

Obviously I cannot get enough! Here, yogurt crowns a bowl of strawberries and crumbled honey almond pear muffin. YUMMO.

DSCN7421 DSCN7420 DSCN7419

… help guys I think I am addicted. Yog, again, topped with sliced banana and crumbled muffin, plus a big sprinkle of ch-ch-ch-chia.

DSCN7395 DSCN7392

I think that is it for now… I know, it’s lame… but I’m busy writing a STORY with my sister! I’m working on most of the written novel part, and she’s doing all of the illustrations. We’ve actually published a book already (I wrote it when I was nine), but this one will hopefully be better. 🙂 I’ll give more deets next time because I have to go help Mom with dinner now.

Happy longest day of the year and see you on my next post!

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