Strazzled! ☹

So strazzled – that’s stressed + frazzled – right now!

I just came back from the dentist, so a quarter of my face is numb. It’s 6:40 and I won’t be “unfrozen” (anaesthetic wears off) for another three hours. My mom had a great meal planned – tomato scrambled eggs with edamame, cabbage with krill, and corn and scallion saute – but I won’t be eating it tonight. Or tomorrow night! I’m volunteering for the school talent show, and apparently I have to be there from 3:00 to 10:00, or whenever it’s over! The show ends at 9:30. How do my classmates LIVE without eating home-cooked Mom Meals? I can’t even think about it.

I also have emails to respond to, homework to finish, tests to study for, and summer things to organize…


So I opened up my blog, and here I am… typing this up. This is gonna be a quickie post because I will be getting math help at 7:00!

Anyways, here are some of the meals I’ve had lately, in no particular order. I hope you enjoy. 🙂


Raisin bread French toast (egg + cinnamon + milk) with almond buttah on top. No maple syrup at home – the horror. This was eaten dry!


Banana oatmeal topped with granola.


Mom Dinner – fried rice, chicken + onion saute, wintermelon, and mushrooms + scallions.

DSCN7172 DSCN7173

Fried rice (this was with shrimp and scallops) is SO good!


More oatmeal: this time with banana on top, and maple syrup. This was a fantastic bowl!

DSCN7177 DSCN7179

Lunchtime! Quinoa salad with feta cheese, mixed greens, sundried tomatoes, and leftover butternut squash. Also had an orange and some peanut butter pretzels from Trader Joe’s. I always eat my peanut butter pretzels for a snack in English class.

Curry for dinner. This was a rushed dinner because I had to go to a hospital orientation – eaten at 4:30, natch! I love curry, and of course I had seconds.

DSCN7185 DSCN7189

More French toast…?!


Curry leftovers – this was gross. We put leftovers in the steamer (one from Taiwan), with some quinoa on the side. This looked and tasted like hospital food. Bleh! I think I’ll be scared of coconut curry for a while…


That’s it for now. I’m still not in a good mood. Did you know that the teachers will be going on strike AGAIN next week? We had Wednesday (yesterday) off, but I was volunteering all day at a local art school. I can’t believe that school will be closed again next Thursday. This is ridiculous! Apparently the bargaining isn’t getting anywhere either. It sucks that students + parents are caught in the middle, or “held hostage by the government” according to this morning’s news anchor.

Two bad days, coming up… 😦

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