Green Peanut Butter Milkshake + Lately


It’s 9:00AM now, and my mom and I should be getting ready to go to the Farmer’s Market, as we do every Sunday – but it’s POURING outside. The market is starting up now, and I hope the vendors brought their tents! Sadly, Silverhill Orchards, one of my favourite vendors (BEST peaches and apples, ever) isn’t here this season! I sure hope he’s going to be back in the summer. His cherries and strawberries were amazing.


^That’s my doggie, Arnie. This is my first time sharing photos of him, but I think I will do this more often! I love taking pictures of him. 🙂 Arnie is four now, turning five in August. Have we really had him for over four years?! Crazy! He’s still a puppy to me.


This weekend went by really quickly, but I got a lot of tasks done – including math practice for my test tomorrow. Solving logarithmic equations aren’t that bad. I actually like math! I do need to do a bit more math tonight, though.
I also finished my Leadership project. It’s a HUGE tri-fold poster, filled with write-ups about all of my volunteer work. It’s also studded with photos and souvenirs, like little art projects. I’m so proud of it. Both sides of the tri-fold are stuffed to the max with bordered paragraphs and pictures. It’s great! I can’t wait to show people at the Leadership gallery next week.

And check this out! It’s a meal plan for this week, but it’s so general.

My mom and I know that we want to include lots of egg dishes for dinner, so we’re planning to have chive eggs, tomato eggs, and even shrimp eggs. I love any Chinese dish that has eggs in it. 🙂 Yesterday, Mom and Dad went to Costco without me (waaa! 😥 ) and they bought goat cheese. I tried some yesterday, with dungeness crab ravioli. More on that in a sec! They also purchased 3 cartons of Silk Unsweetened Almond Milk. I cooked my oatmeal in it this morning, and it was really good. Sweet and a little nutty, but without the vanilla taste of Blue Diamond almond milk. Unfortunately, it also contains guar gum and some other thickeners, which I’m not crazy about. But methinks that the awesome taste + lower calories + being organic can make up for that.
I sort of got off-topic. Anyways, we’re also planning to cook coconut curry with a NEW curry spice mix that was made locally. I’m really excited for that! I also want to have chickpeas at the end of this week, because I haven’t had them for a while. Easy to cook, creamy yet firm texture, super yummy, versatile, and loaded with fat-free protein… go chickpeas!

By the way, Ms. Boddez, if you’re reading this, keep reading! That green monster smoothie is coming, I promise! 😛

So… here are the meals I’ve been enjoying lately.



I had cereal one morning after our Whole Foods trip. These were on discount, and they weren’t that bad. The Whole O’s were gluten-free, and they were a bit too crunchy. I think Cheerios are better, especially when you consider the price! The Panda Puffs, which I’d stupidly expected to taste like Reese’s, were really crunchy, too.


The ingredients and nutrition facts if you’re interested:


My bowl – topped with strawbs and sliced banana.


Grilled almond butter and banana sandwich, pan-fried in coconut oil. These sandwiches are too good, and they’re gone way too quickly!


Oatmeal topped with yogurt and sliced peach (yes, there’s oatmeal under there!). The first peach of 2014 for me! It was not a good one. 😥 Sprinkled with chia seeds and eaten with a big scoop of almond butter.


Oatmeal in a jar is one of my favourite breakfasts. Basically, when you have an almost-empty jar, you dump your hot oats inside. Watch the nut butter meeeeeeeeelt and get all yummy. Then top it with sliced banana, granola, and whatevah else. It’s delicious, and… it’s fun to eat breakfast out of an almond butter jar.

DSCN7105 DSCN7104

Pancakes for me! Remember the pancake pile-up I posted? Here are more p-cakes! These were made with a mashed banana and flax. See that pancake pile-up post for more deets on exactly how I make my pancakes!




Whole Foods big chicken + arugula sandwich with mixed green salad + strawberries and poppy seed dressing, and a nice orange for dessert.

DSCN7060 DSCN7064

Pretty much the same thing, but with some Trader Joe’s peanut butter pretzels and a chopped kiwi.


No sandwich this time! Same salad, this time with sliced toasted almonds. More pretzels. 🙂

DSCN7093 DSCN7084

Quinoa, corn, and spinach stir-fry topped with Costco rotisserie chicken drumstick and thigh (no skin).


I put lots of lemon and black pepper on this. So yum! Rotisserie chicken is so convenient, and the dark meat parts are incredibly juicy. Mmmm!




This dinner was incredible! Steamed eggs with krill, braised ginger mahi mahi with scallions, and tofu stir-fry with chives from our backyard. Sprinkled with sesame seeds and served on white rice. See this post for another great Mom Meal that involves one of my favourite herbs: Chinese garlic chives.


Really, really good. My mom’s cooking is seriously the best. Be jealous!


Same tofu + chive stir-fry, this time with noodles and spinach, plus a fried egg.


This was a pretty disappointing dinner: egg fried rice with chopped broccolette and steamed broccoli. One Mom Meal I didn’t like!


This meal was made by me… which is why it sucked.


Lemon and brown sugar chicken, which was supposed to taste like sesame chicken. It didn’t. And there’s also some Israeli couscous from Trader Joe’s, which I cooked in WAY too much lemon juice. It was SO sour – my mom took one bite and gagged! Then she composted the rest. Roasted garlic broccoli was a little too oily. Bad dinner!


Good dinner by Mom! This was beef + broccoli, tomato scrambled eggs, and some tofu with ground pork. I only ate the tofu.


Seconds, of course!


I had leftovers the next night. Microwaved for a minute and a half, this tasted like it was just-cooked.


Tomato scrambled eggs are SO good on white rice… the tomato-ey mush makes a creamy sauce that seeps into every crevice in the rice. It’s amazing!


Spicy tofu is yummers, too. Hmmm, which picture is better? I used both because I couldn’t decide. I think the tablecloth makes this meal so photogenic. :mrgreen:



Whole Foods Trip #1:

^my next WF trip will be on my next post – this one has too many photos already!

We started with soup: Indian curry soup. A little hot for me, but I loved it! I think I had 1/4 of this?


Then we had a sandwich. Chicken, pesto, arugula, and brie on ciabatta. Really good, but not my favourite. I still like the turkey apple brie and the big chicken + arugula.


Hot bar time! Me at Whole Foods = Piggie. Yes, I ate this bowl (minus a couple bites from Mom). After half of the sandwich. And the soup. :O


The best part was the blueberry French toast, which I got just for fun. It was topped with little marinated berries, yogurt, and some granola. It was like dessert! I loved ending my meal with it.


Whole Foods Trip #2:

If you’ve been scrolling all this way just to see my all-time favourite smoothie, then… you rock. 😛


I’ll just make it short: green smoothies are practically liquid green gold. Loaded with nutrients and packed with protein, this is practically a multivitamin. It’s also super easy to make and takes mere minutes to whip up. Plus, it keeps me full for HOURS. Try it for breakfast with a slice of toast or some fruit. I guarantee you’ll be full until lunch! Best of all, this green smoothie tastes like a straight up peanut butter milkshake. Any spinach taste is 100% GONE, totally hidden by the creamy, sweet banana and rich, slightly salty PB. So don’t let the green-ness scare you – I promise this will NOT taste like grass! …ew.


If you like bananas and peanut butter, you’ll die for this!


The night before you plan on eating this, peel and slice a banana, then freeze it. Did you know that bananas contain tryptophan, which is converted into serotonin – and can help battle depression? They also regulate blood sugar (ie. your mood!) and prevent cramps. Because they’re also loaded with fiber, they’ll keep you full and soothe your digestive tract. Oh yeah, and they’re super sweet without any fake sugar. I like ripe bananas because they’re so sweet – the ones with brown spots are the best for smoothies/oatmeal.


Start by rinsing your spinach. You’ll need about two handfuls. I usually use two large handfuls – if you use too much, you might taste it. I’d stick to three handfuls max! I like Earthbound Farms and Organic Girl baby spinach. I buy them from Wal-Mart and Superstore. Dry ’em up.


Put frozen banana and a tablespoon of peanut butter in the blender. You can also use almond butter or sunflower butter (any nut butter would be great). Nut butters are high in protein and healthy monounsaturated fat, which is heart-healthy.


Now, add a big blob of yogurt (I like Greek Gods honey yogurt), a big pinch of cinnamon, and about a teaspoon of flax. I go crazy for cinnamon – I usually add 1/4 of a teaspoon, but I like things super cinnamon-y. You can also add a drizzle of honey here, especially if your yogurt is unsweetened. Why not try coconut yogurt for a coconut-banana-peanut butter smoothie?! OH, and there’s no Greek yogurt in these pics simply because I ate it all the night before… oops. :mrgreen:


Greek yogurt is much higher in protein than regular yogurt, and flax is packed with omega-3 (AKA healthy fat). I’ve tried this without the yogurt, too, and it still works perfectly. Cinnamon is also a natural antioxidant, plus it’s also said to lower blood sugar. Some people claim it revs up your metabolism, too – therefore burning more fat – but I just like the taste!

Plop the spinach on top, pour in some milk (I used unsweetened vanilla almond milk – USVAB, but any milk would work), and get blending! Blend until there are no more flecks of spinach. Then you’re done! Pour this heavenly liquid into a tall glass, add a straw, and drink up.


It tastes oh-so-decadent, but it’s loaded with good-for-you, wholesome ingredients. A green smoothie is also one of my favourite ways to energize after school. It’s a great pre/post-workout snack. If you can’t finish a full serving (I often can’t), cut the ingredients in half! Simply freeze half a banana, use one handful of spinach, etc. Easy peasy. The only hard part is washing the blender… thanks Mom. 😉


Whew! That was a really long post. Did I mention I have a logarithms test tomorrow? Thanks for reading, and bye for now!


Have you tried green smoothies? Do you like them?

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