Goat Cheese + Avocado Toast, and MORE Good News!


Actually, as I mentioned in my last post (which, by the way, you should look at, because THOSE. PANCAKES.), this week has just flown by. I can’t believe it’s almost the end of May already – less than a MONTH until school is out! My summer is pretty much planned out: summer school (Physics 12), {hopefully} researching medical science/working on a science fair project with a UBC professor/doctor, volunteering at a local art camp, studying for SATS, baking, blogging, and going for walks in the sun. I’m not really excited for the summer school part, but I’m sure everything else will be a BLAST.

Like I mentioned in the last post, I’ve been re-loading pictures onto the old posts (the photos were deleted, remember?). Here are the newly-fixed posts. If the headline interests you, click on the blue link! It will take you to another tab.

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Seriously. Click. I just spent three hours fixing up the darn pictures. So time consuming, but worth it. 🙂


So… I’ve got a goodie for you today.

It’s creamy.
It’s crispy.
It’s cheesy.
It’s crunchy.


It’s goat cheese + avocado toast with a fried egg on top!


Okay, it’s sort of a rip off of my cheesy avocado toast (better photos), which I’ve been making FOREVER (no photos 😥 ).

And it’s SO easy to make, not to mention healthy, filling, and super quick. I’ll show you how!


Start with a slice of bread, halved bun, whatevs. I used a halved focaccia bun from the local bakery. It’s studded with all kinds of Italian herbs, and POPPYSEEDS, which are super addictive. I highly recommend using a high-quality, herby bread. I’m sure ciabatta or French baguette would taste great, too. Just steer clear of those flimsy Dempsters white bread slices. Anyways, toast it up!


Mash an avocado. If you’re using a big one, half will be enough. But I like to buy small avocados so I don’t have to be wasteful (no doubt half of it will be sitting in the fridge, turning brown on the edges, before I can think of another use). So, mash it up and add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Lots of lemon juice for me – I love lemon flava. You can also season it here with salt/pepper/garlic powder/red pepper flakes, but I used a few grinds of black pepper only.


Arrange some mixed greens, spinach, or arugula on the avocado. Mmmm, arugula. I use mixed greens here, but arugula is definitely my favourite green!


Plop a fried egg on top. I like my yolks extra runny! Sorry for the dark photos – I really wanted a bite.


Dot the fried egg with big hunks of goat cheese. I got some yummy goat cheese medallions from Trader Joe’s. Goat cheese is really, really different from creamy mozza and sharp cheddar. My mom says goat cheese tastes more “raw”. It’s not really milky, either – I think it’s kind of like a ‘fermented’ sour cream cheese?


Sprinkle with black pepper. I added some red pepper flakes for heat because I was feeling spice-ay. I usually hate spicy food, so I think I did this mostly for aesthetic appeal. 😉 DONE! What was that, like, 10 minutes?!


Dig in!

DSCN6837 DSCN6836

Runny yolk is life. As you can see, I start by picking it up with my hands, but then… I can’t resist the temptation of breaking the yolk. Knife and fork to the rescue!


This is so, so good.

Creamy, herby, salty, crispy, fresh, and made with minimal yet flavourful ingredients. Enjoy this for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

I guess, if you wanted to make this lower-calorie, eliminate the goat cheese and add extra greens… but why would you?! It’s already an open-faced sammie – we’re already ditching half of the bun. Woot! Plus, the cheese makes it so tangy-good.


^ or with your math homework. This cheesy toast makes logarithms not-too-bad. 😉

Have a GREAT weekend!