Food Court Lunch

You know when you’ve been walking around at the mall, and your tummy grumbles? Uh oh. It gets worse. Everyone agrees that it’s time for lunch, and before you know it – you’re headed for the food court. AKA Grease City.

What can ‘ya do? You COULD get a breakfast sammie, donut, and cappuccino. Delicious, but maybe not so waistline-friendly.

You could order a salad. It might be the lowest-calorie choice, but I just don’t find salads too appealing.

Enter U-Grill. U-Grill, at my local mall, is THE most popular food court “restaurant”.


You get to choose whichever vegetables + proteins you want, and have it stir-fried in front of your eyes and plopped on top of fresh, fluffy rice. You can also choose a sauce – selections range from black bean to chili garlic to Korean barbeque.

I ALWAYS choose teriyaki sauce. My sis prefers teriyaki sauce with a scoop of garlic sauce. Both are great!


Here, I chose mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, baby corn, red and green peppers, and onions. My proteins include teriyaki chicken, beef, shrimp, tofu, and peanuts. Along with some chow mein noodles. I also add some pineapple! I swear that pineapple, peanuts and shrimp MAKE this stir-fry. You can’t replicate those fabulous Thai flavours any way else.


Fantastic! Everything gets all charred, smoky, and every bite is saucy and yummy. The teriyaki sauce seeps into the rice, and it’s just amazing. Sprinkled with pepper and sesame!


You know me – I can’t go without dessert!

DSCN5582 DSCN5581

Qoola, which is now selling organic yogurt – eeeee!, is our go-to froyo place. It has everything from plain ‘ole chocolate/vanilla to peanut butter to cake batter. My faves include cookies and cream (amazing, but I wish it had some real cookie bits) and cheesecake.


The best toppings are little cheesecake cubes (my absolute favourite topping), BUTTERFINGERS (holy yum), walnuts, sliced almonds, granola (yay!), yogurt pretzels, and brownie. Devoured.


What am I doing? Isn’t this a healthy living blog?

Yeah… but meals like this keep me mentally healthy. 🙂
If y’all are looking for a light lunch, check out this post. I’ve also got my own rendition of a veggie + protein stir-fry. Check ’em out!

Peace out and stay tuned for an awesome weekend update soon!